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Home Pedicure Tips: How to Give Yourself a Salon Pedicure at Home - Vogue India. Do you miss your baby-soft feet?

Home Pedicure Tips: How to Give Yourself a Salon Pedicure at Home - Vogue India

Do you, each morning, wake up to see them flakier and rougher than yesterday? Chipping polish unable to keep up with overgrown toenails? You’re not alone. Monthly pedicure appointments may seem like a thing of the past (at the moment) but your toes don’t need to suffer. Let’s take quarantine time to bring back happy feet. The tools you'll need to do an at-home pedicure While you may not be able to set up the perfect pedi-kit with 57 tools to clean, cut and care, you can do with everything that’s easily accessible around the house.

If you have these on hand, gather the following materials: sanitiser, a box of tissues, a fresh pair of silicone gloves, foot soak or bath salt, a fresh hand towel, foot scrub, nail brush to clean the toenails, a bucket to soak your feet in, nail polish remover, cotton pads, buffer, nail file, foot file or pumice stone, cuticle oil, foot cream, and nail polish essentials like base coat, colour and top coat. Best Healthy Superfood Smoothies - Vogue India. Smoothies are the perfect way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet, making it the perfect snack or breakfast choice if you're not a fan of eating them straight-up.

Best Healthy Superfood Smoothies - Vogue India

“If you're not in the mood to cook something, or feel like you're not getting enough nutrients through your daily diet, you can switch it up with smoothies,” says Delhi-based celebrity nutritionist, Nmami Agarwal. We asked Agarwal, as well as Goa-based and Mumbai-based nutritionists Harpreet Pasricha and Fatema Valikarimwala for their favourite nourishing smoothies you can make with ingredients available in their corresponding markets right now. A breakfast smoothie bowl “Oats are rich in antioxidants and contain a powerful soluble fibre called beta-glucan. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels and help in regulating the blood glucose levels. A refreshing post-workout smoothie A gut-health improving smoothie.

Best Pasta Recipes: How to Make Restaurant-Style Pasta at Vogue India. We’re missing hugs, we’re missing the wet fragrance of grass, we’re missing cafe-like coffee and so much more.

Best Pasta Recipes: How to Make Restaurant-Style Pasta at Vogue India

But the one thing we’re missing the most is restaurant-like pasta at home. Butter or cream-soaked, truffle-scented, dusted with Parmesan, a bit of burnt sage here and there, lightly holding on that extra virgin oil in its crevice—well-made pasta from a restaurant cannot be replaced with spaghetti from a box, tossed with sauce from a can. Chef Daya Singh from Mumbai-based Italian restaurant CinCin shares some no-fail ideas that make for ideal lunch ideas, date night dinners and brunch table heroes. Recipe: Basic cacio e pepe Ingredients: Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's Mumbai House Pictures - Vogue India. “A beautiful home is a home that is true to the people that live in it,” says Twinkle Khanna.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's Mumbai House Pictures - Vogue India

The writer and interior designer practices what she preaches. Replete with souvenired artefacts and family photographs, Khanna and Akshay Kumar’s sea-facing duplex apartment in Mumbai’s Juhu suburb tells us their story as a family. While the ground floor houses the expansive living room, a home theatre, kitchen, dining area, and Kumar’s walk-in closet, the first floor comprises the bedrooms, pantry, Khanna’s home office and a balcony. Let’s take a virtual tour of the Bollywood couple’s tastefully-made sanctuary. The gorgeous front garden is where the Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar spend a lot of their time As parents of two (four if you count their adorable German shepherd Cleo and beagle Alex), and as gardening enthusiasts and artists, the outdoors is of great importance to both Khanna and Kumar (a fact that also reflects in the earthy palette of the house).

Inside Disha Patani's Wardrobe - Vogue India. Disha Patani, who has starred in movies like Malang (2020), Baaghi 2 (2018) and MS Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016), is as known for her roles and dancing chops as she is for her OOTDs while grabbing Sunday brunch at Bastian.

Inside Disha Patani's Wardrobe - Vogue India

With her envy-inducing frame and great hair, there’s little she can’t pull off. One look at her Instagram feed and you know that Patani subscribes to the ‘less is more’ school of thought. Legs for days, anyone? Denim short shorts (which she switches for baggy ripped jeans from time to time) with crop tops are her preferred off-duty look. Short Shows You Can Finish Watching in 4 Hours or Less on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video - Vogue India. There is always one person in the room who doesn't want to watch a TV show because they won't be able to commit for a long period of time.

Short Shows You Can Finish Watching in 4 Hours or Less on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video - Vogue India

A person who wants to watch something that is quick and is not looking for something that will take all of next week (or two?) Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's Beauty Hacks Using Coconut Oil - Vogue India. Coconut oil is a mainstay in every Indian home—in the kitchen, bathroom and on the vanity counter.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's Beauty Hacks Using Coconut Oil - Vogue India

Popularly termed as a cure-all, the oil is used in head massages, face masks and even doubles as a make remover or post-shave salve. When it comes to skincare, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja likes to leave it to the professionals, preferring to rely on failsafe products and treatments to maintain her glowing skin. “I religiously follow the principle of ‘cleansing-toning-moisturising'. I also swear by facials by Dr Rekha Sheth,” she shared in an interview. But even she can't stay away from using coconut oil. Female Centric Films For Gender Equality - Vogue India. What will cinema look like in the wake of the #MeToo era?

Female Centric Films For Gender Equality - Vogue India

It’s a question the film industry has been grappling with since 2017 when the downfall of Harvey Weinstein rocked Hollywood and shed light on some of the abusive practices that had been endemic across the business. Now, more than two years later, the former movie mogul is serving a 23-year prison sentence for rape. While documentaries such as Ursula Macfarlane’s Untouchable (2019) tackled the subject head-on, a host of recent narrative films have examined wider issues relating to Time’s Up, from workplace ethics to female empowerment. In Jay Roach’s Bombshell (2019), unspoken parallels are drawn between Weinstein and Roger Ailes, the Fox News CEO who, while not in Weinstein’s category, resigned over a sexual harassment lawsuit in 2016. Meanwhile, Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man (2020) explores the impact of emotional abuse through the lens of sci-fi, as an optics engineer pursues his former lover wearing an invisibility suit.

Korean Skin Care Routine for Summer at Vogue India. As the temperature rises, you’ll find that your skin has started protesting against heavy textures that clog pores.

Korean Skin Care Routine for Summer at Vogue India

Adapting your skincare routine for the summer is necessary to protect your skin from congestion, and it is a step that that Christine Chang and Sarah Lee swear by. As the co-founders of skincare brand Glow Recipe, the duo has been bottling the secrets of K-beauty for the better part of the past decade. Their top advice? Complete Beauty Evolution of Kajol - Vogue India. When Kajol made her debut in 1992, it was clear that she would fiercely hold onto her beauty ideals.

Complete Beauty Evolution of Kajol - Vogue India

“My mother taught me the most important trick to being labelled beautiful: to be who you are, no apologies. Confidence was the first and biggest step to beautiful,” she said in an interview with Vogue India, years later. The signature unibrow framing her expressive peepers went on to dominate rom-com posters for the better part of the next two decades, and till today, you'll find her staunchly refusing to succumb to fads and charting her own path instead. It seems fitting that the first lady of romance in the '90s should have made her debut with the 1992 romantic drama, Bekhudi, followed by Abbas-Mustan's Baazigar (1993). She started her iconic tryst with Yash Raj Films with Yeh Dillagi (1994), and went to deliver multiple record-busters including Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge (1995), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) and Kabhi Khushie Kabhi Gham (2001).

Easy Banana Bread Recipe at Vogue India. If there are three things that can claim 2020 to be their year, it’s dalgona coffee, sourdough loaves and banana bread. Clearly, there is something about these comforting recipes that makes us want to reach out for them again and again. If you want to get on the banana bread bandwagon and have been looking for the perfect recipe, we've got four. We asked pastry chef Husna Jumani from Crust and Crumble, who shared with us a no-fail basic banana bread recipe, plus three ways to upgrade when you want something a bit different.

List of Comedy Marathi Shows and Movies on Netflix, Zee5 at Vogue India. Thanks to the OTT space, we never have to feel tired of watching similar content. In case you’re weary of bingeing on mainstream cinema, it might do good to scout the plethora of regional content that your go-to streaming platforms are now offering—including Marathi movies and shows—known to be one of the most evolved genres of Indian regional cinema. Most of the titles in our line-up below are unique because they’re not your usual larger-than-life Marathi comedies but instead draw their strength from their realistic yet humorous iterations of day-to-day life.

Here are 5 Marathi comedies that ought to be on your binge-watch queue: 1. Home Remedies with Honey for Skincare and Haircare - Vogue India. There are few DIY recipes that wouldn't benefit from the addition of raw honey—the superfood ingredient has natural antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties to help cleanse and soothe the skin, hair, and scalp. It's usually a mainstay in every Indian home, so you're sure to have it in your kitchen. Here's how you can solve all your skincare and haircare issues with it, including chapped lips and unruly hair. 1. Zip up split ends with this hair mask While putting egg yolks and honey on your strands sounds like it'll be a smelly mess, the former is packed with protein, which makes them perfect for adding strength to compromised strands—particularly those that are damaged by heat, colour or bleach.

Tips on How to Remove Gel Nail Polish and Acrylic Nails at Home - Vogue India. If you're yearning to try fun new nail art—especially the ones you've been seeing all over Instagram—you'll want to get rid of your half-chipped gel and acrylic nails first. While taking off your nail polish at home has always been a major no-no, not having access to salons means you might have to take matters into your own hands. Kanchan Punjani, beauty and makeup education manager at Jean-Claude Biguine tells you how to safely remove your salon manicure. 6 Entertaining Family Dramas on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar at Vogue India. You know the feeling when you finish a good book? You're happy and at the same time, you're sad because it's over.

Likewise, when you finish a good show, there is a point when you just try to figure out if you should be committing to something new, and if yes, which one? Family dramas is one genre that will you keep entertained in more ways than one—they are emotional, funny and entertaining—they are the whole package. Scroll ahead as we've rounded up all the shows that you can watch as they are all worth the watch. Work From Home Skin Care Routine: Beauty Tips While Working From Home - Vogue India. Working from home gives you the flexibility of putting the same amount of effort into your beauty routine—no extra time required.

Whether you're in dire need of a foot mask, or you need to soothe dry, flaky skin, this is everything you can do to multitask while you get things done. Best New Shows or Series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar - Vogue India. In times like this, OTT platforms, which continue to churn out titles one after another, are our saviours. This week, we’re set for thirst-trap vibes courtesy an action thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, a throwback via The Simpsons, a reunion of the girl gang in the newest season of Four More Shots Please, plus lots more. Put on a hair mask and get comfy under the covers, because this list has you set for the week ahead (and beyond). Best Dal and Curry Recipes You Can Make at Home by Vogue India. When you have a curry on the table, your lunch or dinner game automatically becomes effortless.

Whether you savour it with pulkas, naan, rotis, bread or a bowl of steamed rice, there is no going wrong with curry meals. Work From Home Skin Care Routine: Beauty Tips While Working From Home - Vogue India. Complete Style Evolution of Rani Mukerji - Vogue India. Born to Ram and Krishna Mukherjee, a renowned film director and playback singer respectively, and with Bengali actor Debashree Roy for an aunt and Kajol for a cousin, foraying into Bollywood was a natural step for Rani Mukerji.

Having made her debut in 1996, Mukerji’s over two-decade-long trajectory is also dotted with several conversation-starter sartorial moments. Skin and Hair Masks Using Overripe Bananas - Vogue India. Should I Apply Sunscreen at Home - Vogue India. While you're going to spend your whole day hunkered down at home (sans a walk outside or a trip to the grocery store), keeping your skincare routine constant is still super important. It can be easy to get lazy about layering products on, and while skipping a step or two might be okay, leaving sunscreen out can be very harmful.

According to studies, sun rays just from the window can affect your skin in just 15 minutes. Tips for Avoiding a Backache While Working From Home at Vogue India. Short Series on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar at Vogue India. If you’re at home and scavenging for good content to watch, but also don’t have the patience to sit out four long seasons of a gritty television series, go for something that serves more in a small package.

Case in point: the following shows—all available to stream online—that are short, crisp and highly binge-able. Ahead, we also tell you why they would make for ideal picks. Immune System Boosting Foods To Stock Up During the Lockdown - Vogue India. Since you're eating all your meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner—at home, cooking can get old, fast. Especially if you're trying to fill each meal with enough nutrition, while keeping in mind that some of your go-to produce might be unavailable as you make a quick grocery store trip. How can you amplify your immune system while making cooking and eating enjoyable for the family? One-Pot Meal Recipes to Make While Self-Isolation at Vogue India. There is something so nice about one-pot meals. They are easy to prepare for, they are easy to clean after and they are mostly easy on the diet too.

The key to getting them right however, is to stock up on the best of ingredients. If you are cooking so little, ensure that each ingredient shines through these quick ideas we have put together for your average nights indoor. Restaurateur and director at Massive Restaurants Zorawar Kalra and wife Dildeep Kalra, share a page from their family’s recipe book. Tips on How to Detangle Hair Without Damaging the Strands at Vogue India. How to Get Rid of Acne: Acne Treatment & Home Remedies During Lockdown by Vogue India.

100 hours of Movies to Binge-Watch on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime by Vogue India. List of Beauty Influencers on Tiktok at Vogue India. 4 Easy Egg Recipes - Spanish Omelette Recipe at Vogue India. How to Wax Hair at Home - Tips on How to Tweeze Eyebrows at Vogue India. Inside Isha Ambani's Jewellery Collection of Diamond Necklaces at Vogue India. Neha Dhupia's Fashion Style: Pics of Neha Dhupia's Beauty Evolution at Vogue India. Best Breathing Exercises to Calm Your Body and Mind - Vogue India. Best Rice Recipes: Easy-to-Make Rice Recipes at Vogue India. Alia Bhatt's Skin Care Tips: How to Get Glowing Skin like Alia Bhatt - Vogue India. Best Multiplayer Games and Apps for Mobile - Vogue India.

Gauri Khan's Complete Beauty Evolution - Vogue India. How to do Facial at Home for Glowing Skin in Two Steps at Vogue India. Easy Sandwich Recipes: Quick Healthy Sandwich Recipes From The Pantry Café at Vogue India. How Bollywood Stars Took Part in the #9pm9minutes Initiative. Hairstylist Tips on How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home at Vogue India. DIY of Old Clothes: How to Recycle Old Clothes at Home by Vogue India. Ways to Upgrade Your Everyday Caffeine by Coffee Experts at Vogue India. Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2020 - Details of Kala Ghoda Dates, Venue, Schedule at Vogue India. Best Home Remedies For Cold & Flu - Natural Remedies for Flu at Vogue India. Deepika Padukone Chhapaak Promotion in Lucknow Pics at VOGUE India. Priyanka Chopra Arrived at the 77th Golden Globe Awards With Nick Jonas: VOGUE India. Deepika Padukone's Fashion Style: Deepika Padukone’s Style Journey at VOGUE India. Golden Globes Guest List of 2020 Red Carpet at VOGUE India.

Best Body Oil for Dry Skin in Winter: VOGUE India. Best Restaurants in Udaipur: List of Best Rajasthani Food in Udaipur at VOGUE India. Wedding Manicure: List of Wedding Day Manicure Trends at VOGUE India. Malaika Arora's Fashion Style: Beauty Evolution of Malaika Arora at VOGUE India. Best Makeup Tips for Dry Skin: How to Put Makeup on Dry Flaky Skin at VOGUE India. Virat Kohli Audi Car: Virat Kohli to Own Brand New Audi Q8 2020. Bollywood Actors With Investment in Properties in Abroad at GQ India. Love Aaj Kal 2 Trailer 2020: Release Date of Love Aaj Kal 2 at Vogue India. Top Trending Hairstyles of 2020: List of Top Hairstyles at Vogue India. Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Shikara Movie: Star Cast of Shikara Movie at Vogue India. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Manish Malhotra Outfit at Vogue India.

Malaika Arora in Sports Bra - Best Gym Looks Of Malaika Arora at Vogue India. Priyanka Chopra's New Amazon Series: Priyanka Chopra's Citadel on Amazon at Vogue India. Bollywood Actress like Deepika Padukone and Nick Jonas on TikTok: Vogue India. Who was Gangubai Kathiawadi: Gangubai Kathiawadi Real Life Story at Vogue India. Sara Ali Khan Crop Top Design: Sara Ali Khan Dressing Style at Vogue India. Anti-Aging Hair Care Tips: Hair Care Tips at Vogue India. Deepika Padukone Latest Blouse Design at Vogue India. Priyanka Chopra in a Customised Embroidered Blue Denim Jacket: Priyanka Chopra's Style Tips at Vogue India. Kareena Kapoor Khan Fashion Style at Vogue India. 5 Netflix Documentaries on Climate Change: List of Climate Change Documentaries on Netflix at VOGUE India. Anushka Sharma’s Off-Duty Jeans Style in Pics. Best Restaurants in Rishikesh: Best Places to Eat in Rishikesh.

Best Restaurants in Rishikesh: List of Best Rishikesh Food at VOGUE India. Deepika Padukone in Saree: Deepika Padukone Yellow Saree Collection at Vogue India. Korean Beauty Trends for Glass Skin: Korean Skin Care Tips at Vogue India. Anushka Sharma to Cast in Jhulan Goswami Biopic: at Vogue India. Unseen Videos of Nita and Isha Ambani Dance Performance at a Friend's Wedding: GQ India. Anushka Sharma Latest Bag Collection at Vogue India. Anushka Sharma in Saree: Anushka Sharma in Sabyasachi Green Saree at Vogue India. Aditi Rao Hydari in Lehenga: Aditi Rao's Blue Lehenga at Vogue India. Deepika Padukone in Sabyasachi Designed Churidar at Photography Awards 2020. Best Navratna Jewelleries to Inspire Bridal Jewellery - List of Wedding Jewelleries at Vogue India. Family Karma on Bravo - Details of New American TV Series With an All-Indian Cast at Vogue India. Priyanka Chopra May Star in 'The Matrix 4' With Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss.

Netflix Korean Drama - List of Best Korean Series on Netflix at Vogue India. Deepika Padukone, First Bollywood Actor, to Star in Global Louis Vuitton Campaign at Vogue India. Deepika Padukone at Davos: Deepika Padukone at World Economic Forum 2020 at Vogue India. Best Nail Art Designs on Short Nail: Top Nail Art Designs for Small Nails at Vogue India. Best Seafood Restaurants in Mangalore: Best Places to Eat in Mangalore at Vogue India. Best Eyebrow Pencil: Best Budget Eyebrow Pencil at Vogue India. Digital Wedding Invitation Card Template Ideas at Vogue India. Best Sushi Restaurants in Mumbai: Top Places to Eat Sushi in Mumbai at Vogue India. Priyanka Chopra Latest Travel Outfit: Priyank Chopra Airport Look at Vogue India. Deepika Padukone in Sabyasachi Designed Outfits at Vogue India.

Deepika Padukone Visits Siddhivinayak Temple Before Chhapaak’s Release. Kriti Sanon's Designer Ruffle Saree: Kriti Sanon's latest outfit at Vogue India. Priyanka Chopra's Black Floral Dress at Vogue India. Best Eyebrow Makeup Products for Thick Brows at Vogue India.