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How to use Facebook's Custom Audiences from your website. Supercharge Your PPC Workflow. There are a never-ending number of tasks needed for successful PPC workflow.

Supercharge Your PPC Workflow

Sometimes it feels like there is too much to do and too little time to do it. Establishing a routine for PPC optimization helps calm the chaos. Supercharge your PPC workflow with these daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. Daily: Daily tasks should be done even on your busiest days. Check performance on all accounts, first thing, and put out fires. Weekly: Set aside time each week for digging into deeper optimization tactics.

Search query reports and keyword research. Monthly: Agency PPC managers are no doubt familiar with creating monthly reports for clients. Strategy and goals check. Quarterly: Every quarter, set aside time to look at long-term goals and analysis for your PPC campaigns. Overall business review. Yearly: **Keyword Research Software to Find Long Tail Keywords** Getting Inspired: 5 Ideas to Help Refresh Your Ad Copy. Refreshing ad copy is one of those optimization tasks that I have a very bad habit of putting off.

Getting Inspired: 5 Ideas to Help Refresh Your Ad Copy

For me, writing ad copy requires a certain Zen -- a deep concentration and focused frame of mind. How to use Keyword Research to Find New Landing Page Testing Ideas. Conversion rate optimization is all about finding the right elements on a page to test.

How to use Keyword Research to Find New Landing Page Testing Ideas

Should you test a new value proposition, image, headline or redesign a page completely? All of these things are worth looking into when considering what to try but finding the right elements to A/B test can be very difficult. Today, I'm going to introduce a shortcut for coming up with winning test ideas.

Instead of staring at your page over and over again to come up with one or two new ideas, you can use this shortcut to generate a plethora of ideas in a short amount of time. Introducing Competitive Keyword Research Competitive keyword research helps PPC advertisers find out which keywords their competitors are bidding on. It's possible your competitors will send you down a rabbit hole of unprofitable keywords if they don't know what they're doing, but it's even more possible that you'll uncover keyword opportunities you haven't thought of yet.

Ultimate Guide to AdWords Remarketing. Working With a New PPC Client: 7 Ways to Drive AdWords Strategies & Objectives - SEW. Recently I changed jobs, and took somewhat of a different direction.

Working With a New PPC Client: 7 Ways to Drive AdWords Strategies & Objectives - SEW

I went from an agency doing paid search for many clients to providing search strategies for a large international company. Having worked for an agency for most of my paid search career, the shift has been a bit of an adjustment. The first few days were a sea of acronyms, new faces, and trying to navigate my way around the large campus. Going from juggling multiple clients to having just one large one has required me to adjust a lot of what I did on a day-to-day basis.

However, the same main principles apply – whether you're an agency managing a paid search account or working with an agency that manages it, ensuring the client's accounts are optimized and performing at their highest level is the bottom line. Taking paid search agency experience and applying it inside a company has been interesting and challenging.

Break-Even CPC & Simple Landing Page Testing - SEW. In the relentless hunt for more conversions, being number one has never been so important in a digital marketing.

Break-Even CPC & Simple Landing Page Testing - SEW

But how to can you get on top and stay there? That will require a combination of tactics. Enhance your ad using extensions - AdWords Help. See how a business like Main Street Flowers uses sitelinks, call, and location extensions to enhance its ads.

Enhance your ad using extensions - AdWords Help

By adding extra pieces of information about the business to their ads, they're giving customers more reasons to click. 10 Reasons to Hire a PPC Management Expert. In the battle for marketing dollars, SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) are in constant competition with one another.

10 Reasons to Hire a PPC Management Expert

As Google changes its algorithms, companies find themselves competing against moving goal posts. SEO can be a slow process, and businesses in competitive industries may never be able to hold onto the number one rankings they desire. That's why more money is funneled into PPC advertising. PPC advertising has the potential to deliver targeted traffic, but it takes technical know-how to do it properly.

Even marketing veterans can make mistakes when they enter into a new market, or start selling a new product with PPC. If you're thinking of setting up your own Google AdWords account, don't. 25 PPC Tips & Tricks to Try in 2013. The gym is always extra-crowded this time of year, full of people redoubling their fitness efforts and trying to stick to their weight loss resolutions.

25 PPC Tips & Tricks to Try in 2013

The good news is, you can apply the same enthusiasm to your AdWords account without having to park at a crowded gym and fight for a spot on a bench or in your favorite class! Are you ready to kick some AdWords ass in 2013? Try out these 25 tips from our Customer Success team to save time and money and get better results. Enable Sitelinks Sitelinks! Erin Sagin, Customer Success Specialist.