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About SKUNK CHAO. Doozy!MODELWORKS. A community of motor racing modelers. Workbench. Guest Build: 2014 Honda RC213V Marquez Combo by Keiji Fukuzaki – 112on2. Well, lot of you will have sought that I was showing another Tamiya RC213V build….

Guest Build: 2014 Honda RC213V Marquez Combo by Keiji Fukuzaki – 112on2

You’re right, but you know that I give priority to special and awesome builds I find around the world. You also know that I do love detail. So what do you guys think about a double high details build? It becomes suddenly more interesting, right? Ok, let me show this awesome double build by another great builder from Japan, Keiji Fukuzaki. And as you probably saw, this is not a simple double build, Keiji decided to make one in test version, with full carbon fairing, and he made a very good choice!

Let’s see more about these HRC sisters, made from, of course Tamiya kits #14130, Top Studio sets and also scratch build parts. Before taking a closer a some amazing details on these RC213V, I invite you to look at some special parts made for the display, then you understand that the builder don’t let place for approximation. Specific fairing stands: Spare wheels sets fitted in their cart: Like this: Michel Stassart Creation - Home. 112on2 – Exclusive 1/12 Scale Motorcycle Models. Scale Racing le top des kits maquettes de voiture à monter au 1/24 - Scale Racing le top des kits maquettes de voiture à monter au 1/24.

CARMODELS-HOMEPAGE. En Modèle Réduit: astuces. KEN's Rally Cars. Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index. Jabbeke 2017 belgium 22ième And the Road album. Modelling in progress. MASSIVE VOODOO: Mad Max Car Contest 2 - Showcase Gallery. Road Warriors!

MASSIVE VOODOO: Mad Max Car Contest 2 - Showcase Gallery

Attention! Following you can find the full gallery of all entries of MV's MAD MAX CAR CONTEST - Issue 2. We want to thank everyone for taking part with their great entries. It is a true joy to see your creativity, endurance and praise for the V8. Well done, Road Warriors, you all are already winners for taking part and creating such cool cars! Winners will be announced seperatly in the future. Maquettes de F1 Tamiya - F1 Tamiya et autres voitures de Pierre. Honda RC211V 2006 Team LCR Tamiya 1/12 - Completed. VW Type 2 delivery van. I finished building the van.All the remaining details have been added i.e. the roof rack fixings, the two screws on the headlights, the four buffers on the loading door, and just to make it little bit different i added couple of mudflaps.All is left now is to dust the van a little, and add some pigment rust here, and there.Hope you enjoy the update, as i made the pictures using new to me technique of focus stacking.

VW Type 2 delivery van

Robert Downie. I've just finished up a Bandit Resins '72 Gremlin X model, based upon AMT's recently reissued 1976 Gremlin X kit.

Robert Downie

The blue model shown here is an out-of-box original annual kit from 1976, and is pretty much how I bought it in Toledo close to 20 years ago for all of $2. In the meantime I acquired an original box with many of the original parts, including sealed chrome parts, and basically all the parts minus the actual body, hood, and chassis plate. My intention was to restore this Toledo find, but because of the newly reissued kit, it's nice to keep original. If I do decide to restore it, I can build almost an entirely new kit from the extra parts I have, aside from the chassis.

Dirk Patschkowski Modellobjekte XS Dreams. Minisocles Le Blog. KEN's Rally Cars. Formule 1/20ème : le site des maquettistes de Formule 1 au 1/20éme. Dr.Cranky's Lab-RAT-ory - Main Page. Les mondes miniatures de Satoshi Araki. Lone Wolf Custom Painting Airbrushing Model Cars Donn Yost. Motorsport Modeller. God dwells in small things. Kawaharamodel. F1 MODEL GALLERY. Last up Date 2014/3/16 '80年代後半から日本になじみが深くなってきたF1・・・ '90年代は日本製エンジンの参戦、日本人ドライバーの出走などで ファンに多くの感動を与えてくれた。


そして2000年代は純正HONDAの復活、純日本チームともいえるSUPER AGURIの参戦など 日本人に多くの期待と夢を与えてくれた。 このホームページは、そんな日本と関わりあいのあるマシンを 私の趣味の範囲で作成した模型を通して紹介するページです。 昔のマシンをなつかしんだり、これから模型を作る方の参考にでもなれば幸いです。 ただ、模型を作るのは手間と時間がかかるため、 なかなかホームページの更新ができないと思いますのでその辺はご了承ください。 Roll Out B-log. MCF. CifeNet Scale Modeling Culture. Rainbowten. いらっしゃいませ。


レインボーテンは、静岡に店舗のある模型店です。 5月17日18日はホビーショ-の一般公開日です。 当店にもお立ち寄りください。 遠方よりのご来店は、新東名、新静岡ICがわかりやすいです。 地図はこちらカーナビご利用の際は住所「沓谷5丁目64-1」でお願いいたします。 駐車場が満車の時は、隣の静清(せいしん)信用金庫様の駐車場をご利用ください。 Jean Todt's FXX album. MCB Motorsports. Bonjour les amis, Moebius viens tout juste de mettre sur le marché la Chrysler 300B 1956 , qui est quelques sorte une évolution de la Chrysler C300 1955 paru il; y a deux ans déjà!!!

MCB Motorsports

Le temps passe vite! La construction de ma C300 1955.... Certain vont certainement se souvenir au combien j'ai aimé construire ce kit, Moebius a beaucoup de leçon a donné au manufacturier de modèle, les pièces s'ajuste à perfection ce qui va à droite va à droite et vice et versa! Philippe Plual. Modelers Networks. Formula One Model Art.

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

Formula One Model Art

With top Formula 1 teams routinely eclipsing the half-billion dollar mark in an effort to maintain their elite status, it's easy to understand why they go to such extraordinary measures to protect the confidentiality of their not-so-small investments. For this reason, any details clear of a paint scheme in today's Formula 1 world have become completely covert to outside eyes. Andy Mathews is one of the very few to be given access to these best-kept secrets. Over the past 15 years, he has cultivated professional and personal relationships with Formula 1 teams, museums and private car collectors who have allowed him the rare honor of documenting some of the most beautiful and historically significant Formula 1 chassis ever produced and raced.