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Daniel Cook: Game Design Theory I Wish I had Known When I Started. CreatingMinds - tools, techniques, methods, quotes and quotations on all matters creative. Paul Tozour's Blog - Decision Modeling and Optimization in Game Design, Part 8: Graph Search. World is set up.

Paul Tozour's Blog - Decision Modeling and Optimization in Game Design, Part 8: Graph Search

Each map is a complex, interlocking set of rooms, with many parts of the map sealed off by requiring access to different suits, weapons, and power-ups. As the player gains access to new technologies such as "morph ball mode," "spider ball mode," and different suits and weapons, different parts of the map structure gradually unlock, forcing a large amount of re-traversal for the player to visit each new unlocked area. As a result of this complexity, handling all of the traversal and re-traversal opportunities available to the player at each point in time is one of the major game design challenges on a Metroid style of game. If we move any rooms, change the connections between rooms, or change the location where the player gets a certain suit or weapon or power-up, that has the potential to completely change the player's flow and quite possibly break the game.

Each bubble shows a different room, and the arrows indicate the connections between pairs of rooms. Problem solved! 4 Powerful Game Development Tools. September 20th, 2012 When making a game, you want to : Work efficiently and quicklyEasily organize and keep track of your ideasSee your game in action as soon as possibleEasily test if the final product matches to your Game Design In this article, I present 4 powerful game development tools that you can use to achieve the 4 goals stated above. 1) Game Design document (GDD) Update 23/03/2013 : some of my ideas here about game design documents may be outdated, check this article for more up-to-date ideas.

4 Powerful Game Development Tools

When a game is born, it comes to the world in the form of a piece of paper or a word document called Game Design Document A Game Design Document describes EVERY feature of your game in a precise, clear and detailed way. Every detail should be there, no exception. When I started game development a few years ago, I made very incomplete or no GDDs at all. By neglecting to maintain a GDD, I was off-topic most of the time. Starting From Scratch: Five Tips for Better Game Design. Features - A Producer's 10 Lessons Learned the Hard Way. [Experienced Sony Computer Entertainment Europe producer David Manuel shares the secrets he's learned from years of seeing developers fail to learn from the mistakes they've made on projects in the past, and offers suggestions on the key learnings to integrate into your production process.]

Features - A Producer's 10 Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Last year, in Brisbane, Australia, where I used to live, there were the worst floods for over 30 years. And yet over the last few centuries there have been several such floods that have hit the city. After each flood, there has been a commission to look at ways to mitigate flooding in the future. And yet most of the recommendations are ignored and building continued on the flood plains. This seems to be true with a lot of events around the world -- whether it's floods, fires, or riots. The same thing happens in video game production, too. We, as an industry, often fail to act on what we learn. If we skimp on a resource, particularly one that is needed up front, then the impact can be severe. Risk and Reward Deluxe « #AltDevBlogADay. I recently came across a quote from Cliff Bleszinski (source forgotten) where he contemplated that he’d rather have other game designers ripping off Gears of War’s “active reload” mechanic than its cover-based shooting.

Risk and Reward Deluxe « #AltDevBlogADay

Reading that, I was reminded of an observation that my friend and colleague Peter once had while we were playing Wii Tennis together. We were pretty good players, having played that game daily during our lunch break for months. And we finally understood the finesse, the genius, of the service in Wii Tennis. The service in Wii Tennis works like this: First, you waggle the Wii Remote to throw the ball into the air. Then you make a racket swing-like gesture with the remote in order to hit the ball.

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