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DSIRE: DSIRE Home. Alternative home energy-Discover alternative power sources for home electricity. Green Architecture. ZeroEnergy Design (ZED) provides green architecture, mechanical design, and energy consulting services to create environmentally sensible homes and buildings for residential clients ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSIBLE Sustainability is not an optional checkbox at our firm, but rather a deeply-ingrained principle that impacts our process, our use of design to solve challenges, and the guidance we offer clients.

Green Architecture

EXCEPTIONAL ENERGY PERFORMANCE ZED designs and specifies a high level of energy performance, a minimum of 50% better than code requires. Choose your performance target - net zero energy, Passive House, or others. HEALTHY INDOOR AIR A careful combination of material selections, fresh air ventilation, whole house filtering, building science best practices, and smart jobsite etiquette keeps the indoor air healthy. Department of Energy. Renewable Energy for Your Home and Property. Home Energy Information: Alternative energy resources from Backwoods Home Power. AltE: Solar Panels & Solar Energy Gear. Solar Panels, Solar Power and Solar Kits. Home Power Magazine: Solar.