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Interactive Storytelling Sylvia Guinanon letstalkonline. January 2014: Sylvia Guinan - Social and emotional approaches to teaching with technology. Sylvia Guinan - Tesol Macedonia Thrace Northern Greece Xmas event. 30 Goals Conference Keynote: Sylvia Guinan. Online Teaching Summit - Sunday. Sylvia Guinan The Heart of Technology. Digital Ireland ELT Conference 2015. Digital ELT 4. Digital ELT Ireland. Goal: Share Your EdTech Success Story! by Sylvia Guinan. Wk 2 Overview with your Moderators. Wk 4 Overview with your Moderators. LLTCon Root Talks Session II - Sylvia Guinan and Mau Buchler. ELT-T Psychology of story-telling. Enhanced listening through story and poetry. Kid Blogging with Sylvia Guinan. Sylvia Guinan on Moodle MOOC 3. Sylvia Guinan at the Fall Blog Festival. Fall Blog Festival with Sylvia Guinan. Sylvia Guinan on Reflective Blogging.