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World Happiness Report. Reimagining the Refugee Camp. At first sight, the Dadaab refugee camp is nothing more than line after line of mud structures and U.N. tents under a relentless sun.

Reimagining the Refugee Camp

Formed in 1991 to house refugees fleeing Somalia’s civil war, it is now a city of nearly half a million people near Kenya’s eastern border. To Reflect and Trust (TRT) Printer-friendly version Send by emailThis rough transcript provides a text alternative to audio.

To Reflect and Trust (TRT)

We apologize for occasional errors and unintelligible sections (which are marked with ???). A: First, I'll mention a professor whose name is Dan Baron. He went to Germany in the mid-'80s, and he decided to interview children of Holocaust perpetrators. Les réfugiés de Calais dans le Tarn (5/5) : tout sur les dispositifs d’accueil - la position des associations qui interviennent à Calais (infographie) Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Tout comprendre au parcours du combattant d'un migrant demandeur d'asile - 12 juin 2015. Depuis leur expulsion de la halle Pajol, le sort des migrants passés depuis par le bois Dormoy reste en suspens.

Tout comprendre au parcours du combattant d'un migrant demandeur d'asile - 12 juin 2015

Tout comprendre au parcours du combattant d'un migrant demandeur d'asile - 12 juin 2015. Welcoming America. The Need.

Welcoming America

Untitled. An increased focus on youth development has led to an understanding of the importance of the wellbeing, resilience and mental health of children and young people.


As a result there is a growing body of research, especially over the last two decades, which increasingly recognises the complexities of learning and development across the years spent at school. Alongside this trend is the rise of positive psychology, which is changing our conceptions of youth, education and development. Review of Brief School-Based Positive Psychological Interventions: a Taster for Teachers and Educators. Play the game. Walk in the shoes of a Somalian villager forced to leave their home and make life or death decisions in this interactive app created by Australian Red Cross.

Play the game

Take the journey made by millions And then I was a refugee... is a free app from Australian Red Cross that takes you on a journey made by asylum seekers and refugees every day. Understand the situations they face and the choices they must make in your own interactive experience. Opening in a small village in West Somalia, the first decision to make is, whose path will you follow, Hani or Samaan? The Migrant Trail. The Migrant Trail is a single-player simulation game examining the life of migrants and border patrol agents on the U.S.

The Migrant Trail

-Mexico border as part of The Undocumented transmedia campaign. The player may choose to play as one of several individuals on either side and is always first introduced to a prologue explaining that character’s history and motivations. Gameplay as a migrant is styled after The Oregon Trail, in which the player must purchase supplies for the journey before setting off on the path and encountering events. Additionally, border patrols roam the map, requiring the player to choose paths that avoid patrols or double back in an attempt to escape capture. Purposeful Games for Social Change. “Vagabundo is a mobile public art project designed for on the street interaction.

Purposeful Games for Social Change

Through a cart resembling an ice cream cart pedestrians are invited to play a video game that reflects the plight of new Latin American immigrants in New York city. " It "uses stereotypes to parallel the plight of undocumented immigrant labor in New York City. Users play the role of a new immigrant and must bag groceries and wait tables to advance through levels. Refugee Mario: The video game of the migrant crisis. It's not quite what you'd imagine when you think of Super Mario and his adventures through the fictional Mushroom Kingdom: a satirical take on the original Nintendo video game is being used to explain the reality for Syrians crossing Europe.

Refugee Mario: The video game of the migrant crisis

Through the character "Refugee Mario," this YouTube video shows the perilous journey taken by thousands seeking refuge in Europe. Gone are Luigi and Princess Peach. Smugglers take Mario on a risky journey across the Mediterranean Sea where he eventually encounters Hungarian border guards and is thrown into prison. At several points throughout the video Refugee Mario faces obstacles which lead to his death.

Play the game. Refugees. Game - UNHCR. How it works: After selecting a character, players face a series of tough decisions and chance events in a quest to reach safety, reunite with loved ones and rebuild their lives.

Game - UNHCR

The role play revolves around three main characters who have been displaced and separated from their families. Months or years of narrative are compressed into each of the stories. Players have to make decisions along the way in order to reach safety. Migrants: cinq initiatives citoyennes qui marchent en Europe. Face à la crise des migrants, les gouvernements européens sont régulièrement taxés d'inaction. Depuis plusieurs mois, le flux de personnes en direction du Vieux continent s'intensifie. Une appli pour signaler les migrants montant dans les camions. C'est en voyant le bal des camions à Calais que le Britannique Jeffrey Scott a eu l'idée de lancer une application pour éviter aux chauffeurs routiers de se retrouver avec des migrants cachés dans leur véhicule.

L'appli qui signale les migrants - le Parisien. "InfoAid", une application pour aider les réfugiés à s'orienter. Par Célia Coudret , Avec AFP "InfoAid" est une application gratuite pour smartphone, développée par une équipe de Hongrois à destination des migrants, ou des personnes qui veulent leur venir en aide. Une appli pour nourrir les réfugiés. HCR - Une nouvelle application smartphone aide les réfugiés à s'installer en Australie. «Bureaucrazy»: des réfugiés créent une appli pour affronter la bureaucratie - Europe. Derrière ce projet, il y a six jeunes syriens: Yazan, Ahmad, Munzer, Muhammad, Gaith et Omar, âgés de 19 et 30 ans.

Ces applications que les réfugiés utilisent à leur arrivée en Europe. RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms. Are Immigrants Happy? It Depends ... - New Canadian Media. By Our Special Correspondent (@NewCdnMedia) Immigrants to this country are generally happier than the folks they left behind in their ancestral nations, but most diaspora communities report they are less satisfied with life here than their Canadian-born peers, according to a study just released by Statistics Canada.

The study found that newcomers from Colombia are the only group less happy than the population of their home country, while those from the Netherlands and New Zealand show little improvement. The Happiest Refugee Quotes by Anh Do. Après un an en France, une famille de réfugiés raconte son bonheur. The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. Alleviating Poverty Doesn't Have To Be So Hard, And Behavioral Science Can Help. The worst roads in the entire U.S. are in Oakland, California, which will surprise nobody who lives or drives there. A has been compiled by nonprofit transport research group TRIP, and the diagnoses isn't good. In short, America's roads suck. Projects - ideas42. Unemployment and mental well-being: elaboration of the relationship. RSA Replay: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference. The Behavioural Insights Team.

Witnessing excellence in action: the ‘other-praising’ emotions of elevation, gratitude, and admiration. New York Subway Hero. Emotions et valeurs bello. Descartes error antonio damasio. Introduction: Moral Emotions. The aim of this collection is to provide the reader with the beginning of a panorama of contemporary research on the relationship between emotions and morality. Because the study of moral emotions ranges over various disciplines, we have included articles from scholars with very different horizons: philosophy, psychology, developmental psychology, sociology, and classics. Moral Emotions and Moral Behavior.

Is not available. The Moral Emotions Jonathan Haidt University of Virginia.