Management collaboratif

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When I started working as a Junior Developer in the early 90s, I was developing application software in airline mainframe systems (for the record : IBM TPF technology). Dozen thousands of users (travel agents, airline reservation offices), hundredth thousands transactions a day. Back in those days we were developing in Assembler/370, a programming language which, roughly speaking, is to today’s programming languages what a 70s calculator is to an iPad. Anyway, that was the most appropriate technology to get things done fast on these mainframe systems. The Egoless Knowledge Worker The Egoless Knowledge Worker
Les entreprises doivent passer à un management collaboratif
The Egoless Manager This blog post attempts to complete the Hypertextual holy trinity of the 21st century organisation members. After the Egoless Knowledge Worker and the Post-Heroic Leader, please welcome the Egoless Manager. Likewise the one dedicated to the Egoless Knowledge Worker, this article aims to propose a behavior pattern for managers to succeed in a highly collaborative environment. This pattern is defined by the following 10 values … 1- Hyperlink Subvert Hierarchy The Egoless Manager
The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming, as originally established in Jerry Weinberg's book The Psychology of Computer Programming: Understand and accept that you will make mistakes. The point is to find them early, before they make it into production. Fortunately, except for the few of us developing rocket guidance software at JPL, mistakes are rarely fatal in our industry, so we can, and should, learn, laugh, and move on.You are not your code. Remember that the entire point of a review is to find problems, and problems will be found. The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming
Management collaboratif – Du pyramidal à l’horizontal XEnvoyer cet article par e-mail Management collaboratif – Du pyramidal à l’horizontal Plus que de nouveaux outils, de nouvelles méthodes de travail. ERP, NFOT, plateformes collaboratives, réseaux sociaux professionnels. Le management collaboratif comme le modèle de gestion d’équipe se répand dans les entreprises, grâce à des plateformes toujours plus performantes permettant de mettre en commun les informations, les ressources, les compétences et les idées à travers les différents services. Management collaboratif – Du pyramidal à l’horizontal