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FCE tips: use of English part 1: multiple choice cloze. By Alexander Case Aims to help students practise vocabulary, commonly confused words and fixed expressions.

FCE tips: use of English part 1: multiple choice cloze

Example question Many people think a dolphin is the same _____ a porpoise. A: than B: as C: like D: with Tip 1The students will have to read a text and answer 12 questions like the one above. Tip 2This part of the paper is a test of vocabulary rather than grammar. Tip 3A nice activity for dependent prepositions or make/ do is SNAP. Tip 4If students have a feeling that one ‘sounds right’, they should go for it. Tip 5If students really have no idea which is the correct answer, they should start by deleting the ones that they are sure are not correct. Tip 6You can lead students into the part 1 task gently by giving them an exam task with the right answers already selected and ask them why the other ones are wrong. FCE Use of English Archives - How to Pass the FCE Exam. Try out this FREE FCE Practice Test.

FCE Use of English Archives - How to Pass the FCE Exam

This week we are looking at the FCE Reading Paper 4 (Use of English). Great tips and advice on how to tackle … Try out this FREE FCE Practice Test. This week we are looking at the FCE Reading Paper 3 (Use of English). Tips for passing the FCE First Certificate in English. If you’re planning to take the Cambridge First Certificate in English, it’s not only your level of English that’s important.

Tips for passing the FCE First Certificate in English

Understanding the exam itself and knowing how to tackle each of the papers is crucial for success. Below are our top tips for passing the FCE. For a thorough course of exam preparation, look no further than our special MyEnglishLab Cambridge First. Familiarise yourself with the structure and timing of the exam. FCE tips: use of English part 4: key word transformations. By Alexander Case Aims to help students memorize common grammar structures from the exam.

FCE tips: use of English part 4: key word transformations

Example question The drive home was too long to complete that night. short The drive home ___________________ to complete that night. Answer: was not short enough Tip 1Although this part is a test of vocabulary (e.g. phrasal verbs and parts of speech) as well as grammar, classroom time on grammar is more likely to have an impact on students' performance in the exam. Tip 2 Remember: the gap should be filled with five words or fewer.

Tip 3Because of the scoring system, it's possible to get 50% in this section without getting any of the questions 100% correct. Tip 4Make absolutely sure that the two sentences mean the same thing. How to teach FCE Use of English Part Two open cloze. AskPaul English – Free English Language Learning Resources. FCE – Proff's English World. I love letters of application, because they are so full of set expressions – if the students learn them all they have to do is fill in the finer details asked for in the question.

FCE – Proff's English World

But of course, there’s always that “if”. So, I’ve prepared a powerpoint with accompanying worksheets – there are a choice of three. I’m so generous! You can use: Option 1: The standard one – which includes the question, plan and model – the students have to underline the keywords in the question and complete the plan using the model. Lesson Plans Digger - Free English Lesson Plans and Teaching Tips. Writing — FCE Exam Tips. You have to write an essay, so this is the first thing you should learn to write.

Writing — FCE Exam Tips

Essays are about giving information and your opinions, comparing and contrasting. Title: Use a title at the top of your essay. The title should be interesting so that someone would want to read the article. Imagine two friends share a link on Facebook. How to make FCE speaking practice fun: Part 3. How to make FCE speaking practice fun presents an alternative way to go about preparing your students for their FCE speaking exam. The objective here is to introduce different activities that make FCE speaking practice fun and at the same time help students perfect skills and strategies which the exam requires. This is the third in the series of four posts and it focuses on Speaking Part 3.

Focus: exchange of ideas, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, suggesting, speculating;During the exam: your students will spend app. 5 minutes discussing a topic, using five written prompts to do so. Quick Discussion Activity – Cities and Amenities. Here’s a quick speaking game that encourages collaboration and improvisation. It was designed to help students practise FCE speaking part 3, but would be suitable for general English classes too. The cards you need to play the game can be downloaded by clicking here. Full instructions are below, but here’s a quick video to demonstrate: Instructions Divide your class into pairs or groups of three.

Then, students have two minutes to discuss the question together. Graffiti: crime or culture? When you say the word “graffiti”, some people think of big, beautiful and colourful artwork whilst others think of mess that make our towns and cities look untidy and badly-maintained.

Graffiti: crime or culture?

Graffiti is art that is painted on walls and other public places. It is most often made with spray paint, which comes in a can. However, graffiti can be made with any type of paint or other material. Some people use real paint to make their art. Graffiti can vary from a small “tag”; someone’s name written on a wall, to a very large mural, which covers a whole wall. Graffiti often has a social or political message which it shows in pictures or words or both. In the United Kingdom graffiti is illegal. Writing Part 1 Essay - First Certificate Writing. FCE Use of English Part 2 Checklist. Workstations.

Secondary B1-B2 Photocopiable material. FCE. Image credit: Daily Mail Follow me on twitter This is the third in a series of guest posts by my friend and colleague Josh Widdows, an English teacher and teacher trainer at International House Barcelona.


Getting FCE students to write an informative and descriptive article can be challenging. This entertaining 2.5/3-hour writing lesson encourages learners to source expressions from authentic texts, be inspired by video input and to annotate a model in order to effectively plan and draft their own article based around the idea of festivals. Download the Lesson Procedure, PowerPoint and Handouts below: Login - Wheel. I always claim that English grammar is easy, especially when compared to the Spanish or French grammar, but it gets a bit messy when it comes to verbs followed by infinitive or gerund.


The easy thing to say is that some verbs are followed by infinitive (promise to go) some verbs are followed by gerund (can’t stand ironing). But then we find that, Textbuilder. FCE Speaking Exam - Strategies for Success! Does ‘I am agree with you’ make you want to tear your hair out?

FCE Speaking Exam - Strategies for Success!

Nerves on exam day tend to be the main reason students fall to pieces in the speaking exam so ….equip your students with these practical strategies to get the grade they know they are capable of. Here is a comprehensive list of useful tips and strategies to help your students prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate speaking exam and feel confident in taking the exam. Part One: Talking about yourself (2 minutes) In part one, the interlocutor will introduce himself and the assessor and will ask you to do the same before asking you for your mark sheets.

He will then begin to ask you ‘getting to know you’ questions. Relax! FCE: First Certificate in English. Teaching resources for FCE, CAE and CPE from Flo-Joe.