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Tulli Papyrus: An UFO sighting in Ancient Egypt ? - Ancient UFO. One of the first written accounts of a UFO sighting is the following excerpt from an Egyptian papyrus – part of the annals of Thutmose III, who reigned around 1504-1450 B.C. known as the Tulli Papyrus.

Tulli Papyrus: An UFO sighting in Ancient Egypt ? - Ancient UFO

Is this the proof many have been asking for years? According to this ancient text, the Pharaoh that ruled over Egypt was Thutmose III, and this mass UFO sightings happened around 1480 BC. It was recorded in history as a day of great importance, a day that something unexplainable occurred. During a visit to Cairo in 1933, Alberto Tulli, a director of the Egyptian section of the Vatican museum, supposedly found an interesting papyrus in an antique shop. Goujian, une antique épée chinoise qui défie le temps – Epoch Times. Sword of Goujian.

Goujian, une antique épée chinoise qui défie le temps – Epoch Times

Museum d'histoire surnaturelle - Oracles et Instruments Divinatoires. Inv.SOD/bc-49148 L’Orbe des Rêveurs Retrouvée à Malte le 4 octobre 2003 Origine anglaise vers 1880 Description : Boule de Cristal montée sur un tripode en métal argenté dans un style typique du troisième quart du dix neuvième siècle, avec sa boîte en chêne.

Museum d'histoire surnaturelle - Oracles et Instruments Divinatoires

L’ensemble a une hauteur d’environ 25 cm. Le portrait photographique d’une jeune femme accompagne l’objet. Le Collectionneur y associe de manière indirecte un ancien couteau Catlin à deux tranchants (pour l’amputation) extrêmement affûté. Dossier : Compte-rendu du Conservateur Hôtel Resort Westin à Malte, le 04 octobre 2003. Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling. Shed Wars: Vehicles. Since I turned my attention to 28mm gaming in the 1930’s (VBCW and Pulp) I decided that it might be an opportunity to branch out on my modelling and go back to building some model aircraft.

Shed Wars: Vehicles

Having read on a number of posts that 1/48 scale is the closest fit with 28mm miniatures I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of kits in this scale on ebay. In addition to the kits there are a number of diecast model available that fit the scale. North Africa - WW2 Vehicles. Ships and Boats. Doreen Goldbeck, Cheskora Line tramp steamer. BLACK SCORPION (miniatures) PWM Arrogant Gestapo Officers *Pre-Order* - Sally 4th. Sally 4th ... to a world of adventure.

PWM Arrogant Gestapo Officers *Pre-Order* - Sally 4th

Precision Laser Cut Wargames Buildings and Terrain for Historical and Warhammer Wargaming Home Contact information Terms and Conditions Customer information Privacy policy Contact Categories Product search. EBob Opel Blitz Painted » Tabletop Terrain. I’ve finally got around to working on one of the Ebob Opel Blitzes that has been lurking on my paint station for over a year.

EBob Opel Blitz Painted » Tabletop Terrain

I’ve finished and varnished the cab, but the back tray still needs a little work. Mind you I like the model without the tray. It looks like an abandoned junker – perhaps street Arabs have stolen the wood for their cooking fires? The windows were done with blister plastic, unfortunately I glued them in before varnishing the vehicle and of course the matt varnish fogged them up nicely.

eBob Miniatures: Stalagluft III - The Great Escape. WWII German Base - Matakishi's Tea House. The final building for this set is the Hangar.

WWII German Base - Matakishi's Tea House

This is the simplest and quickest building to make yet I think it’s the one that adds the most character to the setting. The Hangar base is 200mm x 200mm and the walls are 180mm x 80mm. The rear wall needs a 30mm x 20mm door cut out wherever you think looks best and the front wall needs a central 100mm x 70mm section removed that you need to cut into a pair of 50mm x 70mm doors. To make the Hangar doors first place the cut out sections back in the wall. If you shave just a millimetre from a single side of each and their top edges they will fit loosely and be easier to open and close during play.A strip of masking tape makes an excellent hinge and requires very little effort. Put a wooden frame around the rear door using 30mm matchsticks as before and then glue the walls together with super glue. I’ve added detailing to the walls with 10mm wide strips of thin card from a cereal box. Old Glory 25s. Looking for Indiana Jones Plane !

Doreen Goldbeck, Cheskora Line tramp steamer. Castaway Arts. Les Venus de la préhistoire. HP Lovecraft with his cat version 1 [bcblshplc1] - £3.00 : Black Cat Bases Ltd. John of Brienne, Templar “King of Jerusalem” and the Talpiot “Jesus” Tomb. Earlier this week I wrote a short post about Scott Wolter’s claim on the recent History 2 Channel program, “Tracking the Templars,” part of his popular series “America Unearthed,” that the famous Crusader order we know as the Knights Templar must have known about the Talpiot “Jesus” tomb.

John of Brienne, Templar “King of Jerusalem” and the Talpiot “Jesus” Tomb

Simcha Jacobovici has now weighed in asserting that the Templar coin that Wolter displayed, with its symbolism matching the facade of the tomb, is a “smoking gun” connecting the Templars with the tomb. You can read his reasoning here, plus links to materials he presented back in 2007 in connection with his film, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” here. Talpiot : le tombeau de Jésus ? Calvaire de Gordon. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Calvaire de Gordon

Le crâne qui aurait donné au Ier siècle son nom au « lieu du crâne » (Golgotha), où Jésus aurait été crucifié selon les évangiles. Tombeau de Talpiot. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Tombeau de Talpiot

Années 1930. Les personnalités marquantes des années 1930. RAFM Miniatures & Games. RAFM Miniatures & Games: Call of Cthulhu Miniatures. Sign In. 2nd Afghan War - Afghans - Artizan Designs. Multi-buy 2nd Afghan War - Afghans (7 products found) See all 2nd Afghan War. First World War - Artizan Designs. Multi-buy First World War (11 products found) You are on page 1 of 1. Artizan Designs - Home Page. Fantasy Flight Games Online Store. Miniatures, Roleplaying Games and Board Games. avolakcastings1 created by avolakcastings based on nu-dentist.

Old Glory 25s. Copplestone Castings. Pulp Plane Library. Pulp.