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5 Tips to Attract Good Tenants To Your Rental Property? The best way to attract good tenants to your rental property is to make it modern, more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

5 Tips to Attract Good Tenants To Your Rental Property?

With some proper renovation, you can boost the value of the property and make profits by selling it. But how to finance this project? Apply for a home improvement loan at a lending bank offering low interest rates. The best banks offer up to ₹5 crore loan amount. They also have easy home loan eligibility criteria for a home renovation loan so you can produce some basic documents only. To determine the loan amount, you need to decide on the kinds of renovation that you would finance using the loan. Install Some Smart Appliances Consider installing a few smart appliances to make the everyday life of your tenant simple.

Improve the Lighting of the Interiors Rectangular fluorescent lights or even fan-light kits are not good enough to impress a potential tenant. How to invest successfully in ELSS. What is an ELSS fund?

How to invest successfully in ELSS

ELSS funds or Equity Linked Saving Scheme is a kind of investment in which a bigger proportion of your investment is given to equity or any other instrument related to equity. The ELSS funds help you save so much tax from your annual income and thus is also known as a tax saving scheme. You can invest up to Rs. 1.5 lakh and can exempt up to Rs. 46,800 from your overall taxable income once a year. These ELSS funds come with a maturity period of 3 years which means you will have no access to your investment for the lock-in period of 3 years.

The return that you will earn through the ELSS fund scheme is taxable at 10% if your income is above 1 lakh. Mutual funds - Investment funds of millennials. What are mutual funds?

Mutual funds - Investment funds of millennials

Mutual funds are a kind of investment scheme that is managed professionally by an asset management firm. The firm brings together a few people to invest their money in bonds, stocks, securities, etc. Top 5 Advantages of Liquid Funds in India. Liquid funds are a kind of mutual fund scheme.

Top 5 Advantages of Liquid Funds in India

They invest their corpus in financial tools like commercial paper, treasury bills, bank fixed deposits and other debt securities that have maturities up to 90 days. Since these funds do not come with a lock-in period, the assets which are invested aren't tied up for long. So, liquid funds are usually open-ended debt funds. A low fee is charged to manage cash in these funds. This is the expense ratio. Child Plans: How Parents Can Secure Their Child’s Financial Future. Parental responsibilities begin well before children are born, and they last for as long as the bond exists.

Child Plans: How Parents Can Secure Their Child’s Financial Future

Every parent wants to ensure that they are doing the best they can for their kids. This includes securing the children financially to help them achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams. Today, a child policy is one of the simplest long-term ways of offering financial support to your child and their ambitions. Some parents may think that they can do without a child plan and simply save through traditional means. However, traditional savings may not serve the purpose as effectively as child plans can. भारत में लाइफ इन्शुरेंस प्लैन के लिए आवेदन करें - एसबीआय लाइफ. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has been receiving complaints, through email/letters and in its Integrated Grievance Management System, from members of public informing the Authority that they are receiving spurious calls from unidentified persons: Claiming to be representatives of IRDA and offering insurance policies of different insurance companies with various benefits.

भारत में लाइफ इन्शुरेंस प्लैन के लिए आवेदन करें - एसबीआय लाइफ

Claiming that IRDA is distributing bonus to insurance policy holders out of the funds invested by insurance companies with IRDA. Claiming that the policyholder would receive bonuses being distributed by IRDA if they purchase an insurance policy and wait for a few months after which the bonus would be released by IRDA. Advising customers to subscribe to fresh policy after surrender of the existing policy and wait for a few months after which the fresh policy would be entitled for additional enhanced returns / benefits. IRDA does not invest the premium received by insurance companies. What Is a Retirement Plan Calculator And How To Use It. The increasing number of nuclear families in India suggests a joint family system in which all members look after one another's financial and other basic needs is on the decline.

What Is a Retirement Plan Calculator And How To Use It

Today, It is critical to plan for your future to meet the needs of your dependent family members on your own. Retirement planning has so become a requirement during your working age. But how can you know if a certain specific sum is enough to cover your post-retirement expenses? A retirement planning calculator might be a helpful utility tool in this situation. What Is a Retirement Planning Calculator? Ujjivan Small Finance Bank - Better Banking. Better Living. Godrej Home Lockers Tijori Buy Home Security Lockers Online at Godrej. Godrej Home Cameras: Buy Best Home Camera Online in India. Temporary Staffing Services.

Characterised with stringent legislation, fluctuating demand, a paucity of employable talent and market unpredictability, the modern business landscape offers a convincing rationale to employ a contract workforce in the business.

Temporary Staffing Services

You may not want to compromise on profits when you can adopt a ‘just-in-time’ strategy to bring the best workforce on-board using a contract staffing approach. With our cutting-edge contract staffing services, you can have all in one shot: An agile, smart, specialised, job-ready and cost-effective group of contract associates. WEAVINGS is one of the fastest growing contract staffing agency in India with an innovative outlook to offer functional and numerical flexibility to the client organisations by enabling them to remain productive with a contractual staff.

We empower you to cope with adverse externalities while you can focus on your core competency without worrying about the staffing shortage. Manpower Solutions & Staffing Company in India. Best Recruitment Company in Mumbai. +91-22- 49054549 Quick Enquiry Permanent Staffing Services in Mumbai Weavings Manpower Solutions: Your Partner in Success We understand the intricacies of permanent staffing like no other.

Best Recruitment Company in Mumbai

We have invested years in perfecting the art of matching the client's needs with the best workforce across industries. MyFIRST Partner – Refer Personal Loan & Earn. Boost your income with MyFIRST Partner App This personal loan referral app (पर्सनल लोन ऐप) offers the best financial affiliate program.

MyFIRST Partner – Refer Personal Loan & Earn

Earn ₹50,000 p/m and more on every loan referral without investment. (बिना निवेश के ₹50,000 प्रति माह और अधिक कमाएं) You also get the opportunity to work with a large bank. (एक बड़े बैंक के साथ काम करने का अवसर)Refer anybody for a personal loan from IDFC FIRST Bank and earn rewards. Step- by- step procedure to get an instant loan on My First Partner App. Owning a smart phone with mobile apps gives you an opportunity to earn an extra income. There are innumerable apps that can be beneficial for people in a number of ways. IDFC FIRSTBank helps you become a partner through MyFirst Partner app, which is a personal loan app.

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Smart Watch Online: Buy Smart Watch at Best Prices Only at Tata CLiQ. Smartphones Online: Buy Smartphones at Best Prices Only at Tata CLiQ. Notebook & Macbook Online: Buy Notebook & Macbook at Best Prices Only at Tata CLiQ. Aircraft Maintenance & Management. How to Know Whether It's a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Owning a house has long been a symbol of success and prosperity in our country. And it is no different for the present generation. Did you know that 75% of millennials in the middle-income category want to buy a house in the next 3 years? This was revealed in a survey by 360 Realtors, covering 1200 respondents with an annual income exceeding ₹ 7 lakh. Buying a house has further become easier with schemes such as PMAY also known as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. However, timing remains a major area of concern whenever considering a real-estate investment. Here are some ways to understand whether it is the right time for you to take the plunge.

Your Financial Condition The first thing to consider is your financial savings. And when thinking about the cost, take the latent charges into consideration as well. Plan for Big Expenses. Open Digital Bank Account. Scaling and Growing exponentially is the need of the hour and in that endeavour what better weapon to use than Technology. Leveraging the digital channels to full effect for Customer Acquisition at a rapid pace is paramount to the bank. Ujjivan has always provided its customers with high return investment opportunity through their high yielding fixed deposits products. The industry leading interest rates have caught the attention of many who have chosen the bank to create fixed deposits to avail the facility. Now, we provide you the convenience to open a Savings account or Fixed Deposit from the comfort of your home in few simple steps. Just keep your Aadhar and Pan handy for Instant Account opening. Key Features of Savings Account. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank in India.

Godrej Home Lockers: Buy Home Security Lockers Online at Godrej. Best Recruitment Company in Mumbai. Temporary Staffing Services. Manpower Solutions & Staffing Company in India. 5 Expert Tips to Boost Your Credit Card Limit in 2021. Things to know about debt mutual funds. When you ask someone how they’d like to invest their money, you would almost invariably get answers like fixed deposits, which get down to future generations.

In this situation of less financial literacy, modern and beneficial concepts such as Debt Mutual Funds get overlooked. Also known as bond funds or fixed-income funds, these mutual fund plans invest in fixed-income securities, like corporate debt securities, Government bonds, and other money market securities known to deliver capital growth. Main types of debt mutual funds The most common debt mutual funds can be divided into the following- Liquid Funds: Liquid funds are marked with maturities of up to 91 days. Easy but excellent investment options for beginners. Investing savings in today’s world may seem like a piece of cake, but when actually opted for, is apparently so!

There was a time when investment opportunities were scarce and were only available for individuals who can take high risks. Today, we have so many options available in the market to match the needs of every individual. All beginners need to go with monthly investment plans, which will not exert financial strain on their living. How to Pick the Right Mutual Fund for Yourself? Nutraceuticals & Aromatherapy CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction. Explain with examples why SCFE is a better method than solvent extraction for the extraction of nutraceuticals.

Nutritional supplements are in great demand today in view of the widespread prevalence of deficiency disorders. The food we eat may or may not provide all the required nutrients. It is this gap that nutraceutical products bridge quite effectively.Following are the applications of nutraceutical products:Functional Beverages such as sports drinks, dairy beverages, energy drinks, dairy alternative drinks, and fortified juices.Functional Foods viz. cereal, dairy, bakery-confectionary, and snack.Dietary Supplements such as minerals, vitamins, botanicals, fatty acids, enzymes, and proteins.Personal Care Products for skin care require vitamin and antioxidant extracts.

4 Types Of Insurance Every Salaried Person Should Have. Signs of Brain Tumours Among Kids. When a mass of abnormal cells grows inside the brain, it is called a brain tumour. What Are Common Neurological Disorders Among Children? 5 South Delhi Cafes for a Memorable Sunday Brunch. The cosmopolitan environment of South Delhi attracts visitors from all over the world to its bustling eateries and shops. Numerous cafes and restaurants reflect the lively social scene and distinct urban culture of the place. Some of these eating joints are known for their brunches. An Expert Guide to Maintain Good Sexual Health. Sexual health is much beyond safe intercourse or good hygiene. It is fundamental to overall well-being and requires a positive approach to sexuality and the ability to enjoy sex free of coercion and violence, according to the WHO. In fact, achieving good sexual health depends a lot on good healthcare, knowledge about the consequences of unprotected copulation and avoiding unintended abortion.

Therefore, sexual health is an umbrella term that is responsible for an individual’s emotional and physical well-being too. Sex can release oxytocin, lower blood pressure, lessen menstrual pain and relieve stress. What is Cardiac Electrophysiology? Electrophysiology is used to study the electrical system of the heart. This is a cardiac sub-specialty that is used to check the rhythms in particular in patients with valve disease, issues in the blood vessels and arrhythmias. The process is performed by an electrophysiologist by inserting wire electrodes and catheters through the blood vessels. This process is recommended if the baby experiences symptoms like fluttering, fainting and dizziness too often. While electrophysiology is usually for older people, children with congenital heart anomalies can also benefit. This is because of the therapeutic and diagnostic abilities of this process. Life changing food habits for your family. Every day you make choices, and to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you need to change some of your existing eating habits and choose healthier alternatives.

Just making a healthy food chart for kids will not really help, as long as you do not put in an extra effort and inculcate small changes. 5 Tips to Take Care After Embryo Transplant. Pediatric treatments at the best super specialty hospitals in Delhi. A super specialty hospital is essentially a medical institution that is exclusively engaged in taking care of and treating patients suffering from a specific disease or illness. Corona Rakshak Policy: Everything you should know about it. 3 benefits of an annuity plan for life after retirement. Have you ever thought of how your life after retirement would be? How would you manage your daily and medical expenses, and other emergencies, and provide for your dependents too? Why Duplicate Content is Bad for Your Blog and SEO. Online Plagiarism Checker in the UK: How Does it Save Your Time? Buy Medimix Ayurvedic Soap Online. Medimix Ayurvedic Facewash. Buy Captain America: Shield Ultra Light Shorts online at The Souled Store. What to Know Before Buying a House in Metro Cities.

How does a Sentence Checker Help? Apply for Best Pension Plan Saral Pension with SBI Life. Child Insurance Policy in India - SBI Life. Mistakes You Can Avoid While Buying Critical Illness Insurance. Improve your Summarizing Skills with a Tool. 4 Basic Types of Essays You Must Be Aware Of. The Best Dishes of Bangalore You Must Try Post COVID. All you need to know about ICSI fertility treatment. What’s the best moisturizer for eczema on the face?