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16 Photos Of Scottish Politicians Improved By "Trainspotting" Quotes. Women Having A Terrible Time At Parties In Art. Oh, Christ Anna, he’s going to start reading poetry at us what do we do play dead?

Women Having A Terrible Time At Parties In Art

No that’s bears what’s wrong nothing’s wrong nothing’s wrong exactly don’t you like the flowers the flowers are fine i guess i just thought there’d be more more than the flowers we have blanketing the party? Its fine i guess these are enough i guess its fine if you dont really care about flowers oh you found us you found us with your guitar hey guys he found us and he brought his guitar with him mmk m’up m’getting up getting up in a minute i gotta go home i cant stay here do you guys mind if i stay here though twenty more minutes and i’ll have made it through this entire night without talking to any– fuck, fuck, the dog sees me this is the worst orgy ive ever been to maybe if i keep covering more of my face with my hands he’ll forget i’m here and go away.

15 Photos Of What Actors See When They’re Onstage. Flegs. Lap. 2014: The Year in Volcanic Activity - In Focus. Once again, it has been a particularly eventful year for the world's volcanoes.

2014: The Year in Volcanic Activity - In Focus

Out of an estimated 1,500 active volcanoes, 50 or so erupt every year, spewing steam, ash, toxic gases, and lava. In 2014, erupting volcanoes included Mount Sinabung, Mount Kelud, and Sangeang Api in Indonesia, Bardarbunga in Iceland, Mount Ontake in Japan, Tungurahua in Ecuador, Pico do Fogo in Cape Verde, Mount Etna and Stromboli in Italy, Pavlof in Alaska, and Kilauea in Hawaii. Collected below are scenes from the wide variety of volcanic activity on Earth over the past year. [40 photos] Use j/k keys or ←/→ to navigate Choose: History In Pictures sur Twitter : "Swinging Grannies, 1966... Spine-chilling photographs from the rooftop of Asia's tallest buildings. Coolest Creatures. Old pictures. Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion. What Happens Next Stunned Me. Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper renowned for being so intimate with lions that he has been accepted into several prides.

Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion. What Happens Next Stunned Me

Kevin understands these lions at a fundamental level: their behavior, instinct, emotion. Kevin has slept, fed, and lived next to lions, having worked with many of them since they were cubs. He trusts lions enough to stick his arm in their mouth! Kevin leverages his ability to help prevent these lions from being poached. As you can see from video below, these cats have a much gentler side as well. A Visualization Of World War II Like You've Never Seen Before. Moving On: A Stop-motion Music Video for ‘James’ Made with Yarn by Ainslie Henderson. Costică Acsinte Archive's Photostream. I Am Tom Moody.

What Africa might look like if it had never been colonized[1,699px ×2,400px] Bestofboth1. An Animated Video of The Scream - this is Truly Amazing! Wow!

An Animated Video of The Scream - this is Truly Amazing!

This is simply amazing. Ouka ring art performance. Paglo. Astronomy Picture of the Day. Discover the cosmos!

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2016 April 15 Mercury and Crescent Moon Set Image Credit & Copyright: Miguel Claro (TWAN, Dark Sky Alqueva) Explanation: Innermost planet Mercury and a thin crescent Moon are never found far from the Sun in planet Earth's skies. Taken near dusk on April 8, this colorful evening skyscape shows them both setting toward the western horizon just after the Sun. Tomorrow's picture: Heliopause Electrostatic Rapid Transit System Authors & editors: Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (UMCP)NASA Official: Phillip Newman Specific rights apply.NASA Web Privacy Policy and Important NoticesA service of:ASD at NASA / GSFC& Michigan Tech.

Space Timelapse: Temporal Distortion by Randy Halverson. Am. Eyewitness: Sichuan province, China. The Wonder of Ice Caves. Where you have lava tubes or limestone passage ways below the ground, occasionally a rare form of cave evolves – the .

The Wonder of Ice Caves

Strange, mysterious and often dangerous they are often difficult to get to and so not seen by huge amounts of people. Take a short tour in to the magical world of the ice cave. Size, of course, is not everything but let’s start with the largest ice cave on the planet. Translated from the German, the name of the cave is the ‘Word of the Ice Giants’ and to be frank, it is not a piece of Germanic overstatement. Forty kilometers south of Salzburg, Austria in the Hochkogel Mountain the cave stretches for more than forty kilometers. This huge ice cave was formed when the river Salzach drove – over millennia – passageways in to the mountain.

The Mysterious Plain of Jars. Often referred to as “an Asian version of Stonehenge”, the Plain of Jars is one of the most enigmatic sights on Earth.

The Mysterious Plain of Jars

Shrouded in mystery and myth, this ancient place has fascinated archeologists and scientists ever since its discovery. [Photo Credits] Thousands of giant stone jars scattered around the Xieng Khouang plain, in Laos form one of the most bizarre archeological collections in history. MapCrunch - Random Google Street View. Address Is Approximate. Discover the history of tv presentation & graphic design. Cartoons, animation, comic strips and puppets in the uk. Little Gems - Chocky The Children of Green Knowe Think of a Number Jigsaw The Flumps Hectors House Ludwig The Little Green Man The Tinderbox Toms Midnight Garden Godzilla The Riddlers Stig of the Dump Pigeon Street Cockleshell Bay Bleep and Booster Puddle.

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