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MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages. The digital storytelling tool. Cartoon Story Maker. Downloads... Information... Examples... A quick look at the Cartoon Story Maker back to top... Features Features list character and background libraries import your own images text bubbles and information boxes accent key panel import voice recordings built in recorder to add your own voice recordings unlimited number of frames copy and paste frames preview print function saved stories can be opened and edited copy and paste text from other documents help files (available online and included in the program) See the for more details. back to top...

Cartoon Story Maker in the classroom Teachers can make cartoon stories to model language and cultural conventions. The Cartoon Story Maker has been designed with a focus on applying language learning. Students can: Teachers can: Cartoon Stories can be used: Installation and operation Installation To install and run the Cartoon Story Maker the computer must have the following: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (all require '.net framework 2.0'. Operation. Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator.

ToonDoo - World's fastest way to create cartoons! Tap Into The World Of Comics #2:Comic Version. Comic Master. Games . Comic Creator. Online Comic Creators. Comicsonline. X-TREME COMICS. - Online Image Editor For Cartoon Style Speech Bubbles. How to create and use comics with your English language learners!!!

In 2012 I attended a very useful online EVO session on ‘Digital Storytelling for Young Learners’. Among other things, I became familiar with a variety of web tools used to create comic strips and explored the ways to incorporate them in my EFL lessons effectively. In this post, I’d like to share some of the things I learnt as well as reflect on the use of comics in language teaching from my personal experience.

To start with, I’ll suggest 6 great comic creation tools! The first four are simpler to use and there is no need to sign up in order to employ them. The rest two are a bit more sophisticated, thus more appropriate for older students or very competent computer users. 1. 2. ?! 3. 4. 5. 6. Why? Because… Comics are a great way to inspire and motivate students of all ages! Teaching Ideas: Here are some ideas on how to use comics in class! On Internet safety rules. Tips to get the best out of comic strips: Have you ever tried using comics in your ELT class?

All the best, Christina. MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages. Educational Software. PLAYCOMIC. Create Comics with Chogger.

Creaza. Creaza Cartoonist Do you have a good idea or a good story you want to get out?


Do you have an assignment to create a story based on something you learned at school? Or do you just feel like goofing around and making a comic strip? Is your story about Roman gods, Little Red Riding Hood, friendship, or the future? When you have chosen a theme or an exercise, you get access to characters, backgrounds, props, as well as your own uploaded images and audio files in the menu on the right. Above the main frame, you will find all available functions for your cartoon. Clipboard Here, you can cut, paste, and copy elements from a frame. Frames Here, you will find functions for the frame.You can give the frame a name or a descriptive text under Properties. Drawing Formatting Here, you can work with the appearance of your text, lines, and bubbles. Comics Lab. - Create your own comics! Immagine. ZooBurst. Cartoon Story Maker. Domo Animate - Create animations. Comic Master. Il Metodo Più Divertente Per Creare e Condividere Fumetti. Anyone can make cool videos!

Cartoonist - Creaza Education. Witty Comics - Make a Comic. MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages. PIMPAMPUM. Activities - Stop Frame Animator.