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At The Restaurant - English Vocabulary for Eating Out and Ordering Food. Making Small Talk in English for Starting Friendly Conversations - learn English,communication,talk,english. 155 Frases necesarias para una conversación en inglés. Common English Phrases For Conversation: Rejoinders , Asking for Details, Discussing Sensitive Topics etc - learn English,communication,english.

Antri Parto - Journal. Tips and Links to Prepare for the Oral Exam at Home. I love trying new tools and today I’m trying Wideo, which is a tool which lets you create beautiful animated video content in a very easy way.

Tips and Links to Prepare for the Oral Exam at Home

Although I’ll write about some of its pros and cons below, the reason why I’ve chosen Wideo today is because I needed a tool that allowed me to insert interactive buttons in an easy way and Wideo is perfect for this. So, here’s the video: Tips and Links to Prepare for the Oral Exam at Home Play the video. It will stop where interactive buttons are provided (last two slides). Click to resume the video. What I like about this tool: it’s free, easy to use and very intuitive.It provides free video hostingLots of professionally-designed templates to choose fromYou can upload your own picture, music and background imagesYou can add interactive elements (clickable buttons and contact forms)It provided a unique url and an embed codeYou can switch from video mode to presentation mode for slide-by-slide presentation.

Ten dos for the IELTS speaking test. Is it OK to correct yourself in the IELTS speaking test?

Ten dos for the IELTS speaking test

Chris Pell, winner of the British Council’s Teaching English blog award for his post helping IELTS students with pronunciation, gives us his advice in the first part of his list of dos and don’ts for the IELTS speaking test. Do warm up What would happen if a footballer decided to play a game without running or stretching first? They would probably have a terrible game and maybe even injure themselves. Speaking a foreign language is no different.

Do practise at home Speaking is a skill and just like any other skill it requires many hours of practice. For a more detailed guide on how to prepare for the IELTS test at home, see these 25 online tools for learning a language at home. Do ask the examiner. Improve your pronunciation using Youtube. A visit to the doctor worksheet. How do I get to.....? worksheet - Free ESL projectable worksheets made by teachers. USEFUL EXPRESSIONS worksheet - Free ESL projectable worksheets made by teachers. Picture description worksheet. Describe a photo or picture. Talk about yourself. Examiner: Hi.

Talk about yourself

What’s your name? Kelvin: My name is Kelvin. Examiner: Kelvin, OK. So, Kelvin, I’m going to ask you a few questions. Fostering creativity and fluency with roleplays. For the past few months, we’ve been enjoying posts from Urs Kalberer on getting your students speaking.

Fostering creativity and fluency with roleplays

Today, in the last post in the series, Urs has plenty of tips on how you can use roleplays with your learners to generate creativity and fluency. My third post on speaking activities is about roleplays. These create an imaginative situation where students slip into another role. This is especially appealling to teenage learners, who often shy away from expressing personal opinions. Roleplays help you to escape the context restrictions of the classroom and offer a wealth of information about the level of your learners. SPEAKING Language Video: How to Pronounce Some UK Place Names. Oral presentation. Melissa: Hi, everyone!

Oral presentation

Today I would like to talk about how to become the most popular teen in school. Firstly, I think getting good academic results is the first factor to make you become popular since, having a good academic result, your teacher will award you in front of your schoolmates. Then, your schoolmates will know who you are and maybe they would like to get to know you because they want to learn something good from you. Secondly, I think participating in school clubs and student unions can help to make you become popular, since after participating in these school clubs or student union, people will know who you are and it can help you to make friends all around the school, no matter senior forms or junior forms.

In conclusion, I think to become the most popular teen in school we need to have good academic results and also participate in school clubs and student union. Kelvin: Good evening, everyone! But, should the government make it illegal? 6 Ways to speak English without sounding nervous. It isn’t always easy to find the courage to speak in English, especially if you think you will make mistakes, or if you’re embarrassed about your accent.

6 Ways to speak English without sounding nervous

But it’s important to overcome your nerves: if you don’t practise speaking English as often as you can, you won’t make progress. Here are six ways to help you speak with more confidence. 1. Prepare as much as you can If you know what you need to say in advance, you will feel a lot more ready to speak. But even in more day-to-day situations, it’s easy to have a few English phrases that you know well enough to use with confidence. 2. Often, the problem isn’t so much what you say, but how others reply. 3. Introductions. Typical speaking tasks. Pronunciation. Speaking. I wanna talk about. A new flag?