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BoredPanda ES - Las imágenes de esta galería cobran vida:... Andrea. Upon the return of the first space flights and many analyses, NASA discovered a high level of toxic volatile compounds in the astronauts' body tissues.


The American spacecraft mostly constructed of plastic, fibreglass, insulating materials and fire retardants gradually poisoned the astronauts. The same effect was experienced in our living spaces. Each manufactured product gives off or - more precisely - emits even several years after having been manufactured. This is invisible and imperceptible by humans, the products and equipment constantly give off the volatile components of which the material is made of. The wooden table off-gases pentachlorophenol from its' fungicides, the paint emits the trichlorethylene from its' binders (Listed N° 2 in the carcinogenic substances). ANDREA is a living air filter which absorbs undesirable effects of contaminated air by the profusion of manufactured goods.

Offliberty - evidence of offline life. Get rid of Under eye wrinkles facial exercise. Studio Dennis Parren. Probablement le meilleur planneur strat du monde. Un KPI pour l’attention Genesis Media, qui se définit comme “la plateforme de l'attention”, vient de lancer le Page Attention Rank (P-A-R), un nouveau KPI censé mesurer en temps-réel l'attention d'un consommateur en ligne.

Probablement le meilleur planneur strat du monde

Sans titre. Buy Direct (Official Site) Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen. Les broderies sur photos anciennes de Maurizio Anzeri. Maurizio Anzeri est un artiste Italien qui brode des figures géométriques avec des fils colorés sur de vieux portraits.

Les broderies sur photos anciennes de Maurizio Anzeri

Director : Fleur & Manu – Division Paris. MNMRMT. Shaun Kardinal / Embroidery. Les cartes postales brodées de Shaun Kardinal. Shaun Kardinal est né en 1982 à Tracy, Californie et habite désormais à Seattle.

Les cartes postales brodées de Shaun Kardinal

Il aime créer, faire de la curation et suivre des sites et autres Tumblr spécialisés en arts visuels. Fascinée par son travail lorsque j’ai découvert ses cartes postales, j’ai fait quelques recherches sur l’artiste qui m’ont permis de découvrir que Shaun ne se contente pas de broder de vieilles photos, il est aussi producteur, photographe, sculpteur et musicien… Y a t-il quelque chose que cet homme ne sache pas faire ?! (Je suis sûre que c’est aussi un excellent cuisinier). Et vous savez quoi ? J’ai lu quelque part que l’artiste est autodidacte. Colorful Psychedelic Installations of Sugar and Candy by Pip & Pop.

“I saw a dream like this” at Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide 2013.

Colorful Psychedelic Installations of Sugar and Candy by Pip & Pop

Photos by Andre Castellucci and Pip & Pop “Through a hole in the mountain” at MT Kurashiki, Japan 2014. The Cool Hunter - Welcome. GLUTEN FREE MUSEUM. Instagram photos and videos. Ann Veronica Janssens. An art, design, and visual culture blog. Fashion, Beauty, Music, Photograpy, Art & Culture, Documentary, Film.

NOWNESS. Art Project, powered by Google. iGNANT. A R T N A U. - Art, Gadgets, Design and Amazing Stuff. Luxures - @petitesluxures Instagram profile. STUDIO ERWIN OLAF. This is now! The selby. Part of a Bigger Plan. Scientists reconstruct speech through soundproof glass by watching a bag of potato chips. Your bag of potato chips can hear what you're saying.

Scientists reconstruct speech through soundproof glass by watching a bag of potato chips

Now, researchers from MIT are trying to figure out a way to make that bag of chips tell them everything that you said — and apparently they have a method that works. By pointing a video camera at the bag while audio is playing or someone is speaking, researchers can detect tiny vibrations in it that are caused by the sound. When later playing back that recording, MIT says that it has figured out a way to read those vibrations and translate them back into music, speech, or seemingly any other sound. "This is totally out of some Hollywood thriller. " While a bag of chips is one example of where this method can be put to work, MIT has found success with it elsewhere, including when watching plant leaves and the surface of a glass of water.

Takeshi Murata Made An Animated Sculpture That Melts Into Itself. This past weekend, digital-art impresario Takeshi Murata premiered new work at gallery Ratio 3's space at the Frieze art fair.

Takeshi Murata Made An Animated Sculpture That Melts Into Itself

The artist is known for distorting and manipulating videos into chaotic-yet-stunning pieces of colorful geometry, and while his new work, Melter 3-D, is short on color, it is undoubtedly a work of incredible form—especially as it never maintains a consistent one, despite being physical. Melter 3-D is by definition a zoetrope, a device that produce the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures, but it's tangible. In other words, the installation is a sculptural animation. The 3D-object itself spins, creating a kinetic effect (with the help of some strobe lights) that makes it look as if it's melting into itself. Murata spent months configuring the object on a computer before making a physical incarnation with a master fabricator and mechanical engineers who typically work on high-profile Hollywood CGI projects.

Du papier en veux-tu, en volume ! Par Ano Pioton Cyril Hatt Cyril Hatt prend des photos d’objets usuels sous tous les angles, à échelle 1, pour en faire une sculpture papier avec les tirages du même objet, abimé.

Du papier en veux-tu, en volume !

Cette représentation de l’objet nous parle de sa superficialité. Représenté par la galerie Bertrand Grimont, ses oeuvres sont visibles sur son site internet : Eric Testroete. One idea a day. Aaron Koblin - Work. AA13 – blog – Inspiration – Design – Architecture – Photographie – Art.