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Mobile Research: 20+ Mobile Apps. The workspace for your life’s work. Take Your Faves With You. Pocket. Learnist Educator Review. How Can Teachers Use It?

Learnist Educator Review

You can use Learnist to create boards of articles, images, video, and other media for a course, a particular novel, time period, math concept, or anything else to help students explore content (or even to provide them a launching pad for a larger project). Project the board on a screen and you can create a lesson around it. Students who have accounts can then add your lessons to their own boards, share them with friends, and organize them however they wish. You could even ask that students create a Learnist board instead of a bibliography for a research project, citing their sources visually as well as with text.

When they finish with assignments, kids can also create "fun" boards that you could also incorporate into class time, allowing them to share their hobbies and interests with the rest of the class (and maybe teaching a little something as well!). iSummary Lite: Summarize Articles, Scans and more! on the App Store. Apps. Bounce. Project Noah. Bring the World to Your Ears. Evernote. LiveBinders. Skitch. Wikiwand. Diigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more. Pearltrees - Organize all your interests - web pages, docs, PDF, notes, file manager.

Pearltrees - Organize anything. BioKIDS on the App Store. Museum Hunt on the App Store. ReadCube for Researchers. A Novel Idea. Mobile Devices for Cross-Context Inquiry in Formal and Informal Settings. EduClipper App. Super Research Idea Generator! on the App Store. Grafio - Diagrams and ideas.

Questia Research on the App Store. Questia Research - Android Apps on Google Play. On my Samsung Tab 2.0 10", the app cuts off the bottom part of every book page.

Questia Research - Android Apps on Google Play

This is the equivalent of taking a table saw and cutting off the bottom few inches of a book, then trying to read it. It's incomprehensible! I contacted customer service about it -- and they were useless. They told me I needed to put it in fullscreen mode -- which I did, and that didn't fix the problem. They also recommended I read the books/articles on my computer, meanwhile the reason I got this service to begin with, was so I could do research on-the-go on my tablet. Content Curation & Content Marketing Software. EduClipper App. Tackk - Create, connect + chat with friends. Canva.

Refme. EasyBib: Free Bibliography Generator - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles. Popplet. iPlanFieldTrips. Field Trip Factory provides free field trips and iPlanFieldTrips™ helps to plan and capture field trip reports on the go. iPlanFieldTrips™ is part of the iPlan Series.


This app provides a way of capturing cross-curricular field trips. Help students and teachers capture valuable information using text and/or voice**. If you are traveling on a field trip this app may be the perfect way to capture educational content for future review. Reports can be emailed and blogged to be shared at a later date. Tutorial 1 Add Field Trip - What, When, What we learned, recommendations? 2 Add Resources and/or Students 3 Add and Run Reports Introduction: iPlanFieldTrips™ Form Fields:Destination What we did? iPlanFieldTrips™ contains the following views: Calendar Define Field Trip Define Resource (book, etc...) **NOTE: All our apps support Voice Dictation with phones that support SIRI. Field Trips Blog We plan to take the kids to various museums this spring and summer.