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Digital Makerspace

Created by Kara Wilkins, District Integration Technology Specialist, Lowell Public Schools Many ideas were inspired by Shannon McClintock Miller: Page updated Google Sites Report abuse. 12 Days of Making For ALL Students, Teachers and Families! I have a special project to share, friends.

12 Days of Making For ALL Students, Teachers and Families!

It's called the 12 Days of Making With Capstone! It's a little gift for everyone to share over the next 12 days with your students, teachers and families. From December 14 to the 25, I will be sharing a different theme around making each day with two Capstone eBooks all students, teachers and families can view and use while creating, learning and collaborating through making.

Within the Capstone Interactive account we have set up for this project, there are 24 eBooks. I can't wait to reveal two new titles each day. Our readers will love them! Tomorrow, on December 14, we will kick it off with...The 1st Day of Making is Coding board that includes... Curiosities and Puzzlements. Send me the links!

Curiosities and Puzzlements

Creating A Culture of Curiosity We have a problem with curiosity in our classrooms. Observations find that entire classes of kids ask essentially zero curious questions. This starts in kindergarten. An individual kid may go an entire year without asking a curious question. Why? Paper Snowflake Maker. 12 Days of Making with Capstone - Google Slides. Extracting Pumpkin DNA – Los Alamos STEAM Lab. How to Extract DNA From a Pumpkin!

Extracting Pumpkin DNA – Los Alamos STEAM Lab

Before you throw away your leftover halloween pumpkins, consider doing this at home science experiment! DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the material within living cells that carries information about how an organism will look and function. We have a lot of DNA within our bodies, but so do all other living organisms, including pumpkins! Dyson Creates 44 Free Engineering & Science Challenges for Kids Quarantined During COVID-19. A heads up: Dyson has "created 44 engineering and science activities for children to try out while at home during the coronavirus pandemic, from making a balloon-powered car to building a bridge from spaghetti," writes the Dezeen website.

Dyson Creates 44 Free Engineering & Science Challenges for Kids Quarantined During COVID-19

They go on to add: "Comprised of 22 science tasks and 22 engineering activities, the Challenge Cards can be completed by children using common household items such as eggs, string and balloons. " You can also find a related playlist of videos on YouTube, one of which appears above. STEAM Challenges. Top Take-Home STEM Resources for School Closings — Vivify STEM. Is your school moving to online learning?

Top Take-Home STEM Resources for School Closings — Vivify STEM

In the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation, many schools are making the transition online without proper preparation or training. In this unique situation, teachers are scrambling to figure out how to continue keeping students engaged and learning. We recommend the resources provided by the Kennesaw State University’s iTeach program that includes tons of links to apps, websites, and articles for transitioning classrooms to online learning including presenting, assessing, discussing, and other useful EdTech tools. Does your school use Google? Check out this guide for G Suite tools and tips for distance education and this resource repository. Another option is Microsoft Teams, available for free to educational institutions through the Office 365 A1 offer. 40 Science Websites to Keep Kids Engaged and Entertained at Home. Bored Teachers, LLC (“Bored Teachers,” “we,” “us,” “our”) provides its services (described below) to you through its website located at (the “Site”) and through its related services (collectively, such services, including any content, new features, and applications, and the Site, the “Service(s)”), subject to the following Terms of Service (as amended from time to time, the “Terms of Service”).

40 Science Websites to Keep Kids Engaged and Entertained at Home

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change or modify portions of these Terms of Service at any time. If we do this, we will post the changes on this page and will indicate at the top of this page the date these terms were last revised. Your continued use of the Service after the date any such changes become effective constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms of Service.

Wimja – Creative Challenges During School Closure. Science Resources for Learning from Home, Grades K–8. Carolina Biological Supply Company is committed to support parents, teachers, and school districts with learn-from-home resources during this challenging time.

Science Resources for Learning from Home, Grades K–8

Walt Disney Imagineering Partners With Khan Academy To Bring You ‘Imagineering in a Box’ Imagineering fans, get ready!

Walt Disney Imagineering Partners With Khan Academy To Bring You ‘Imagineering in a Box’

If you’ve ever been one of many guests who’s visited a Disney theme park and found yourself inspired to dream, build and create, there’s a new online program you just can’t miss! ‘Imagineering in a Box’ is a free online program that brings together the diverse talents of Disney Imagineers around the world for a one-of-a-kind learning experience and is part of Disney’s commitment to helping today’s youth create the future they imagine. The series offers 32 videos in which Imagineers share how they use a wide range of skills – from story development and conceptual design, to math, physics and engineering – to create immersive experiences.

Where Science and Literacy Meet. Free Maker Resources – Mackin. 30 Days of LEGO Play - Free Printable Calendar - The Shirley Journey. 7 Spooky STEM Challenges for Halloween - Teach Outside the Box. October STEM Read Alouds — Carly and Adam. Read-alouds are one of the best ways to introduce new concepts to students.

October STEM Read Alouds — Carly and Adam

By integrating stories in lessons, students are introduced to quality books. When students are exposed to engaging literature, it fosters a life-long love of reading. There are even greater benefits when these engaging read-alouds are connected to a STEM activity! STEM promotes 21st century skills all while allowing students to connect their learning to science, technology, engineering, and mathematical principles. MEL Chemistry. Star Wars Snowflakes — Anthony Herrera Designs. Story Design: Innovative STEAM Projects. STEAM Literacy Links. Early learning for Science, Math, Engineering Design – STORYTIME STEM-PACKS.

Stuff Spinner Activity Finder . DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL. Top Take-Home STEM Resources for School Closings — Vivify STEM. NFS Remote Maker Lab. Search Results Page. Top 10 Read Alouds for Elementary Makerspaces - Teach Outside the Box. Home. Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and STEM Kits - MiSTEM Network. Civil Air Patrol is a civilian axillary of the US Air Force. One of the organization’s missions is aerospace education/STEM education. To further this goal, educators (defined as anyone who directly supports children learning) can join CAP as Aerospace Educators for a one time $35 fee (renewal each year is free) and then order any of 15 different STEM kits. Estimated value of each kit is $20 - $400, and when finished using the kit, the educator may keep the kit, complete a short evaluation, and order another kit. LEGO Challenge Cards - The Stem Laboratory.

Heyworthleap. Not all STEM is Equal: 3 Stages of STEM Education — Vivify STEM. In stage 2, students apply math and science concepts to problems using the engineering design process. Instead of immediately building, students are systematically guided through a process of brainstorming, design, building, testing, re-design, and sharing their solutions. Our most popular product, the catapult challenge (found here), is a great example of this stage. Students apply knowledge of elastic potential energy to design a catapult device to either hit a target or maximize distance.

During the testing phase, students analyze catapult designs through graphing results, averaging data, and comparing results of different launch angles. This process enhances student critical thinking skills while integrating math and science skills into an engaging hands-on engineering project. 10 Genius Science and STEM Activities With Craft Sticks. Christmas Coding Activity STEAM Ornament for Kids. Code without a computer, learn about the binary alphabet, and craft a simple ornament all in one great Christmas STEM activity.

Our 25 Days of Christmas STEM countdown is over half way done! Can you believe Christmas is so close? I hope you have been enjoying all of the STEM activities we have been trying out this season. Today’s project is a Christmas coding activity, that you can also turn into an ornament! Whenever the holidays come around, I always want to make ornaments for our tree with my son, but he isn’t the crafty type and prefers the science and STEM activities we do more. LEGO Challenge Cards - The Stem Laboratory. FREE Printable LEGO Challenge Cards - A Few Shortcuts. This post may contain affiliate links. Kids getting bored? Download and Print these FREE Printable LEGO Challenge Cards and get their minds working. A fun educational activity that is also a blast for birthday parties and more!

My kids are all about all things LEGO. We have spent the last couple days trying to organize them a little so it is easier to find what we need when we go to build with them. Each one has an idea for something to build. User portal. DIY Paper Toys. Build a Design Drawing Machine with LEGO Bricks. 50 Great iPad STEAM Apps for Teachers and Students. 15 STEM Challenges for Kids - Left Brain Craft Brain. STEM Goes Green - 16 Upcycled and Earth Friendly Projects for Kids - Left Brain Craft Brain. 50+ Awesome Engineering Projects for Kids - Left Brain Craft Brain. 25+ Easy and Awesome Science Projects for Kids - Left Brain Craft Brain.