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Better information. Better health. Verbal De-escalation Training—Calm Agitated Individuals in Your Care. CPI’s training programs focus on de-escalation techniques as a method of prevention.

Verbal De-escalation Training—Calm Agitated Individuals in Your Care

Communication is a key factor in the ability to de-escalate any situation. The following article was written specifically for law enforcement professionals, but professionals in any field can better prevent crises and benefit from verbal de-escalation training in their workplace by using the five keys to empathic listening, as well as the five ways to remain in control of any situation. Communication is the Key to Crisis De-Escalation by Jerilyn Dufresne A difficult and potentially dangerous situation for officers involves being called to a scene and engaging with a person who may be mentally ill. Although an officer's inclination may be to intervene immediately, that may not always be the best response.

How does an officer make the decision about how to treat that individual? CPI stresses the importance of listening with empathy, trying to understand where the person is coming from. Related Resources. Yoga and Pregnancy - Yoga Techniques for Pregnancy. Pregnancy is something most Women anticipate. It brings both fear and joy to parents, joy for finally having a baby and fear of the risk that goes with it. Pregnancy is the period from conception to birth. That is from the time when a male's sperm cell fertilizes the female's ovum (egg) to the time of delivery or a total of 40 weeks or 280 days. Some women go into labor before the expected date of giving birth, resulting to premature infant. Pregnancy Symptoms include missed Menstrual Period, morning sickness, tenderness and swelling of breasts, fatigue, nausea, increased frequency of urination, weight gain, mood swings, and sometimes may also include cravings for unusual substances such as ice, clay or cornstarch.

Pregnancy has a lot of risks, though these risks are always worth taking. First few months because it is during this period that the infant's most vital organs like the brain, internal organs, the arms and the legs are being formed. See related products in our Yoga Shop: DBT Self Help.


Helpguide helps you help yourself to better mental and emotional health. Stress - Topic Guide. Discovery Fit & Health : Health, Fitness and Wellness Advice. HOW DOES MARIJUANA AFFECT THE BRAIN? Biology 2022004 First Web Paper On Serendip Pot, weed, grass, ganja and skunk, are some of the common words used to describe the dried leaves drug known as marijuana.


Marijuana is a cannabis plant that is "usually smoked or eaten to entice euphoria. " (1). Throughout the years, there has been research on the negative and positive effects of marijuana on the human body and the brain. Marijuana is frequently beneficial to the treatment of AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain. However, researchers such as Jacques-Joseph Moreau have been working to explain how marijuana has harmful affects on the functions of central nervous system and hinders the memory and movement of the user's brain. Marijuana impinges on the central nervous system by attaching to brain's neurons and interfering with normal communication between the neurons.

When one's memory is affected by high dose of marijuana, short-term memory is the first to be triggered. Marijuana also impairs emotions. Positive Self Talk – More Words To Make You Feel Good. Feelin' Frazzled. 60 Ways to Become The Person You Love. Photo credit: Niffty.. Only the time and attention we give ourselves demonstrates how much we love and admire ourselves. Self love requires that we place ourselves at the top of our priority list. Self-nurturing is everything that makes us feel positive, happy and joyful. When we decide to honor ourselves with the love we need and deserve like the sun we radiate a glow, touching everything and everyone in our lives. Below are 60 ideas for glowing: 60. 59. 58. 57. 56. 55. 54. 53. 52. 50. 49. 48. 47. 46. 45. 44. 43. 42. 41. 40. 39. 38. 37. 36. 35. 34. 33.

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