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Skybox Imaging. Toniic is an international impact investor network promoting a sustainable global economy by investing in entrepreneurs, enterprises, and funds seeking to change the world for the better. Co: collective. BREAKFAST - A physical-digital interactive agency based in New York.

Pink Army Cooperative: Join the Revolution! LIVE Singapore! LIVE Singapore!

LIVE Singapore!

Provides people with access to a range of useful real-time information about their city by developing an open platform for the collection, elaboration and distribution of real-time data that reflect urban activity. Giving people visual and tangible access to real-time information about their city enables them to take their decisions more in sync with their environment, with what is actually happening around them.

People moving within a city in most cases base their decisions on information that is static and that does not reflect the actual state of systems and dynamics in their city (think of printed transportation time tables, static opening hours, driving to stores to find a product out of stock,…). It's Only A Theory. Home. Changement. Quantified Self. Futuramb's crumbs. Humanity+ The Transhumanist FAQ was developed in 1998 and authored into a formal FAQ in 1999 through the inspirational work of transhumanists, including Alexander Chislenko, Max More, Anders Sandberg, Natasha Vita-More, James Hughes, and Nick Bostrom.


Several people contributed to the definition of transhumanism, which was originated by Max More. Greg Burch, David Pearce, Kathryn Aegis, and Anders Sandberg kindly offered extensive editorial comments. Ieml.