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Ibreathe menthol

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Our e-cigarettes and e-liquids provide you with an enjoyable and realistic smoking sensation without the actual smoke or the lingering smell. iBreathe products can also provide substantial savings particularly for those who are used to smoking cigarettes frequently.

Learn About SMOK Stick V8 Kit Review. If you are looking for anew vape kit, the SMOK Stick V8 Kit may be the place to start.

Learn About SMOK Stick V8 Kit Review

The kit is suitable for new vapers and advanced vapers alike. A high-powered 3000 mAh battery provides long usage and control throughout the day. The ergonomic design of the SMOK Stick V8 makes it a great choice for vaping on the go. What’s more, it is portable, compact, and well-designed. SMOK Stick V8 – A Closer Look Adjusting the airflow to the tank is straightforward allowing you to customise your vaping experience to your individual preference. There are a number of security features that make this kit an excellent choice. SMOK Stick V8 Coils and Specifications. What is the Best E-Cigarette for Travellers?

Travel is an essential part of our daily lives and for vapers, that means using their e-cigarette on the go.

What is the Best E-Cigarette for Travellers?

When it comes to using a vape pen on your travels there are plenty of considerations to take into account. The following article will rundown what we consider to be the perfect e-cigarette for travel and what it has to offer. iBreathe Pocket E-Cigarette The iBreathe Pocket is designed to redefine the entry-level e-cigarette market. All of the iBreathe's safety features come as standard, and they've been housed in a uniform body that doesn't require a separate tank.

There's no compromise on the style front with a matte finish and uniform body making the iBreathe Pocket a thing of beauty. Made from the highest quality stainless steel and organic Japanese cotton, the Pocket atomiser coil provides the highest level of liquid absorption. Your Order. The Best Advanced E-Cigarette Kits in Market. The Best E-Liquids Flavours for Vaping by Sara Thomas. By Sara Thomas Sara Thomas When it comes to picking an e-liquid flavor to suit your particular taste, there is no shortage of options.

The Best E-Liquids Flavours for Vaping by Sara Thomas

Anything from traditional tobacco to exotic mango is available at the click of a button. You may be a little bored of the same old flavours and looking for something a bit different. Before diving straight in, we’ve taken a look at some of the overarching flavour categories to help you decide which e-liquids to give a go the next time you order a top-up. The following headings will break down some of the main flavours of e-liquid and pick out a few of our favorites for each. Menthol Variants. How to Quit Smoking Immediately – The Benefits of Giving Up Now. Deciding to give up smoking is a big life decision and can seem very daunting for some.

How to Quit Smoking Immediately – The Benefits of Giving Up Now

It’s a big shift away from many people’s comfort zones and requires, effort, self-discipline, and determination. Despite the difficulties associated with giving up, the benefits are numerous and there is no reason to delay making a change. The following article will address some of the most valuable positives to be gained from quitting and provide advice on just how to take those all-important first steps.

How Giving Up Smoking Will Improve your Life It goes without saying that smoking has a lot of negative effects but the positives of giving up are sometimes overlooked. Aids Breathing After quitting, lung capacity improves by as much as 10% in as little as nine months. More Energy Blood circulation improved very quickly after you give up smoking. Reduced Stress For many, smoking is seen as a stress reliever but in actual fact, it can do more harm than good. Improved Fertility Enhances Smell and Taste.

Buy high vg e liquid uk. 3 For £12 Premium E-Liquid E cig liquid is our passion. iBreathe has been at the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry and we’re known for our massive selection of unique premium e liquid in the UK.

buy high vg e liquid uk

Unlike so many others out there, we have a strict quality control system in place and all our flavours are 100% USP kosher, no matter whether you choose the PG or VG option. What’s more, we use nicotine that is 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade. It’s no wonder thousands say we’re the shop to visit if you want the best e liquid.

You can rely on iBreathe to deliver quality every time. Electronic cigarette kits uk. Prime E-Cigarette Atomiser Coil. Made from the highest quality stainless steel & organic Japanese cotton, the Prime atomiser coil provides the highest level of e-liquid absorption that will ensure your e-liquid tastes its best.

Prime E-Cigarette Atomiser Coil

To make sure you get the most from your Prime e-cigarette, replace your atomiser coil every 2-3 weeks. Features: Precision Engineered Easy To Maintain Economical In Use Extra Safety Features Free Shipping Warranty: All our products come with a 28-day guarantee. Purchasers should be aware that our electronic cigarette atomizers,rechargeable batteries and chargers, although made to the highest quality are functional devices that may fail or degrade over a period of time, especially if in constant use (an electric cigarette atomizer’s natural lifespan is around 14-60 days and an electronic cigarette batteries expected lifespan is 2-3 months). Product Care: To ensure optimal battery performance, we advise that the battery contacts are regularly cleaned. Why Vape iBreathe? ✓ TPD Compliant. Vapour starter kits. Mod e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarette charger.