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Before you watch Kartik Aaryan's Pati Patni Aur Woh, here's everything you must know about the original film. Bollywood’s currently thriving in a golden era of remakes — from iconic songs and films to even characters.

Before you watch Kartik Aaryan's Pati Patni Aur Woh, here's everything you must know about the original film

So, when the official remake of B. R. Chopra’s Pati Patni Aur Woh was announced with Kartik Aaryan, Bhumi Pednekar and Ananya Panday in the lead roles, it was hardly a shocker. Especially because the film is co-produced by Juno Chopra, grandson of late B. R. The original Pati Patni Aur Woh released 41 years ago and starred Sanjeev Kumar, Vidya Sinha and Ranjeeta Kaur as the ‘Pati,’ ‘Patni’ and ‘Woh,’ respectively. Here, let us refresh your memory with this throwback to the film’s plot and also a quick update on how the 2019 version of the film will be different from the Sanjeev Kumar-starrer. Most Followed Indian Celebs on Instagram, According to Forbes at GQ India. The most followed celebs on Instagram are the ones who have pulled out all stops when it comes to sharpening their Instagram skills to engage with the fans and make their pages a reflection of their lives off the screen.

Most Followed Indian Celebs on Instagram, According to Forbes at GQ India

In recent years, we’ve seen a shift of preference from “official-looking, handled by PR teams” feed to a more relatable ones that the people can personally associate with. With an exponential growth in Instagram's popularity, the number of followers celebs have on the platform is almost comparable to the actual fame of these notable personalities. So it’s only plausible for Forbes to release the ‘Richest on Instagram’ list, in conjunction with its renowned Celebrity 100 list. Here are the top 10 celebrities with the highest number of followers on Instagram: 1. By virtue of her global fanbase, PeeCee has topped the list with a whopping 4.66 crores followers on the platform. 2. 6 Best Paratha Places in Delhi - Famous Parathas in Delhi at GQ India.

While it might seem like grade-A parathas would be a dime a dozen in Delhi, the city isn’t teeming with them in the way you might imagine.

6 Best Paratha Places in Delhi - Famous Parathas in Delhi at GQ India

It’s easy to find a ramshackle cart that shows promise, or an old restaurant that usually makes food worth their (slightly heavy-handed) salt, and be terribly disappointed in the results. Best Hollywood Movies of the Decade - Top Movies of Decade at GQ India. With all the cinematic wonders that we were blessed with this decade, narrowing them down into a list of top 10 movies of the decade was one of the most challenging tasks because let’s face it, movie preferences are like food preferences, everybody has their own definition of what’s good, their favourite genres and you might really like what the experts (in this case, critics) really don’t and vice-versa.

Best Hollywood Movies of the Decade - Top Movies of Decade at GQ India

But there are some films that are beyond sheer entertainment and a quick laugh. Let us all just admit to the cheesy truth that some movies change us and make us look at the world a little (or a lot) differently. Now, while making the list of the 10 best films of the decade, we’ve tried our level best to make sure we don’t miss out on any obvious gems churned out by this exponentially growing industry. How to Lose Weight by Following a Low-Carb and Veg Indian Diet Plan at GQ India. One of the biggest myths surrounding weight loss routines is that you will have to restrict your meals to only a boring and bland variety of food in order to shed a couple of pounds — which is not true at all, exclaims 18-year-old Garvit Kawatra.

How to Lose Weight by Following a Low-Carb and Veg Indian Diet Plan at GQ India

Garvit tells us that he recently lost 49 kgs and trimmed from 118 kgs to 69 kgs by undertaking the following steps and weight loss diet. What steps to take to lose weight? "I commenced my weight loss journey by going for an early morning swim daily for 2 weeks. Weight Loss Diet Plan: How to Lose Weight With Calorie Deficit Diet at GQ India. Dry Days in India in 2020 - List of Dry Days in 2020 at GQ India. Dry days can be the perfect party pooper, especially when they spring up out of nowhere.

Dry Days in India in 2020 - List of Dry Days in 2020 at GQ India

And while we’re all excited to finally see what 2020 looks like in real life, dry days are something that we are definitely not looking forward to. For the teetotalers amongst us who have no clue what the term means, dry days are the few days in the year where the sale of alcohol is not allowed either all over the country or in some states and cities. A dry day is generally declared on a day of national or religious importance. However, they can also be observed on election dates pertaining to the specific state. Best & Worst Indian Shows of 2019 on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar at GQ India. Streaming platforms have witnessed a swift boost in popularity this year.

Best & Worst Indian Shows of 2019 on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar at GQ India.

Indian-origin shows have latched onto this boom as well – emergence of platforms like Zee5 and MUBI and the increased familiarity with Netflix are serious indicators of growth for OTT platforms. Ground-breaking scripts, rugged action and intriguing storylines – there was some outstanding content on the internet this year. However, there were a few howlers among the shining stars too. Best Weight Loss Exercise, Gym Exercises to Lose Weight at GQ India. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now, you probably already know that intermittent fasting works.

Best Weight Loss Exercise, Gym Exercises to Lose Weight at GQ India

But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) Intermittent fasting alone will not help you get as far as you’d like to go on your fitness journey. To ensure great results (read: ripped results!) Best Pubs in Kolkata: Monkey Bar in Kolkata at GQ India. As I make my way to the 9th floor of Fort Knox Building, the building that houses Monkey Bar is nondescript and causes a touch of uncertainty.

Best Pubs in Kolkata: Monkey Bar in Kolkata at GQ India

But, when the elevator chimes open and I walk into the 90-seater space (packed most evenings so reserve a table) it’s casual enough to dispel my doubt. A Gupi Bagha (fictional characters from a Satyajit Ray movie) mural is sprawled across the ceiling, and the exposed brick finish adds warmth. The seating is informal, with a spectacular view of the Victoria Memorial. Head Chef Dheeraj Varma joins me at the table, ordering as per my tastes and his recommendations.

Best Things Happened in 2019: Top Events in 2019 at GQ India. 2019 has been a rollercoaster of a year.

Best Things Happened in 2019: Top Events in 2019 at GQ India

It started on a horrid note with all the violence that took place on the border following the terrible Phulwama attacks. The country was then scheduled to have the Lok Sabha Elections, where the incumbent BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi won once again. The people outraged once again about the inadequate safety measures taken for women, following the fates of the dentist who was brutally raped in Hyderabad and the Unnao rape case victim. 2019 is also now ending on a revolutionary note, with a majority of the country uniting against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens. It is normal currently to have a sinking feeling about the fate of the country, just like the one you had when everybody saw Chandrayaan-2 steering away from its predetermined path.

Weight Loss Exercise: Best Exercise to Lose Fat at GQ India. If you’ve already begun the prep to commence on a ‘New Year, New Me’ fitness resolution then let us tell you that to lose weight or to tone down is just part one of this resolution! Part two consists of you actually taking care of yourself and not falling back into your old patterns, bad eating habits and lifestyle — like 23-year-old Rijul Chopra did by first: losing 28 kgs by following a calorie deficit diet plan and second: training regularly to build healthy muscle mass. Says Rijul, “I weighed 100 kgs when I commenced my fitness journey after the twelfth grade. Weight Loss Diet Plan - Best Fat Loss Diet at GQ India. Nothing can kickstart your weight loss and fitness journey faster than a bout of self realisation. 22-year-old Pankaj Kumar tells us that he started hitting the gym to not just lose weight but also get ripped to overcome an inactive lifestyle.

“I wanted to invest my time in bettering my life, my confidence and also my mental well-being.” “When I began my weight loss and fitness journey, I weighed 77 kgs with a fat accumulation of 27-30 per cent,” he says. To build a ripped body, the first thing that you need to do is get rid of your body’s excess fat and then work towards building lean muscles, which Pankaj was able to do by losing 11 kgs, courtesy of one genius diet hack — calorie deficit.

Highest Earning Youtuber 2019: 8-Year Old is the Richest Youtuber Kid at GQ India. Ten years ago, nobody would have believed that putting up videos of yourself on the internet could be a legitimate career, let alone a career that could make you a millionaire. Fast forward to now, every second Gen Z kid wants to be a full-time YouTuber. YouTubers are now considered as mainstream celebrities and rightly so. They probably have just as much, if not more, influence on today’s generation than traditional celebrities. With Adsense and sponsorships, not just their fan following but their earnings are also quite comparable to your typical celeb. Panga Movie Trailer: Release Date, Cast at GQ India. The 'Queen' of unconventional, Kangana Ranaut's upcoming release—Panga— is a slice-of-life sports-drama, directed by Ashwiny Tiwari, the woman behind Bareilly Ki Barfi.

The film follows Ranaut's journey as a wife, working mother and Kabbadi player, who's cheered on the field and everyday life by her small but loving family. In an interview with a daily, talking about the film, Tiwari said, “we are all stuck in a rut; life is about getting a job, getting married and having kids; we’ve forgotten there’s a life beyond all this. Panga is about taking up a challenge," as Kangana's character, Jaya Nigam, a railway employee, does in the film by stepping into the competitive world of sports in her 30s. Panga also highlights how despite being stuck in rut, your family's support and contribution can help you achieve your dreams. Tiwari explains this by drawing parallels with her own life.

Panga is produced by Fox Star Studios and is slated to release on January 24, 2020. Best Bollywood & Hollywood Movies to Watch This December 2019 on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5 & Mubi at GQ India. We are officially in the last week of 2019. This means that around the world, almost everybody is in holiday mode. Some of you lucky ones out there might have already taken leave from work and have plenty of time to kill before the new year celebrations kick in.

And so, we think that this is the perfect time to binge on the last bit of new OTT content releasing in 2019. Even more so, considering the spectacular content coming out in January. Beautiful Airbnb Homes for Bollywood Actors at GQ India. Holiday season is here. And by that, we aren’t referring to Christmas or New Years’, but the paid leaves you are going to get for these occasions. Best Christmas Gift Ideas: Secret Santa Gift Ideas at GQ India. Forbes India Celebrity 100 List 2019: Highest Paid Actress in Bollywood 2019 at GQ India. With absolutely brilliant performances in both Gully Boy and Raazi - Alia Bhatt has jumped to the top spot among the women on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. It has definitely been the year of women, with more number of them making it to the list - 30 as compared to 17 back in 2018. But unfortunately, there’s something not so pleasing tagging along too - the cumulative earnings for women took a disappointing dip as compared to last year. Highest Paid South Indian Actor: Highest Paid Actor in Tollywood at GQ India.

Forbes has released its annual Celebrity 100 List and this year, 13 stars from the South Indian film industry have been included. 2019’s list saw the participation of South Indian stars reducing from 15 in 2018 to only 13. Weight Loss Tips & Diet Plan for Weight Loss at GQ India. The most common misconception regarding weight loss and healthy eating is that you will have to give up on a significant chunk of your social life to be able to follow a weight loss routine or a healthy diet. Best Revolution Movies on Netflix: Best War Movies on Netflix on GQ India. The political atmosphere in the country currently is very tense. Street Dancer 3D Movie Trailer Starring Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhu Deva at GQ India. After the massive success of ABCD and ABCD 2, Varun Dhawan and Remo D'Souza are gearing up to release their third dance-drama flick together — Street Dancer 3D.

The film revolves around the life of a London-based Indian dancer (played by Dhawan), his tryst with street dancing, the ‘crew’ culture and millennials budding love for the dance form. The film also stars Shraddha Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and Prabhu Dheva in pivotal roles as well as an ensemble cast made up of dancers and performers from across the world. Top Personalities & Trends on Google in India 2019 at GQ India. As we near the end of the year, it is time to indulge in one of our most favoured activities - reflecting on the actions of these past 12 months. Top 10 Most Googled Personalities of 2019 in India at GQ India. We are nearing the end of 2019 and this is a good time to reflect upon the year that has gone by. Janhvi Kapoor Offered ₹3.5 Crore to Star Opposite Vijay Deverakonda at GQ India.

Men's Dress Code for Party Season - Holiday Party Season for Men at GQ India. 5 looks to help you nail the holiday party season. Jawaani Jaaneman Trailer Starring Saif Ali Khan and Tabu: Watch the Movie Trailer of Jawaani Jaaneman at GQ India. List of 10 Golden Globe Award Winning TV Shows & Movies on Netflix India, Amazon Prime at GQ India. How Aditya Roy Kapur Ripped Body for Malang? Aditya Roy Kapur's Body in Malang. Akshay Kumar Becomes 1st Actor in Bollywood to Cross ₹700 cr in India in a Single Year. Who is Laxmi Agarwal? Real Story of Laxmi Agarwal, Deepika Padukone's Inspiration for Chhappak. How to Lose Weight with Simple Diet? Meals For Weight Loss at GQ India.