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Simple Paper Circuit

Simple Paper Circuit
Paper circuits are a great way of adding light to your drawings, origami, or papercraft creations. Instead of using wires to connect a battery to LEDs, paper circuits use conductive metal tape. Copper tape can be found online at places like Amazon, Sparkfun, and as part of the Circuit Stickers kit at Maker Shed. It can also be found at hardware stores as “slug tape“. Or try cutting long, narrow strips of aluminum foil tape, used for repairing HVAC ducts (but not duct tape!) Popularized by technology-oriented artists like Jie Qi and Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, refined in places like the Tinkering Studio and nexmap, and now a wonderful product by chibitronics called Circuit Stickers, this lovely synthesis of art and technology is a great way to introduce artists to electronics, and engineers to art. This Make: Project is just the beginning of what’s possible. When your LED stops lighting up, replace the battery. Download a one page paper circuit PDF here.

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Paper Circuits A more intricate project: a light-up model of the Bay Bridge Another more complex project: a folded origami swan with LED eyes LED lights make this fastball really fly! At the touch of a switch the girl blushes through the paper A classic interpretation of a birthday cake spiced up with some LEDs blink blink Creative Circuit Kits for Girls! - blink blink kits provide circuit materials to make fun DIY, art & fashion projects with technology. Designed with girls, for girls! - iCrowdNewswire x RSS Newsfeeds See all RSS Newsfeeds

Work with Shape-Memory Alloy We’re very pleased to have Jie Qi on MAKE for our Advanced Materials month (which has been extended until Feb 6). Her bio is so impressive, I thought I’d post the entire thing: I was born in China and moved to the US when I was 6… Fast forward to college at Columbia University. I started out a pre-medical/biomedical engineering major and spent a semester and summer doing tissue engineering research in the MBL group. That same summer, I got an internship in Brooklyn building sculptures out of bottles for Aurora Robson, through which I fell in love with art again.

Pop Up Circuit Card We found a project like this on and added a switch to the circuit to make it our own. We have had so much fun making this with all ages at our community center here in Boston and would highly recommend making them. It is so much fun and you also learn about circuits and get a chance to be creative, inventive and practice troubleshooting. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Have fun "making"! Donna BCYF Menino Community Center Boston, MA Paper Circuits Interactive Mural (Middle School) - Mr. Moss - Fab Lab Interactive Light Painting- Pu Gong Ying Tu ‎(Dandelion Painting)‎-SD.mp4 Mr. Moss studying how Pu Gong Ying did her interactive paper circuits at MIT Media Lab.....we do research at NBPS!!! This project incorporate Fab Lab Equipment (Digital Fabrication Tools) into creative, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experiences where young learners gather to create, invent, and learn.

Makers stories- Jie Qi on paper electronics — HacKIDemia Last week I finally had the opportunity to meet with Jie Qi at the High Low tech lab at MIT Media Lab. After following her projects for a while and playing with the electronic postcard in our workshops I was able to find discover how Jie is imagining the future of making with kids. One word: playful. That was also her main advice to our mentors: "Make sure you have fun with HacKIDemia! That is when the magic happens." Jie sees the world of electronics as a whole new medium of artistic expression where perception and imagination merge.

Create A Paper Castle with Interactive Electronics Step #3: Build the castle (cont'd) PrevNext Cut out the slots for door pieces on the front of the castle piece. Origami Paper Circuits Getting Started We love paper circuits! They’re fun, they’re easy to teach, and there are so many different ways you can create paper circuits. Smart textiles: Lilypad Arduino, the heart of clothes that can ‘think’ Smart textiles are a greatly unknown category within the wearable devices that are revolutionizing contemporary technology. Everyone is talking about e-health bracelets or smartphones, but very little about those clothes that are designed to 'think' for themselves by incorporating electronic material. And for this progress, Arduino hardware is vital.

Let It Glow Holiday Cards Favorited Favorite 4 Introduction Craft a glowing card for friends and family this holiday season with paper circuits - no soldering required! This tutorial will guide you through how to create simple paper circuitry using only copper tape, a coin cell battery, a LilyPad Button Board, and an LED, and it will leave you with a basic understanding of how circuits work.