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Simple mouse drag in 2D. Picking / Dragging Objects with Mouse. Hi everyone, im trying to make a script that when i click on a mouse with the mouse, the user will be able do drag it around while he holds the button.

Picking / Dragging Objects with Mouse

Here is my piece of code: 'm having some problems, fist problem: I'm setting a fixed Z to the mouse position and i want the object to stands in its original z axis. Any insights about that? I've tried some other things but it didnt work properly. Second problem: I want the first click to doesnt move the object, the first just to select and after the click you move the mouse and then the object comes along. Thank you, Unity character controller tutorial animations javascript code example character controller. FingerGestures for Unity by William Ravaine. Unity3d « UnityCoder – Unity3D. Unity-Selecting Objects. Unity3d How to rotate an Object by using touch. Prime31/TouchKit. Simple mouse drag in 2D. Smoothly following a moving object. Part 2 - 1 character animation. Nickdingle's channel. Unity Scripting - Side Scroller Tutorial (Part 4/4 Finishing up with MovingObject and ChasingEnemy)

Unity Scripting - Side Scroller Tutorial (Part 4/4 Finishing up with MovingObject and ChasingEnemy) Unity3D 2D Platformer Tutorial Series. 2D Platformer Tutorial - Series. Video: Build a Prototype Game in Unity in 40 Minutes. It seems like a question that pops up on a near-daily basis on our forums is "How do I get started to make my own game?

Video: Build a Prototype Game in Unity in 40 Minutes

" Well, if my Twitter feed is any indication, iOS developers can't get enough of Unity and, as this video illustrates, you can have a totally functional prototype of a basic game using the Unity development environment in under an hour: What's even cooler, is that all the tools shown in the video are totally free to download, and there's even a fully-functional 30 day trial of the "pro" licenses.

You don't even need to know how to build 3D models, as the Unity Asset Store has tons available, both for free and for reasonably cheap licensing fees. If game development is something you're interested in, but don't really know where to start, give this video a watch. [@infinite_ammo via @rje] Video: Build a Prototype Game in Unity in 40 Minutes. Unity 3D Basic Tutorials. Bouncing Ball - Unity Official Tutorials. Script for Jump help. Unity Tutorial - How To Create A Game: Unity Tutorial - Simple Player Jump Script. Unity Training (Free) 075: Unity 3d : Creating Basic Elevator(Java Script)

Unity Training (Free) BurgZerg Arcade. Unity Course Lab 4. Unity3D Beginners Guide. So, you’ve decided you want to learn how to program in Unity, that’s awesome.

Unity3D Beginners Guide

In this introductory tutorial, we’re going to create a new project in Unity, take a quick look around the main parts of the UI, write a very quick script in UnityScript (a kind of javascript – like language), and get an idea of the workflow involved by building something very basic that will act as the core to all your future projects. Setting Up A New Project In Unity After loading the Application, create a new project in Unity by going to the menu and selecting File > New Project. Unity 101: Learn Unity Game Development in 10 minutes. This is Unity 101 in 10 minutes and you are about to create your first video game! Here's what your first level should look like: 50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices) About these tips (Edit: August 2016.

50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices)

I have revised these tips. You can find the new list here.) These tips are not all applicable to every project. They are based on my experience with projects with small teams from 3 to 20 people.There’s is a price for structure, re-usability, clarity, and so on — team size and project size determine whether that price should be paid.Many tips are a matter of taste (there may be rivalling but equally good techniques for any tip listed here).Some tips may fly in the face of conventional Unity development. Unity3d course online. Unity3d course online. Unity 3D. Unity. Sprites. Jonkers » TuDee. TuDee is a tile-based map editor I made a few years ago and it is now available for free.

Jonkers » TuDee

Download it Features include: Tile setsMapsLayersEntities (e.g. sprites, power-ups, triggers)Paths (linear and Bezier curves)Mosaics (groups of tiles)Custom variables (for tile sets, maps, layers, entities and paths)DLL-based exporter (you can write your own exporter, see the example exporter project included with the install)Flexible XML exporter (select data to export)A module for loading and drawing a TDX map in MonkeyFlexible binary exporter (select data to export)Binary Map importerProject files are binary or XMLA software and an OpenGL version. Guerrilla Tool Development. I have a weak spot for cool game development tools.

Guerrilla Tool Development

Not the IDE, or art or sound tools – I mean the level editors, AI construction tools – those that developers develop specifically for their games. Those that you know could help you multiply your content, and craft your game just a little bit better. Unfortunately, if you work on a small team, developing sophisticated tools like that is pretty much out of the question. Make your logs interactive and squash bugs faster. With modern debuggers and testing tools, the need for logging is not as great as it once was.

Make your logs interactive and squash bugs faster

But there are times when debuggers won’t do (for example, on players’ machines, or when hunting down bugs that occur sporadically). For these instances, logging can still be useful, and with modern web technology, you can build a powerful logger that is more than just an endless stream of text. This article deals with ways to make logs more useful by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This extends the ideas proposed by James Boer in An HTML-Based Logging and Debugging System (Game Programming Gems 4 I assume that you already know basic HTML (including tags and attributes), that you know basic CSS, and that you know some basic JavaScript. Jonkers » TuDee. 50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices)

2D Sprite Animation Editing in Unity3D (Alpha) Animating Tiled texture. Author: Joachim Ante Description This script animates a texture containing tiles of an animation.

Animating Tiled texture

You can give it a framerate to determine the speed of the animation and set how many tiles on x, y there are. Usage Attach this script to the object that has a material with the tiled texture. Unity Course Lab 1. Script gui units. GUI units are screen pixels.

Script gui units

If you resize your screen, the GUI objects remain anchored to their positions relative to the top left screen corner. There are two ways to reescale GUI coordinates: calculating them based on screen size in the OnGUI routine, or change the GUI matrix to keep them proportional to the screen size. Both methods have their pros and cons.

Calculating the coordinates proportionally to the screen size will keep things in their relative places (itens aligned to the right side of the screen will still be right aligned, for instance) but the text itens will not be scaled - in a bigger screen they may seem too small. Changing the GUI matrix will scale everything. How to end a game with ESC button. GuiRatioFixer. Author: Jonathan Czeck (aarku) Description This script will adjust the aspect ratio of a GUIText or GUITexture object by scaling it horizontally to fit the proportions.


It does not know how to align groups of GUI objects after it adjusts their aspect ratio. Usage. GUI position according to screen resolution. Automatic Screen Resize. Setting GUI Skin's Custom Style Size via Javascript (or any code) When I want to manipulate my custom styles with code, I usually just increase the size of the custom styles array in the inspector first.

Then I access the newest GUIStyles in my code like you do in your question. If for some reason you can't manually increase the size first, you'd probably have to use a dynamic array to get the job done. You could convert customStyles to a dynamic array, add some styles to the array using Push(), then convert back to a builtin array. Something like this: var myCustomSkin : GUISkin;var someStyle : GUIStyle;var anotherStyle : GUIStyle;function Start (){ var styleArray = new Array(myCustomSkin.customStyles); styleArray.Push(someStyle); styleArray.Push(anotherStyle); myCustomSkin.customStyles = styleArray.ToBuiltin(GUIStyle);} Assign myGUISkin in javascript. Unity – Quick Tips for Implementing Audio. In this post, you will learn the basics of audio on Unity, from importing files to make your sound object interact with the environment. Import Audio Files: simply drag your audio file into the Project tab.

If you click on it you’ll see its settings: Unity will call any audio file an Audio Clip, which will be important to remember when creating a Javascript for determining its behaviour. An Audio Clip is basically a container for the audio data. GUI Texture scale? Playing music while scenes change. I looked around for solutions, but none went out to do exactly what we really wanted. Consider you have only one object that can play the music and there will be no copies of it on the other scenes.

Activate the Play On Awake and Loop check boxes. Here's my solution in simple JavaScript and I hope this is what you might be looking for. So, consider you have an object called Jukebox with an AudioSource component in it. It's quite simple, all you need to do is keep track of the current time. I'll post this on other similar threads, I hope it's ok to do so and I hope it helps! Music Across Scenes. Two Instances of Unity3d.

****This does not work for me, using Unity 2.6.1 and Windows 7**** ****I used a 64 bit PC with Windows Vista SP2. It will be different on other computers but is generally the same. . **** Tutorials. Custom 2D Pointer. Custom Mouse Cursor. Customise in-game cursor. There's no built-in function to set a custom mouse cursor, but you can make a script to do it yourself by simply hiding the cursor and drawing your own at the current mouse position. Play music through multiple scenes. Playing music while scenes change. Music Across Scenes. Creating 2D Games With Unity3D Part 1. One of my goals for 2011 is to write at least one new blog post every week. Creating a simple smoke trail. Above and Beyond Software. Hundreds of people have already benefitted from the features and performance that Above and Beyond Software's SpriteManager provided to the Unity community.

Now Sprite Manager 2 takes advantage of Unity iPhone's new dynamic batching feature and shifts the emphasis toward sprite animation features and ease-of-use. Creating 2D Games With Unity3D Part 1. Tutorials. Animating Tiled texture - Extended. Author: Joachim Ante - Extended by TomLong74. ()The Mechanical Maniacs. Unity Sprite Manager - Create Sprite Sheet + Sprite Manager Animation. GameMaker for Windows. Free Unity Script - GUI Text editor! Fit GUI to various android screen resolutions and densities. Open Source Particle System. Author: Nick Tziamihas, Michael Moiropoulos. #Unity3D Particle Effects: Steam Spray! How to set a texture and another font in a GUI Text.

GUI text font change. Delay Gameplay While Displaying 3,2,1 go!!! Hello, i was making a car game,When the game start's am showing 3,2,1 go!!! Fading GUI text. GUIText dissapear after a few seconds. Unity3d gui texture array. Megabite #21 – Working With Simple Arrays. Creating an array of texture variables. How to change the texture of an object in script. Changing Object Texture When button is pressed. 46 Tips & Tricks for 2D mobile Performance in Unity. Text (guiText): Font Size, Color, Shadow, and Outline. How to change a color of a GUI Button on click. GUI.Button. GUI Texture Button. YouTube. Unity. Unity. Unity 3D. Sprites. Games. Serious Game Development. Asset Store. Android Arcade games - free download! Page2.