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Apply for Life Insurance Policy in India

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Child Education Policy: How to Plan for the Inflationary Costs? Many parents are worried about the rising cost of education in India. They stretch out their budget to meet the expenses, but that doesn’t end here. They realised they would need to plan well in advance for their child’s higher education, or the fees will be too excessive considering the rampant education inflation.

Corona Insurance in India: Why do you need one? - Anything & Everything For You The year 2020 will be reminisced as a critical time in history. Now, the year has gone by, and the pandemic is still looming around the world. We have eventually evolved from being tremendously afraid of the unknown to now learning how to live with the uncertainties. This is the new normal as we all experience today. On the surface of everything, it may seem like things are slowly returning to normalcy, but the ground reality is extremely different. In India, cases are still more and more increasing.

When Should You Buy an Endowment Policy? Endowment policies are life insurance plans which fulfil dual objectives. It offers financial security to the policyholder and family, as well as creates a risk-free savings corpus for the long term. This corpus is created through simple reversionary bonuses provided throughout the policy term. The life cover could extend for up to 30 years or whole life, based on the policy holder’s needs. If you avail of an endowment plan, you will be able to save for a time period and then receive a lump-sum pay-out on maturity; provided you survive the policy term. This amount can be used to fund future expenses like child education, marriage, or retirement plans.Who Should Buy an Endowment Policy? Term Plan in 2020: How to Get One with the Lowest Premium? Having a term insurance policy is a must for everyone. However, it is a win-win situation if you get the right type of term insurance plan at a low-cost. While purchasing the best term insurance plan in India, the plan you choose might be ‘cheaper’ but not really be what you want.

Cancer Insurance Plan - Buy Online SBI Life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha Policy On diagnosis of cancer: Sum Assured Reset Benefit: On completion of 3 years from the date of valid Minor or Major Cancer claim within the policy term, and subject to no further diagnosis of Cancer during the same period, the full Sum Assured will be restored provided the life assured had undergone medically necessary treatment for previous cancer(s). This benefit is not applicable to those with previous valid Advanced Cancer claim as the policy would terminate on Advanced Stage Cancer claim. Medical Second Opinion: A service which enables life assured, to receive second opinion of their diagnosis and treatment plans by another doctor. This service would be provided on the diagnosis of cancer and CIS only, provided the policy is in-force.

5 Different Types of Pao to Savour in Mumbai The piping hot deep-fried Pao has ingrained itself into Mumbai’s local culture. From the white-collared denizens to the roadside labours, every local happily savours the delicacy. There has been an insane number of variants that have become quintessential snacks of the city.

Ptosis in children: Causes and symptoms In the early stages of your child’s life, one should always be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that could indicate something is wrong. One of these signs in infants and children is when the upper eyelid is lower than it should be. This may be seen in one of the eyes of even both of them. Eyelid drooping occurring at birth or within the first year is called Congenital Ptosis. Lets’ understand what Ptosis is and why is it important to go for regular check-ups with a pediatric ophthalmologist in Chennai.

Why Plagiarism in Spanish is Rampant - Anything & Everything For You Spanish is known as the language of love. It is one of the most beautiful languages, in terms of accent, and can be learned easily. Further, with 400 million native speakers, it is second most widely spoken language across the globe. Owing to these facts, authors and students often refer to Spanish literature or use supporting materials in their work. This increases the odds of plagiarism in Spanish in both print and electronic formats. How to maximize natural foods for kids It is natural for the kids to prefer snacks and packed foods. They normally tend to avoid the healthy options of food or eat less amount of home-prepared meals. This often leads the parents to worry about their children’s health and nutritional needs.

5 Signs You Might Have Breast Cancer One of the most commonly diagnosed cancers among women is breast cancer. In fact, 2.1 million women are impacted by breast cancer each year, according to data provided by the World Health Organization. Of these, it is estimated that 627,000 women die from the disease each year. But there is a way to lower mortality rate – through early detection. And for early detection, it is vital that you know the signs of breast cancer. Plagiarism Checker in Hindi: Free Tool or Paid? Hindi, one of the official languages of India, is a widely spoken in other nations as well. It is also a common dialect in a few adjacent countries, like Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Most official works, business documentation and educational activities are often conducted in Hindi. It is taught as a second language in English medium schools in North India too. Therefore, being a dominant language, there are high chances of duplicate articles and other types of content being submitted. So, a plagiarism checker in Hindi is a must to discourage plagiarism and ensure original content.

3 Top Labor Complications and How to Manage Them Roughly 15% of all pregnant women develop potentially life-threatening complications. Further, the labor phase also comes with certain complications. These include looped umbilical cord, amniotic cavity issues, pernineal lacerations and water breaking earlier than due. However, the good is that these rarely have severe impact on the mother or the baby. In the hands of the best gynaecologist, such as those in South Delhi, the problems can be effectively managed with special attention and care.