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2 sweets to prepare with your kids. In India, people do not wait for any festivals to relish the sweets and children especially want to have sweets all day long if they can.

2 sweets to prepare with your kids

Apart from enjoying eating them, kids also want to enjoy making sweets. However, not all sweets have easy and child-friendly recipes. Not to worry, there are some sweets you can prepare with your kids during this lockdown time. It will not only help them spend time but also give you some quality time with your kids. Let’s see two super-easy recipes for yummy brownies and chocolate, which kids of all ages love.

How to make easy brownies? Searching for a tasty and easy brownie recipe? Ingredients you will need for a brownies recipe Walnut chopped - ½ cupNestlé MILKMAID - ½ tin/ 200 gmEggs - 2Vanilla essence - 2 tablespoonFull cream milk - ½ cup milkPowdered sugar - 75 gmMilk - 75 mlMaida - 125gmButter - 125gmCocoa powder - 50 gmBaking powder - 1 tablespoon. Casa Paradise Resort in Vadodara. Stunning Facts About Thi Lo Su Waterfall. Thailand’s massive and iconic Thi Lo Su waterfall stretches over the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary forest in the country whose water cascades from a height of 250 meters.

Stunning Facts About Thi Lo Su Waterfall

The enthralling waterfall has been measured to be taller than the Niagara Falls and is looked upon as the largest and most sought-after Thailand’s tourist destinations. The waterfall is captivating for myriad reasons including its massive-stretch of the waterfall which can only be captured by an aerial photo. Marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the world, the waterfall deserves to be witnessed by tourists before they book their Bangkok to Delhi flights. Amazing facts about the Thi Lo Su Waterfall to peak your excitement: Thi Lo Su is connected with three major national parks and forests Thi Lo Su waterfall is based in the Tak Province in the northern part of Thailand and is connects with three important national parks and virgin forests namely:

3 Famous Indian Halwa Recipes. Share0 Halwa is quite popular and loved by everyone,irrespective of what age we are at.

3 Famous Indian Halwa Recipes

Several varieties of halwaare available throughout India. The three most famous halwa recipes are given below.And by using condensed milk products,you can make themquicker, healthier and tastier. Moong Dal Halwa Recipe. Rules tourists must follow in Goa post-pandemic. Goa has been a favourite tourist destination for tourists for many years.

Rules tourists must follow in Goa post-pandemic

It is that place where people go to have fun. Not just enjoy the beach and the sun, a lot of people go there to party at the beach and enjoy the best seafood. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are asked to follow social distancing. Practicing social distancing will hamper the feel of throwing parties. However, following rules is a must and it is good to see that people are doing so. The following are the new rules that people need to follow in Goa: Why Sri Lanka is the favourite solo-trip destination for Indians. Not just for Indians, but for the entire world, Sri Lanka is among the popular tourist destinations.

Why Sri Lanka is the favourite solo-trip destination for Indians

It is a great tourist destination with a lot to offer to its visitors. This island nation is not only beautiful with several picturesque landscapes but also heritage and cultural sites. For Indians, it is suitable because it is very close to India and the culture is similar to India. For solo Indian travellers, Sri Lanka is a must-visit, and the return tickets of flights from Colombo to Delhi are also not expensive.Following are the spots that make Sri Lanka a favourite solo trip destination for Indians:Climbing Sigiriya: This site is one of the seven UNESCO world heritage sites that date back to the fifth century AD. The atmosphere here is very spiritual and mind refreshing. 6 benefits of mutual fund investment. Mutual funds are an idea that represents the famous saying ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.

6 benefits of mutual fund investment

The objective of mutual funds is to diversify your investments, thus making sure you don’t face huge losses from single security. Spreading your investment across various securities will help in minimising colossal damages and promotes speedy recovery. Mutual funds offer manifold benefits. Some of them can be found here: 1. One of the perks of investing in mutual funds is tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 2. What to Expect from Your First Pregnancy Ultrasound. The initial pregnancy ultrasound is special.

What to Expect from Your First Pregnancy Ultrasound

It offers the first close-up glimpse of the baby and the sound of its heart beats. You can also know about number of foetuses, fetal growth, due date and anomalies related to the uterus or ovary. It is usually performed around 9th to 12th week into pregnancy. In general, 98 out of 100 women deliver healthy children, but ultrasound exams are still quite crucial to rule out problems and confirm the viability of the pregnancy.

5 Financial Planning Lessons for Millennials in this COVID-19 Pandemic. Millennials are doing all the right things with their money, thanks to growing awareness about investing and financial planning.

5 Financial Planning Lessons for Millennials in this COVID-19 Pandemic

In fact, 63% of them are actively saving, and 59% feel they are financially sound, according to official data. They take risks and are not afraid to do things differently from the generations before them. The current crisis is helping them gain a fresh perspective on budgeting and financial planning. IFT World. Level II Continue your CFA® Program exam preparation with the most popular prep videos on the internet!

IFT World

IFT videos are amazingly comprehensible. Students love the way Arif Irfanullah explains concepts. IFT World - Welcome to the IFT Learning Portal. Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician. When it comes to child care, the presence of a pediatrician is crucial.

Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

Children below 5 years are vulnerable to diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia, which can be managed with antibiotics and timely health care, according to an article on UNICEF. Thus, regular check-ups, proper diet, completing vaccination schedules and monitoring infant growth for developmental milestones are unavoidable. What to Carry on a Business Trip to Mumbai? The financial capital of India is also the “City of Dreams,” for India’s aspiring youth, with thousands of people flocking to Mumbai in search of better career prospects and a good life.

It is one of the wealthiest cities of the world and offers countless opportunities to people from all across the country. How to Prepare Your Home for the Monsoon Season. The monsoon season in India is a boon for many. Farmers across country get the water needed for a great harvest. The rains give a respite from the soaring temperatures, which can reach 50°C in some parts of the country. And you can even get to spot some magnificent peacocks dancing. But the rains can also be excessive at times. It is common to hear about water logging across the country, be it Mumbai or Delhi, during the monsoon. Buy Organic Search Traffic From Google SERP Query. Symptoms and Treatment of Uterine Fibroids. Commonly known as uterine myomas or fibromyomas, fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow in or around the uterus. Approximately, 70% women have one or more fibroids by the time they turn 50, according to an article on National Center For Biotechnology Information.

You are most likely to experience pelvic pain during sex or menstruation. It could also result in excessive blood loss. In most cases, an MRI is done to determine the size and location of the uterine fibroids. It is important to have adequate knowledge about the condition to receive timely treatment and prevent long term physical and economical consequences. 5 simple ways to get rid of muscle pain at home. You might feel the pain when you have pushed your body a little too much, resulting in some tissue damage. You might have overdone it at the gym, worked too hard to clean your house, or pulled some stunt that you have never practiced. This might make your muscles sore and stiff. Muscle pain is often the result of microscopic tears and can be relieved at home with some popular and effective remedies.

How To Spot And Treat A Hernia In Your Child. A hernia happens when a part of an organ or tissue in the body thrusts through an opening in a muscle wall. This protrusion often looks like a bulge or a lump. Hernias are common in children. In fact, hernia rectification is one of the most common surgeries performed on children. How to stay away from joint pain. “Health is wealth” we all have heard this often while growing up. 5 tips on using a condom. Sex is the most effective way of getting rid of stress and feeling relaxed. But it can also become the reason for your stress and panic. How to Choose Hand Wash for Sensitive Skin. 5 Steps You Shouldn’t Miss In Your Retirement Planning. The word retirement might make you feel old, but many youngsters are planning years for a happy and luxurious life, post-retirement. 3 Yummy Paneer Recipes for Children. Paneer is an element of heaven to almost everyone, especially vegetarians.

Besides being tasty and associated with some mouth-watering recipes, paneer is rich in calcium and protein. Also termed as cottage cheese, with this food item, you can prepare some amazing recipes for children. 5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Labor And Pregnancy. Pregnancy and the anticipation of labor can be as full of anxiety, as it is of excitement. It" only natural for women to require additional help and support figuring out the emotional volatility that pregnancy is filled with. All You Need to Know About Paediatric Cardiac Surgery.

Congenital heart defects in children are not very rare. An article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in November 2011, cited a study of worldwide 24,091,867 births, and CHD was identified in 164,396 individuals. Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe from Coronavirus. Individuals up to the age of 18 have a relatively low or rare infection rate. Tips to managing mutual fund investment during the lockdown. Mutual Fund Investments can be made through either the SIP route or a lump sum plan. Investors with large capital generally opt for, a lump sum plan while the systematic investment plans in mutual funds came as a revolution for the middle class investors in the Indian stock markets. While the current market corrections of the overpriced shares since February have overwhelmed the investor confidence, the SARS CoV-2 that has led to a global lockdown, let alone, lockdown in India; is a new and unprecedented challenge for the economy as a whole.

It is a matter of concern to contain the volatility of markets and hence, restore the faith of middle class investors in fund managers. All the stakeholders from SEBI to the top mutual fund houses are working tirelessly in this regard. PGS & PGD Test: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis & Screening. Best Maternity Hospital for Normal & Painless Delivery. 5 Things You Must Include in Your Financial Plan. 5 Trending Technology Courses In India. 5 Stunning Churches in Goa for a Spiritual Escape. What You Need to Know About Clubbed Foot. Why is a Quadruple Test Important During Pregnancy? MG ZS – the first electric vehicle by MG Motor is SMART! – Click At Info. Benefits Of Opting For A Hotel Near Mumbai Airport. Online Video Consultations - Hello Doctor by Rainbow Children’s Hospital. 5 best investment tips for women.

What First Time Parents Need to Know About Taking Care of a Baby. How to recharge Airtel net pack. Comparing 3 best DTH plans by Airtel. Trending Bhojpuri songs to dance to. How to recharge DTH online. 5 Guidelines for a healthy diet for kids. Home loan benefits for women. Smart Investment Choices for Tax Saving. Top 5 colleges to pursue Computer Science Engineering. 4 Reasons to Do a Digital Marketing Course. 6 Must Visit Museums in Colombo.

How to watch Airtel Xstream for free? Four attractive features of Airtel prepaid plans. How to Make Travel Easier with Kids. Why you shouldn’t ignore Type 2 Diabetes. 6 Ways to Keep Away Type 2 Diabetes. The Best Gift to Give to Your Parents. How are low duration funds essential for your portfolio? 6 Most Unique Things to Do in Kolkata. 6 Things to Do When You Find Out You Are Pregnant. Top 7 Best Bollywood Dance Songs for Parties. Get Ready To Rock in Your Stylish Bikini. 5 Incredible Places to Visit in Bagdogra. How to use a diet chart efficiently for kids. How to select the right liquid mutual funds? Understanding the Difference between SIP and FD. Benefits of regular exercise while you are trying to conceive. Most Famous D2h Recharge Offers by Videocon. Hair Removal Creams: Buy Veet Hair Remover Creams Online for Women.

A Relaxing Getaway From Hectic Life At Sajan Nature Club. Tips for planing a solo trip in India. Significant features of ELSS plans every investor should know. Tips for Couples Planning Their Wedding. How to create a balanced diet chart for 10-year-olds. 5 Traditional Indian sweet snacks for kids. Factors to Consider If You Have Trouble Conceiving. 5 greatest Bollywood romantic songs to enjoy with your bae. PCOS - how to manage this growing lifestyle disorder.

Know the benefits reaped from an SIP. Galvanized Wire Price in India - Systematic Ltd. The 5 Most Extraordinary Hollywood Movies that You Must Watch. एसबीआई लाइफ - सम्पूर्ण कैंसर सुरक्षा Looking for long-term investment plans? ULIP plans can be your best option! 3 Simplest ways to recharge your Airtel TV today. Ultimate Bangkok travel guide: From flight booking to sight-seeing. Horror Movies and Shows to Avoid When You’re Home Alone! 5 Ways to Secure Your Child's Future. 6 Tips to Become a Savvy Home Buyer. 6 Tips To Prevent Diseases & Stay Healthy. Top 4 trending automatic SUVs India. Buy Airtel Prepaid Sim in Delhi NCR with Exclusive Offers. How to treat an adductor strain. 3 Foods for toddlers that are an absolute must. Here's Everything You Need To Know About SIP. Your child’s dreams and you: Protecting your child with insurance. 3 Reasons India has a Higher Number of Cancer Incidences. Bike Comparison of the Year. 5 Timeless Home decor Ideas.

A Beginner's Guide To Balanced Fund. How to nurture your child's interest in Dance. What is Forex and What is it used for? Motor Insurance A must for every car owner.