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Occupy Wall Street

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FBI knew of plot to kill OWS activists, remained silent. Wearing V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes Masks Declared Illegal In Dubai. The evolution of the V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask from a clever element in a comic book and film to a meme and a global symbol of online and offline resistance has been quite remarkable.

Wearing V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes Masks Declared Illegal In Dubai

A highlight of that trend was earlier this year when MPs in the Polish parliament donned the masks in protest against ACTA, spurred on by massive street demonstrations against the treaty that had recently been held across Poland. Pussy Riot continue their fight against Vladimir Putin with new e-book. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, Maria Alekhina, 24, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30 were jailed for “hooliganism inciting religious hatred" for performing their song in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in February, which asked the Virgin Mary to help remove Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pussy Riot continue their fight against Vladimir Putin with new e-book

Russia's prime minister, Dmitri Medvedev, has recently called for their release. The cover of the new e-book A statement from the Feminist Press, publisher of the e-book, read: "As their trial unfolded, these young women became global feminist icons, garnering the attention and support of activists and artists around the world, including Madonna, Paul McCartney, and Sting, as well as contributors to this book: Yoko Ono, Johanna Fateman, Karen Finley, Justin Vivian Bond, Eileen Myles, and JD Samson. Anti-Austerity Protests In Spain And Portugal. Occupy Wall Street One Year Anniversary. Matt Taibbi: Libor Rate-Fixing Scandal "Biggest Insider Trading You Could Ever Imagine" This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: We end today’s show with Matt Taibbi. Startups Head to the Hill to Talk SOPA, PIPA, and STARTUP Act 2.0. Mogwai 'Earth Division' For 'Occupy This Album' (AUDIO) Thankfully, the Occupy Wall Street movement has moved past the drum circles as their main music genre and into a constructed, produced mix of everything.

Mogwai 'Earth Division' For 'Occupy This Album' (AUDIO)

On May 15, a four-disc, 99-song compilation, Occupy This Album, will be released via the organization Music for Occupy. Yesterday, a five-track teaser was uploaded, including "Earth Divison" a six-minute instrumental track by Mongwai. Mogwai's track, "Earth Division," is a meandering rock epic with a sound that goes right along with the epic movement Occupy Wall Street has become. The song is pretty characteristic of Mogwai's post-rock sound -- droning guitars and heavy bass drum slowly build into the massive climax at the end. Organizing For Occupation. Brooklyn Supreme Court More than 100 Occupy Wall Street-affiliated protesters invaded a courtroom inside the Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday afternoon in an effort to disrupt foreclosure auctions, the Brooklyn Paper reported.

Organizing For Occupation

Police arrested a total of 37 people, who received summonses for disorderly conduct. As previously reported, this is not the first time such a demonstration has happened. The reason for their gathering centered on their belief that foreclosures are unfair to homeowners. Media grows bored of Occupy. As evidenced by the lack of stories about the May Day general strike last week, the mainstream media’s interest in Occupy Wall Street has waned.

Media grows bored of Occupy

It’s a shame because, as a new report indicates, Occupy has been central to driving media stories about income inequality in America. Late last week, Radio Dispatch’s John Knefel compiled a report for media watchdog Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), which illustrates Occupy’s success: Media focus on the movement in the past half year, according to the report, has been almost directly proportional to the attention paid to income inequality and corporate greed by mainstream outlets. The Legal Intelligencer Blog: Twitter Contests Subpoena in Occupy Wall Street Case. By Gina F.

The Legal Intelligencer Blog: Twitter Contests Subpoena in Occupy Wall Street Case

RubelSpecial to the Legal Twitter has taken center stage in a battle royale over releasing tweets from an Occupy Wall Street protester last fall according to an article on Standing Up to The Richest Man on Earth - Dustin Slaughter. Why is an international coalition of activists and business interests taking on a respected university - and one of the most powerful men in the world?

Standing Up to The Richest Man on Earth - Dustin Slaughter

A protester outside George Washington University. Photo: Dustin Slaughter An honorable degree? “I am concerned that George Washington University – an American icon – is sending the wrong message to Mexicans wanting to come to this country to work hard and build a life,” Jeffrey Brewer, an Occupy D.C. Protester, says to me. “What are George Washington University's values? About 30 protesters (a mix of Occupy participants as well as members of a coalition called Two Countries, One Voice) are outside GW University posing this question to the institution on May 11th, 2012, while a handful meet with administrators inside. Occupy UNC holds 'alternative' commencement - Local/State. CHAPEL HILL — While Michael Bloomberg was speaking to tens of thousands of graduates and parents Sunday, a smaller celebration held by members of Occupy UNC-Chapel Hill sought to provide a different graduation experience – one they said was more real and less pretentious.

Occupy UNC holds 'alternative' commencement - Local/State

About 100 graduates, professors, parents and children turned out for the “Alternative Commencement” at Forest Theatre. Speakers shared their experiences with Occupy Wall Street and as life-long activists, and sought to provide courage to the graduates to live alternative lives. Charles Eisenstein, a teacher of health arts and sciences at Goddard College and author of “Sacred Economics,” criticized Bloomberg and other corporate and political leaders.

“Their version of success that is held up as normal is one that says life is a struggle of everybody against everybody else, and you have to sacrifice what makes your heart sing,” Eisenstein said. “But everything is changing. ... Occupy comes to Long Island - Long Island Political Buzz. The Occupy Movement, which sprung up last year, has returned with renewed force and restored vigor.

Occupy comes to Long Island - Long Island Political Buzz

The questions regarding the movement’s future that came with the winter slow-down of the protests have been answered; the movement is spreading. The Occupy protesters who began the movement because of the highly unequal distribution of wealth in the United States, corporate welfare and austerity measures hurting the social safety net, have spread out from Wall Street to Long Island. The Occupy Long Island movement has scheduled weekly Occupy events.

2 Occupy protesters ticketed in Lansing. Occupy Wallstreet and Police Human Torture. JPMorgan Chase loss draws crowd outside annual shareholders meeting in Tampa. Activity. Tom Morello, Outernational, others lead the charge (and sing-alongs) on Chicago’s NATO weekend  My Thoughts on the 99% Spring. Editors note: This was originally published here.

My Thoughts on the 99% Spring

Chicago, IL – I came to the event about 15 minutes late and I was worried I had missed the beginning. Luckily they didn’t begin until about 30 minutes after the announced time.