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How to stream Kafka messages to Internet-facing clients over WebSockets. Unity Asset Store. The final Inverse Kinematics solution for Unity.

Unity Asset Store

Update (2.0): Version 2.0 brings many fixes and improvements to Final IK: - Easier VRIK calibration. . - Added Photon Unity Networking demos. Please see the Release Notes for the full list of update details. What can I do with Final IK? What does it contain? How does it perform? Technical Overview - Works with Humanoid, Generic and Legacy rigs - Tested on Standalone, WebGL, IOS, Android and all VR platforms including Oculus Quest - Full source code included - Custom undoable inspectors and scene view handles for each component - Warning system to safeguard from null references and invalid setups - Optimized for great performance - Modular, easily extendable. LinksPublisher's Website SupportHelp, Community & Support TicketsOnline User ManualOnline Script ReferenceDiscord E-mails What are your plans for the future?

Anything else I should know before buying? Server side idea. Server side navmesh pathfinding. Introductory Guide to AABB Tree Collision Detection – Azure From The Trenches. If you're looking for help with C#, .NET, Azure, Architecture, or would simply value an independent opinion then please get in touch here or over on Twitter.

Introductory Guide to AABB Tree Collision Detection – Azure From The Trenches

Those of you who read my Christmas break update will know I’ve taken a slight detour into low level graphics and games programming, writing a C++ voxel engine from the ground up for fun and a challenge. I’ve continued to tinker with it when I can and have since added support for voxel based sprites. In the screenshot below the aliens, player and bullet are all made up of voxels and move around the world space in a fashion vaguely reminiscent of the classic Space Invaders game: Though I realise it just looks like a flat textured mesh, and that a flat textured mesh would be many times more efficient than voxels for this, the ground is also made up voxels. What are AABBs? AABBs are simpler than they sound – they are essentially boxes who’s axes (so x,y for 2d and x,y,z for 3d) align / run in the same direction. The AABB Tree Ok. Spatial Partition · Optimization Patterns · Game Programming Patterns.

Unity - How to implement a inventory that stores different types of items? Spatial index - what is the best R tree variant. Unity - How to make a car move sharper at high speed? - Game Development Stack Exchange. Dijkstra path finding in C# is 15x slower than C++ version. For the moment, I'm ignoring the C# code (and its speed), and reviewing the C++ code for ways it might be open to improvement in readability (but with a decent compiler, what I'm suggesting shouldn't affect its speed).

Dijkstra path finding in C# is 15x slower than C++ version

Cell Rather than having code in main that reads in components, then composes them into a cell, I'd rather the cell knew how to read itself in from a stream: Grid Likewise, it seems to me that right now, you have knowledge of the structure of your 3D grid distributed throughout a lot of the code. main reads data into the grid, vec3::get_index converts from a 3D vector to a grid index, and so on. I'd rather centralize that into one class that provides a more convenient interface, something on this order: With these in place, main reads in the grid something like this: std::ifstream gridFile("grid.txt"); gridFile >> grid; ...and isFloor turns into something like this: return pos.y > 0 && !

...and the computation of withinGrid in get_neighbors simplifies to: queue_node Naming Timing. Server side - What is a login-queue? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange. On the simplest level, the server received a username and password and asks the database 'do you have a username and password hash that matches this'.

server side - What is a login-queue? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange

The database then says either yay or nay. That is quick and doesn't require much of a queue. For user experience reasons, this is done with priority, as you don't want a user to wait 5 minutes to find out they mistyped their password. But, there is often more work that needs to be done before one is actually 'in' the system.

For example, are you a first time user. For most applications, this is so small a demand that you don't see a queue until you go use a far more demanding part of the application. NAT punchthrough. Handling Guns.


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