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Hot Celebrity Wallpaper. Albany NY NDAA Resolution Introduced That Will Use Force Against Feds … By Tim Brown. Many states have passed National Defense Authorization Act Nullification or are currently looking at legislation to do so to some extent or another.

Albany NY NDAA Resolution Introduced That Will Use Force Against Feds … By Tim Brown

The Last Chance to Stop the NDAA. The Supreme Court building.

The Last Chance to Stop the NDAA

(Photo: Mark Fischer)I and my fellow plaintiffs have begun the third and final round of our battle to get the courts to strike down a section of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that permits the military to seize U.S. citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military facilities. Carl Mayer and Bruce Afran, the lawyers who with me in January 2012 brought a lawsuit against President Barack Obama (Hedges v. Obama), are about to file papers asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear our appeal of a 2013 ruling on the act’s Section 1021. “First the terrorism-industrial complex assured Americans that they were only spying on foreigners, not U.S. citizens,” Mayer said to me recently. Last year we won round one: U.S. In July 2013 the appellate court, in round two, overturned Forrest’s ruling. This will be the standard tactic. Congress Rushing to Approve 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

December 14th, 2013 Reading the mainstream (official) press, one would believe that the NDAA is nothing more nefarious than a necessary replenishing of Pentagon funds.

Congress Rushing to Approve 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Readers of The New American know, however, there is much more than budget issues contained in the legislation. For two years, the NDAA included provisions that purported to authorize the president of the United States to deploy the U.S. military to apprehend and indefinitely detain any person (including an American citizen) who he believes “represent[s] an enduring security threat to the United States.” Such an immense grant of power is not only unconscionable, but unconstitutional, as well. Amazon Drones: Orwellian Mayhem? President Obama's proposed 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) calls for a general ban on drone attacks on American citizens.

Amazon Drones: Orwellian Mayhem?

On the December 1st telecast of 60 Minutes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled his grand vision for drone attacks on our porches and personal spaces. From a warehouse to your front door, goods delivered in record time with minimal hassle. What could possibly go wrong with that? Pretty much everything and here's why. First, consider the practical implications.

Guantanamo Cuba Prison NDAA

100 Million Patriots Standing. REX 84: FEMA'S BLUEPRINT FOR MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA The article that Jon was referring to: We are dangerously close to a situation where ~ if the American people took to the streets in righteous indignation or if there were another 9/11 ~ a mechanism for martial law could be quickly implemented and carried out under REX 84.

100 Million Patriots Standing

The Cheney/Bush administration has a plan which would accommodate the detention of large numbers of American citizens during times of emergency. The plan is called REX 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984. Through Rex-84 an undisclosed number of concentration camps were set in operation throughout the United States, for internment of dissidents and others potentially harmful to the state.


Warmonger. Topic: Should Obama be impeached for NDAA and Benghazi cover-up? Pro First I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate.

Topic: Should Obama be impeached for NDAA and Benghazi cover-up?

I hope this debate will shed light on some topics that hopefully effect people's views. Secondly I would like my opponent and the voters to know that I am not bashing the president, but he has severely screwed up, but to be fair I am going to say however signed this bill and helped the cover-up of Benghazi get impeached as well. Resolution: Barack Obama should be impeached over NDAA and Beghazi cover-up. Definition(s): As defined in merriam-websters dictionary. Blackout - News & Views. On the cover of the most recent book produced by Project Censored is a photo of protesting college students in California getting pepper sprayed by a cop.

Blackout - News & Views

The shot is framed in such a way that much of the focus is on the spectators holding their cell phone cameras up to capture images of the assault. In a way, the picture captures something essential about Project Censored: the idea that journalism can be pried from the grip of corporate media and democratized. That philosophy has driven the project since its launch at California's Sonoma State University in 1976. In the years since then, the nonprofit effort has grown to include contributors from around the world who submit stories they believe have been "underreported, ignored, misrepresented, or censored by the U.S. corporate media," as the project's website words it. But discerning what's credible and what's not is perhaps more difficult than ever. It is not a foolproof process. Sen. Ayotte praised for helping keep taxpayer money from the Taliban.

Fighting Back Against the NDAA - Los Angeles LA. By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter.

Fighting Back Against the NDAA - Los Angeles LA

Nov 7, 2012 at 5:00 PM PDT The President signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) under the radar late on New Years Eve of 2011. The new law takes away American basic constitutional rights. Texas Bills Would Nullify NDAA's Indefinite Detention, TSA's Intrusive Screening. State lawmakers in Texas are fighting to reassert their citizens’ Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendment rights.

Texas Bills Would Nullify NDAA's Indefinite Detention, TSA's Intrusive Screening

Republican legislators have submitted two bills, one to remove the indefinite detention provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and the other to stop the intrusive screening procedures of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). HB149, the Texas Liberty Preservation Act filed by state Rep. Rand Paul single-handedly tries to stop NDAA. Turncoat Glenn Beck Exposed as Obama Agent Globalist Tool Glenn Beck Sells Out Humanity FAKE Obamacare Website Creates Illusion Of Successful Signups FCC To Axe-Murder Net Neutrality BUSTED!

Rand Paul single-handedly tries to stop NDAA

Establishment Media Caught Faking News MSNBC Host Was An FBI Protected Drug Dealer. Ron Paul - Rise For Liberty - Stop CISPA, NDAA, Patriot Act, TSA. NDAA 2013: Let's Identify The Traitors to The US Constitution. Eric BlairActivist Post By now anyone who pays attention to politics knows that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 contained a provision that allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without charge or trial. Section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA states that anyone suspected of being involved in terrorism or “belligerent acts” against the U.S. can be detained by the military under the so-called Authorization for Use of Military Force, including American citizens.

In other words, the war on terror has been officially declared on U.S. soil and everyone is now considered a potential combatant in this war. People Of America BEWARE!! National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

NDAA Equipment PO#

Colorado Senator Bennet Refuses to Answer Questions About the NDAA. I have rarely been as concerned for the future of freedom and our Constitution as I have been since the passage last December of S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012. I have rarely felt more frustrated with a politician than I am with Colorado Senator Michael Bennet (D) for responding to concerns about NDAA with nothing but disinformation and silence. People with expertise in this area have voiced grave concerns about provisions of NDAA, particularly in Section 1031, which allow the government to arrest and indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without charge or due process based on mere suspicions about their support for terrorism or terrorist organizations. Concerns about provisions so antithetical to the Constitution would be warranted any time. So, I contacted Senator Bennet’s office in mid-December, 2011 asking him to explain his support for S. 1867 and to clarify concerns about S. 1867 viz-a-viz the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. 61. 62.

Message Boards - "WTH is THIS?!?????! (CSPAN Footage: Bill HR8791 - Bill S1867 and the NDAA)" - NSBR Board - Two Peas In A Bucket. Coalition Urges President to Veto NDAA If It Extends Guantánamo Transfer Restrictions. November 27, 2012 Human Rights, Religious, and Civil Liberties Groups Ask Obama to Keep His Promise to Close Guantánamo Prison FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: (212) 549-2666;

Ndaa weapons cocked ready

The Politics Of Crime. NDAA Indefinite Detention Opponents File Supreme Court Emergency Motion. Opponents of the post-9/11 use of indefinite military detention have filed an emergency motion with the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking to block a law they say allows innocent American citizens to be locked away without trial. The motion, submitted on Wednesday, asks the Supreme Court to reinstate an injunction against a key portion of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Unless the court does so, the motion argues, Americans are "in actual and imminent danger of losing their core First Amendment rights and fundamental Equal Protection liberties.

" Since January, former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and other activists have been waging a legal battle against the U.S. government, arguing that the NDAA gives the military far too much leeway to imprison journalists or activists on vague accusations of supporting terrorism.

Now the activists have taken their fight to block military detention to the Supreme Court. Administration Statement of Policy on Senate NDAA Bill. NDAA 2013: White House and Senate fight over indefinite detention. A reprise of last year’s war in Washington over whether or not Americans can be indefinitely detained without trial is occurring already. Critics contend ‘Feinstein Amendment’ cannot adequately protect due process - Tampa Bay Libertarian. A Response to Senator Lee on Indefinite Detention. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has issued a press release lauding the Feinstein Amendment passed late last week. The Codification of Tyranny: US Government Can Still “Black Bag” Any American.

By Travis Holte. Feinstein amendment doubles down on NDAA's assault on constitutional rights. Michigan Bars NDAA Indefinite Detention. ">Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images The Michigan House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill today that would prevent any state cooperation with federal agents attempting to detain people without due process in Michigan, The Tenth Amendment Center reports. NDAA Double Cross. 1, December 9, 2012 by jonathanturley Respectfully submitted by Lawrence E. Cutting Through the Controversy About Indefinite Detention and the NDAA. A detainee stands at a fence inside the detention center in September 2010 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Obama appeals decision to block indefinite detention power. Washington - The Obama administration appealed a judge's decision to block a law allowing indefinite detention less than a day after the decision was made. The law gives the government power to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without trial. Judge Katherine Forrest ruled in New York last Wednesday ( Sept. 12 ) that the law violates the U.S. constitution. Bill S-1867, NDAA, Sections 1031 & 1032 – Back in the News. Judge Blocks Portion of NDAA.

NDAA Ruling. NDAA Is Declared Null & Void: U.S. Federal Judge To Treasonists Obama & McCain’s Citizen Detention Scheme ~ I Said NO! Patriot or Threat to National Security. NDAA and the Constitution. Historic NDAA Battle Underway: TV Networks Silent. NDAA Contitutionality Currently Being Challenged in Washington Amid Total MSM News Blackout on Critical Constitutional Issue of Imprisonment without Charges or Trial (August 11, 2012) Fight Over NDAA's Police-State Provisions Continues in Court.

NDAA Obama

The Freedom 7 Are Beating Obama in Court by Kelley B. Vlahos. America, the battlefield. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) - IO. Reemployment of Retirees: Six Agencies' Use of Dual Compensation Waiver Authority is Limited. Patriot Award: Denisa Jashari. DAVID SEAMAN: The End Of America As We Know It? A Slick Trick on the NDAA and Indefinite Detention; Don't Be Fooled! Rick Allen on 2012 NDAA. The spectacle of democracy in the US. National Defense Authorization Act. Corporate Media Silent On Lawuit Over NDAA Being Used To Silence Journalists : Daniel Ellsberg and NDAA and detention. The Libertarian Patriot: TLP Quik Hits: NDAA Nullification Passes Arizona House Committee. Tea Party, Occupy March Against NDAA. Nullification vs NDAA, Drones and more. Tenther News 07-31-12. The US Government's Judicial Assault on Fundamental Political Rights.

Obama fights ban on indefinite detention of Americans. NDAA Suit Argued In Federal Court Yesterday. Obama not happy that Judge has ruled against him on NDAA detention provision - 24 Hour Patriots ... we never sleep! Tangerine Bolen ~ US Attorneys Refuse To Assure Judge That They Are Not Already Detaining Citizens Under NDAA. National Defense Authorization Act defies Constitutional right of habeas corpus. Barack Obama’s performance on civil liberties called a ‘disaster’

After Latest NDAA Challenge Hearing, Thoughts on the Criminalization of Dissent. Stop the NDAA! Kucinich: NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran. Contribute now to help us beat indefinite detention. Anonymous attacking creators of indefinite detention bill. Udall wants to undo indefinite detention. Video: Former NSA official admits gov't collects most U.S. emails.

Getting Iranian Oil Sanctions Right. Naomi Wolf: Four Alarm Alert. The End Of America As We Know It? National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010. Space export control reform: the different schools of thought and a proposed way forward. Senate Debate on FY2012 Defense Authorization Act: Excerpts on Detention, Interrogation. Satellite Industry Association Applauds Administration's Interim Assessment of Satellite Export Control Policy. Satellite Industry Association (SIA)... Regulation Reformation (SatCom. 2647 (111th): National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010. 112th Congress (2011-2012. National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2012. US Congress: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 - 7-23-09. 111-84, The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010. National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2010 Public.

Space Politics » Export control reform followup.