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I’m an online English teacher, teacher-trainer, edtech facilitator, educational community developer, writer, and blogger who facilitates professional development online.

Top 10 websites for presentation images. Images form an important part of most visual presentations, with today's digital technology it is easy to take your own photos and quickly place them into a presentation document.

Top 10 websites for presentation images

However, there comes a time when we need images that are of a professional quality or images of people and locations that would cost too much time and money to justify taking ourselves. There is an abundance of online resources we can turn to, to find that perfect image for our presentation, and a good or bad image can make or break your presentation. You really don’t want to be walking into that important business meeting with a PowerPoint presentation full of snapshots hastily taken on your mobile phone.

Here are some of the best free and paid photo libraries around. 1. istockphoto One of the best stock photo libraries around for price verses quality. 2. gettyimages Expensive at £50 – £350 per image ($100 – $600) but has access to some of the best professional photography. 3. google image search 6. wikipedia sxc. 21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos. Photography has always been an integral part of design. Unfortunately, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing crappy stock images of people in suits shaking hands. Not only are a lot of these stock photos tacky, but they cost a lot of money!

Thankfully, there’s been a growing number of websites with beautiful stock photography popping up all over the web. Best of all, they’re free! In this post, we’ve curated a list of awesome websites for free stock photos. Quick Note About Licenses Many of these photographs are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. However, some photos may require attribution.

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Herbs, teas, health. Health. Blog tools. IATEFL Learning Technologies Online Conference Reviews. By Adi RajanSpeaker: Nik Peachey Nik Peachey: Learning a language online - How we can ensure quality?

IATEFL Learning Technologies Online Conference Reviews

Online learning and teaching are topics that often get discussed in terms of the challenges they pose. However, rarely do we get to hear robust solutions that respond to these challenges. In his talk on ensuring quality in online language learning, Nik Peachey presented challenges both from the perspectives of teachers and students and followed them up with some ways of mitigating them by sharing initiatives that he has supported or led at English Up, a 100% online school. With online learning, students face a range of challenges, including the double-edge of experience where poor previous online learning experience can affect their perception of the course they are taking.

It's interesting how the challenges faced by teachers mirror those of their learners, pivoting on the very same double-edged sword of experience. Nik placed the human element firmly at the heart of his solutions.


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