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Rep. Gutierrez Rails Trump Appointment Of Jeff Sessions To AG: Chicagoist. Getty Images / Photo: John Moore A pretty handy rule of thumb, we find, is if David Duke or Joe Walsh wholeheartedly applauds a particular social-political move, it’s probably bad news.

Rep. Gutierrez Rails Trump Appointment Of Jeff Sessions To AG: Chicagoist

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL-4th), of Chicago, would seem to agree, as he blasted the patently blast-worthy President- elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Jeff Session to Attorney General. Gutierrez's righteously pissed statement is worth quoting in full: "If you have nostalgia for the days when blacks kept quiet, gays were in the closet, immigrants were invisible and women stayed in the kitchen, Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is your man. Mic drop. Gutierrez has been decidedly full-throated in his condemnation of Trump and his recent moves.

Of course in politics, there can be a thin line between ethical indignation and grandstanding. History of Chicago. The history of Chicago, Illinois, has played a central role in American economic, cultural and political history and since the 1850s the city has been one of the most dominant Midwest metropolises.

History of Chicago

The area's recorded history begins with the arrival of French explorers, missionaries and fur traders in the late 17th century and their interaction with the local Pottawatomie Native Americans. There were small settlements and a U.S. Army fort, but the soldiers and settlers were all driven off in 1812. The modern city was incorporated in 1837 by Northern businessmen and grew rapidly from real estate speculation and the realization that it had a commanding position in the emerging inland transportation network, based on lake traffic and railroads, controlling access from the Great Lakes into the Mississippi River basin.

Pre 1830[edit] Early native settlements[edit] Retrospective map showing how Chicago may have appeared in 1812 (right is north, published in 1884) 19th century city[edit] The S.S. Welcome - Rogers Park, Chicago. 8/7/19: Chicago isn’t numb to violence. But if Ivanka wants to help … 2/23/17: Chicago 'Witches' Cast Hex Against President Near Trump Tower. Fullscreen (Stacy Lee Gee / Facebook) The social medias are all atwitter today with calls for a mass spell-casting to bind Trump to those who do his bidding.

2/23/17: Chicago 'Witches' Cast Hex Against President Near Trump Tower

But our favorite social-activist coven was ahead of the curve again, as WITCH performed a ritual resistance action over the weekend to ward off the evil ways of the demon-in-chief. The performers known as WITCH gathered across from Trump Tower on Sunday, a standalone satellite protest of sorts on a day that saw a thousand people march through the Loop to mark the one-month anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration. (Hundreds marched the following afternoon for "Not My President's Day. ") 1/25/17: Trump threatens Chicago w/feds unless "carnage" ends. He tweeted about the shootings there in early January, saying at the time as President-elect: "If Mayor can't do it he must ask for Federal help.

1/25/17: Trump threatens Chicago w/feds unless "carnage" ends

" Tuesday night he wrote, "If Chicago doesn't fix the horrible 'carnage' going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds. " The Chicago Police Department tells CNN there have been 38 homicides and 182 shooting incidents in the city so far in 2017. Chicago Police only report homicides. They are not necessarily all shooting deaths. Trump has previously encouraged Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to ask for federal assistance. And often on the campaign trail, Trump would mention Chicago while suggesting that controversial tactics such as stop-and-frisk could help address the issue. 1/13/17: Obama's farewell speech in Chicago felt like the end of a dream. To many of us at McCormick Place on Tuesday night, it felt a lot like the end of a Chicago dream.

1/13/17: Obama's farewell speech in Chicago felt like the end of a dream

You know, those final, increasingly melancholy moments of reverie before someone wakes you up by screaming in your face. So what's worse? The rousing, or your dread thereof? That was the question that hung over the night, articulated by those standing in security lines, an unintended consequence of the decision by a president who was formed in Chicago to break from protocol and return to his hometown, and its people, to say goodbye. By doing so, Barack Obama had created a natural bookend to his victorious beginnings in Chicago's front yard. But that was a fall night filled with improbable outdoor warmth. Obama's event was in the threadbare section of chilly McCormick Place, the marquee space being previously reserved for a recreational boat show, aimed mostly at the 1 percent. 7/29/15: Chicago man Alprentiss Nash, cleared after 17 years in prison, shot dead. CHICAGO -- A Chicago man who served 17 years in prison for murder before being cleared of the crime has been shot and killed almost three years after being released from prison, police said Wednesday.

7/29/15: Chicago man Alprentiss Nash, cleared after 17 years in prison, shot dead

Alprentiss Nash, 40, was fatally shot Tuesday after an argument during "some sort of transaction" between Nash and his attacker, Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. He said police were questioning a person of interest. B.R.A.V.E. Youth Leaders — Bold Resistance Against Violence Everywhere. Chicago International Youth Peace Movement. Do the Write Thing Chicago. HerStory Chicago - Publications. Mothers Against Senseless Killings. VOYCE - Voices of Youth in Chicago Education. Todd Ricketts, Deputy Secretary of Commerce.