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There are only 8 BEAR species, all of which are large, solitary mammals. Most species are omnivores but there are some exceptions. The herbivorous Giant Panda feeds exclusively on bamboo while the Polar Bear, the largest land predator alive today, has a diet consisting almost entirely of meat.

Bear Cubs

A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone. I'm ready for my claws-up. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 15:57 GMT, 24 August 2011 Jill Greenberg, like every other professional photographer, knows that models can be hard to handle - with their diva-like demands and hissy fits.

I'm ready for my claws-up

And, with the models she works with especially, getting them at the wrong time of day is literally like dealing with a bear with a sore head. Greenberg's studio portraits feature animal celebrities, including many who have appeared in Hollywood films and commercials, at their most cute - and frightening. Paw-trait: Amos, an impossibly adorable European Brown Bear, poses for a Jill Greenberg portrait in Kern, Frazier Park, California. The portraits range from cute to ferocious He work captures everything from baby brown bears looking adorable, to 10ft tall Kodiak bears looking a little less adorable. She said: 'I wanted to create images of these majestic beasts unlike anything we had seen before.

Does my butt look big in this? Brown bear catching salmon. Random photo.

Brown bear catching salmon

Polar bears and dogs playing. Look at those nails! Polar Bear party. Asiatic Black Bear (aka the Moon Bear) Brown bear. Kermode bear. Description[edit] Spirit bears hold a prominent place in the oral stories of the Canadian First Nations and American Indians of the area.

Kermode bear

It has also been featured in a National Geographic documentary.[2] Scientists have found that black bears are not as effective at catching fish as white bears, as the white bears are less visible from the perspective of the fish. While at night the two colours of bears have similar success rates at catching fish, such as salmon, during the day the white bears are 30% more effective.[3] The Kermode bear was named after Francis Kermode, former director of the Royal B.C. Museum,[1] who researched the subspecies and a colleague of William Hornaday, the zoologist who described it.[4][5] The pronunciation of "Kermode" as "ker-MOH-dee" differs from the actual pronunciation of the Kermode surname, which originates on the Isle of Man and is properly pronounced "KER-mode".[6] Habitat[edit]

What goes on when you are not there! Group of Polar Bearts. Sankebetsu brown bear incident. A reproduction of "Kesagake".

Sankebetsu brown bear incident

Note the helmet for scale. Andean Spectacled Bear. Filming Kodiak Bears Underwater. Charging Bear. Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography Tags:

Charging Bear

Black Bear and Spirit Bear. Starving Polar Bear. Steven Kazlowski says on the whole, polar bears seem more curious about what humans are, than what we taste like.

Starving Polar Bear

((Steven Kazlowski)) Steven Kazlowski has been five centimetres from a polar bear's face, has been woken by a young bear that crashed into his tent and tapped his head curiously, has been enticed by a cub to play tag while the alert mother watched — and has never, not once, felt like dinner. "But here is the catch," he adds from his Seattle home. Alaska. The Catch by Roman Golubenko. Прикольный мишка. Biologist explains why there is nothing wrong with Giant Pandas. New to reddit?

Biologist explains why there is nothing wrong with Giant Pandas

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We ask that you please do the following: Please also read the site-wide Reddiquette. You are loved. Polar Bear stretching in a field of flowers. Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography Tags:

Polar Bear stretching in a field of flowers

Sloth bear of Mysore - Wikipedia. “[Sloth] Bears, as a rule, are excitable but generally harmless creatures.

Sloth bear of Mysore - Wikipedia

This particular bear carried the mark of Cain, in that he had become the wanton and deliberate murderer of several men, whom he had done death in most terrible fashion, without provocation”— “The Black Bear of Mysore”, from Man-Eaters and Jungle Killers, Kenneth Anderson, Allen & Unwin, 1957 The reasons given to explain the Mysore sloth bear’s unusual behaviour varied. Some of the natives within the bear’s killing range thought that the bear was a sow taking revenge on humanity after her cubs were stolen[citation needed]. Others thought that it was a male which had previously abducted a young girl as its mate, only to have her rescued by the villagers, thus inciting the bear’s anger. Kenneth Anderson believed that the bear had previously been injured by humans and altered its behaviour accordingly.

First attacks[edit] Brown Bear. Grizzly.