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Online Term Insurance Plan - Buy SBI Life eShield Pure Term Policy. भारतातील एसबीआय जीवन विमा योजना Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has been receiving complaints, through email/letters and in its Integrated Grievance Management System, from members of public informing the Authority that they are receiving spurious calls from unidentified persons: Claiming to be representatives of IRDA and offering insurance policies of different insurance companies with various benefits.

भारतातील एसबीआय जीवन विमा योजना

Claiming that IRDA is distributing bonus to insurance policy holders out of the funds invested by insurance companies with IRDA. Claiming that the policyholder would receive bonuses being distributed by IRDA if they purchase an insurance policy and wait for a few months after which the bonus would be released by IRDA. Advising customers to subscribe to fresh policy after surrender of the existing policy and wait for a few months after which the fresh policy would be entitled for additional enhanced returns / benefits. IRDA does not invest the premium received by insurance companies. SBI Life Insurance Plans in India. 5 Natural Ways to Trigger Labor. It is best to let Mother Nature decide on the arrival of your baby.

5 Natural Ways to Trigger Labor

However, if you’ve moved past the due date for delivery, it might leave you impatient and worried. In fact, bodily discomfort, like pain, start becoming unbearable. Plus, it could harm the baby too, even leading to neurological disorders at times. So, at this point, a little external nudge to induce labor can be useful. There are ample safe and scientific ways that help increase the chances of delivery. However, no technique alone can guarantee 100% success. 1. Yes, it might be difficult to have sex when you are over 40 weeks pregnant. 2. This can increase the chances of going into labor within 72 hours. 3. If you do not have medical reasons that restrict activity, make sure to walk regularly. A Simple Guide on IVF Medications. Medication forms a crucial part of the IVF or In-vitro fertilisation procedure, a type of assisted reproductive technology widely being used for infertility treatment.

A Simple Guide on IVF Medications

Originally introduced to treat women with non-functional fallopian tubes, the technique is now used to treat infertility due to several factors including endometriosis, immunologic factors or any other reason.The IVF treatment involves several steps like the stimulation of the ovaries, ovulation induction followed by collection of oocytes, fertilisation of the ovaries with the sperm and lastly the transfer of the fertilised oocytes to the uterus for implantation and maturation. Each stage is very important and needs to be controlled via medicines.

Coping with Male Factor Infertility: Here's How. Health Line: 5 Must Have Foods After an Embryo Transfer. Embryo transfer is an important part of the in vitro fertilisation process, a highly popular option for women who are finding it difficult to become pregnant and have a biological baby.

Health Line: 5 Must Have Foods After an Embryo Transfer

The IVF process involves stimulation of the ovaries to produce eggs that are fertilised with sperm to have an embryo. This is followed by the transfer of the embryo to the uterus for it to result into pregnancy. Since the whole process of IVF and its three stages can be quite stressful, adequate focus is required on eating nutritious and healthy food. Specialists at the best IVF centre in Hyderabad recommend eating a plant-based diet with a lot of colourful items. The Mediterranean diet that is rich in plant based foods is known to have a positive impact on the overall health of both men and women and may even improve the IVF success rate amongst women.

Relation between Nutrition and Fertility Nutrition plays an important role in enhancing the reproductive efficiency of a person. How to Prepare Your Child for an Open Heart Surgery. Regardless of your age or experience, an open heart surgery can be intimidating.

How to Prepare Your Child for an Open Heart Surgery

And if it is a pediatric surgery, both the child and the parents could be stressed. The good news is that highly trained child heart specialists, along with world-class technology, ensure a comprehensive care plan. Unmatched expertise is combined with personalized treatment for optimal results. However, a child might require help to cope with the process. This will have them feeling relaxed and confident, which can aid in quick recovery. Remind Them of Home Top cardiac hospitals are designed with soothing hues and ambient lighting.

Tell Them What to Expect Prior knowledge of the procedure can prevent surprises. Ensure Proper Reassurance The child must know that hospital stay and surgery is no punishment. Give Them a Hospital Tour Consider walking them through the hospital complex. Pre-Surgery Activities.