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Sallie Grayson responsible volunteering we are an award winning volunteer recruitment organisation - we recruit skilled volunteers to work with local people not instead of them follow people and places om twittwr @pandpvolunteer for news from volunteers and projects and more follow our blog

Lumos sur Twitter : "Where have all the children gone? The @TheSTMagazine @niccijsmith reports on harm of #orphanage care #Nepal (paywall) Madonna's Orphanage: Madonna shares her heart for Malawi and plan to build an orphanage! Volunteer projects abroad news. The Gambia This from Adama, our local partner in The Gambia and the driving force behind ASSET: The Flames of Ebola Smouldering The spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry and Liberia has caused a public health panic resulting in large-scale cancellations in holiday and travel arrangements throughout West Africa.

volunteer projects abroad news

This, subsequently has had serious impact on tourism in many parts of Africa even in destinations as far away as South Africa, despite being located thousands of kilometres away from the Ebola epicentre. The situation inevitably brought much suffering to communities across Africa especially those countries that are heavily dependent on international arrivals like the Gambia, even though there is no occurrence in the country. UNICEF Nepal sur Twitter : "Q&A: on #orphanage #voluntourism and its potential harm to already vulnerable #children. #NepalEarthquake. Don’t create more orphans. ChildSafe Intl sur Twitter : "Supporting #orphanages means you could be breaking up families. How? To find out, visit here & please #THINKfamilies.

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Volunteer organisations good and bad. Facebook. Volunteer articles good and bad. Volunteer sending orgs bad and good. Rtd8 april 2014. 10 Trips That Will Make You a Better Person  Skip the self-help books, and let travel transform you.

10 Trips That Will Make You a Better Person 

Child protection groups appalled by orphanage safari - News - The Copenhagen Post. A visit to a local children’s home where you can pat cute kids on the head is a popular way for tourists to experience the poorer side of life in countries like India, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia.

Child protection groups appalled by orphanage safari - News - The Copenhagen Post

The tourists may mean well, but orphanage tourism damages and exploits parentless children according to children's rights organisations Børns Vilkår and Red Barnet, who want the travel agencies to stop arranging the tours immediately. "To see the absurdity, you just have to imagine a reversed situation in which foreign tourists go on guided tours through Jutland and visit child institutions," Peter Albæk, the head of Børns Vilkår, told Kristeligt Dagblad.

"There is no difference between a trip to an orphanage and a zoo. It's deeply tasteless and unethical. " Volunteer Ausland, Freiwilligenarbeit, Entwicklungshilfe leisten. Orphanage volunteering campaign by US church working to regain Haiti orphanage permit. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A troubled Haitian orphanage run by a small and apparently well-funded U.S. church has made cosmetic changes in the two months since an Associated Press report exposed squalor and neglect, but has not done enough to address staffing problems and other issues that could put children at risk, according to two people helping the organization improve.

US church working to regain Haiti orphanage permit

Workers at the Church of Bible Understanding-run orphanage have painted walls and rearranged cribs and bunk beds to ease overcrowding in the months since the Haitian government determined their two homes did not meet the country's minimum health and safety standards. Learning Service Video Contest. The Pity Industry. (The following is a C&P compilation of some of the main points I have made in debating the orphanage tourism/voluntourism issue on various travel forums between 2005-2008, primarily on Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree forum.)

The Pity Industry

Volunteering at a Cambodian orphanage is the newest western tourist fad. Many tourists now want to donate a day or three, maybe even a week at a Cambodian orphanage, perhaps teach a little English, play with the kids, clean the floors, patch the roof, ect, etc. Tourists now schedule this into their holiday itineraries - a day in Phnom Penh, 3 at Angkor, 2 days at the orphanage, a couple more in Sihanoukville for some R&R and then back home to the grind - but to what end? Are they actually helping or are they contributing to the exploitation of Cambodia's most vulnerable - children and orphans? Consider very carefully your real motivations before engaging in this sort of dubious 'volunteer work.' Tourism Concern - News from Tourism Concern. This years World Responsible Tourism Day underlined the responsibility we as travellers and travel providers have for child protection.

Tourism Concern - News from Tourism Concern

The World Responsible Tourism awards recognised TUI Netherlands with the award for Best for Child Protection (and indeed the overall winners spot!). The judges said TUI Netherlands had “worked to embed child protection into their routine business operations and have extended this commitment through their network of supplier and partners. Realising that child sex tourism is silently growing in the Northeast of Brazil, TUI Nederland and its numerous partners launched a campaign to say “a collective ‘NO’ to child sex tourism in the Northeast of Brazil” BUT Child Protection isn’t just about paedophiles.

India: the orphanage giving girls a future. Girls are particularly vulnerable to abandonment.

India: the orphanage giving girls a future

In addition to financially supporting their parents in old age, sons hold the promise of recruiting a wife into the family home to help with domestic labour. Girls, meanwhile, require their parents to save for an often exorbitant dowry and wedding, before relinquishing them, and their labour, to another family home. It’s an unsavoury reality that plays out in Indian labour wards, where, according to The Times of India, nurses have been known to accept bribes to exchange baby girls for baby boys. Activists talk of eight million 'missing girls’, the number of female foetuses estimated to have been aborted over the past decade due to their sex. In 2007, in response to the crisis, the government announced a plan to build girls-only orphanages across India. Pity Charity: When “Storytelling” is Abuse. November 21, 2013; Writing in a blog on the Skoll World Forum for Social Entrepreneurship, Sebastien Marot discusses the practice by charities of featuring poor or abused children in videos meant to raise funds.

Pity Charity: When “Storytelling” is Abuse

He says, “such a process re-traumatizes them and can stigmatize them forever. As one victim explains, ‘You know, my reputation has been lost because of this video…. Tourism Concern - News from Tourism Concern. Unreported World - Videos - Unreported World Short: Voluntourism in Nepal. A unique insight on the big stories of the day, Snowmail is your direct line to the Channel 4 newsroom.

Unreported World - Videos - Unreported World Short: Voluntourism in Nepal

Written by the team you know and trust, it's delivered straight to your inbox daily. Making money from babies Why orphanage ‘business’ thrives in South-East. The arrests of owners of illegal foster homes who engage in sale of babies to those who need them for one reason or the other has brought to the fore the continuous trend of the criminal act. JUDE OSSAI reports on why selling of babies has continued to flourish in the South-East.

UNTIL recently, it was a sacrilege in Igboland for someone to be involved in baby sale, especially after the abolition of slave trade. Babies are regarded as free gifts from God. This is expressed in an Igbo saying ‘anaghi ere nwa na ahia, nwa bu Onyinyechukwu’. Thus, they are not expected to be put on sale. However, the tradition of the past seems to have been jettisoned for the new trend which has pervaded many states in Nigeria, especially the South-Eastern part. Support Families, Not Orphanages, For Vulnerable Children. My grandma Sadie lived in the town of Droghobych in Ukraine until she was 13.

Support Families, Not Orphanages, For Vulnerable Children

Nearby, there is a dirt road through a forest leading to the mass graves where the town’s last Jewish population lies buried. It is barely marked — if you did not know to look for the large slabs of concrete between the trees, you would have a hard time finding it. As a human rights lawyer who has spent a lifetime documenting atrocities, I was not prepared for the effect of this visit a few months ago. Helping Haitians help themselves. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—Five years ago, Americans Corrigan and Shelly Clay wanted to adopt a Haitian child.

While visiting a few of the country’s many orphanages, they learned some orphaned children actually aren’t orphans: They have parents who cannot afford to keep them. Instead of using their money to adopt, the Clays moved to Haiti with their four children in 2008 with a different plan—put impoverished people to work so families can stay intact. Umbrella helps to close home and reintegrate 13 children - The Umbrella Foundation. In March 2013, Umbrella worked with Stichting Veldwerk (SV), a Dutch INGO, to close their children’s homes in the Sindhupalchok district of Nepal (5 hours from Kathmandu) and reintegrate the 13 children living there with their relatives in the surrounding villages. When the children were originally taken in around 2006, Nepal’s internal conflict had just come to an end and many of them had lost their parent(s). Their turbulent home situations did not allow them to grow up in a safe environment.

However, over 6 years later most of their family situations have improved, partly due to their mothers (often widows) having taken part in income generation activities, run by SV in the area. The trafficked, abandoned and displaced children of Nepal. Developing countries have been hit hard by the financial crisis in the West, as funding rapidly dwindles for organizations such as The Umbrella Foundation, one of the most established sources of support for the lost children of Nepal.

Child trafficking, street children and corrupt orphanage owners are just some of the issues dealt with by the organization, whose primary mission, in accordance with research by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), is to reunify children with their families. The founding of The Umbrella Foundation. Fake orphanages. Bogus animal sanctuaries. And crooks growing rich on Western gullibility... why do-gooding gap year holidays may be a horrifyingly callous con.

Caroline Green, 45, from London, volunteered at an orphanage in ThailandTurned out children there were not orphansThey had been sent their by families on promise of better lifeBut were actually mistreated while money was made through no longer offers orphanage volunteering tripsMatthew Butler paid to volunteer at animal sanctuary in Costa RicaIn fact it was a poorly run zoo and money wasn't spent on helping animals By Chloe Lambert Published: 22:08 GMT, 11 September 2013 | Updated: 10:38 GMT, 12 September 2013. Me13-0002. Chilling experiment shows how children were happy to walk off with a stranger in the park... and it took just 90 seconds to persuade them. Delhi Classifieds Mobile. The boom of Cambodia's orphanage tourism. Orphanage tourism and volunteeringTravel with Kat. Orphanage tourism and volunteeringTravel with Kat. The boom of Cambodia's orphanage tourism.

O all our clever marketing friends -... - Better Child Protection. Orphanages are no place for children. Orphans in Congo. Can we talk about orphans without talking about international adoption? Taking responsibility for orphanage tourism - WTM Responsible Tourism Blog. WTM, orphanages and taking responsibility - Harold Goodwin's Blog. R_travel. Orphanage volunteering 'part of the problem' Can research on Romanian orphans be ethical? – Virginia Hughes.

Volunteering in orphanages the checks to be done. Given the recent announcement by responsible that they are to suspend offering orphanage volunteer trips I thought Id publish my reply - Our goal is not to close orphanages. Orphanage volunteering holidays removed from Orphanage volunteering holidays removed from Adventure holidays, family holidays, ecotourism, responsible travel & responsible tourism. Travel like a local in 2013 and 2014. Your multinational company has nothing... - Projects Abroad UK. Your multinational company has nothing... - Projects Abroad UK.

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