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Launchpad. Elementary. Welcome to Jlime · Jlime. Installing Linux on the NEC MobilePro 900/c · Jlime. This is a simple guide for manually partitioning your Compact Flash card and installing JLime using a Linux desktop PC and a memory card reader.

Installing Linux on the NEC MobilePro 900/c · Jlime

It is recommended that you use this method if you can, since it yields better performance than partitionless installs. This tutorial is rather long because it describes every step meticulously accurately. So let's get started. What will you need to install JLime? NEC MobilePro 900/c a Compact Flash card of at least 128MB a Compact Flash reader (USB) a PC or Mac with any Linux distribution (you can use a LiveCD which can be run without installing it) with the cfdisk application (most likely it will be included in your distribution, but otherwise you will need to install it) about 45 minutes (hardcore Linux geeks about 10) of spare time and some patience. Arch Linux. BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution. The Universal Operating System.

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