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Roberto Castaldo

Rappresentare visivamente la conoscenza

Come Migliorare la Tua Reputazione Online. Didattica & Social Media. Lo strano percorso: come viaggiano i dati in rete. Pillola sul denaro. European e-Competence Framework. The CEN Workshop on ICT Skills is a network of experts representing the ICT industry, academic institutions, vocational Training organisations, ICT professional associations, social Partners and Research institutions.

European e-Competence Framework

The Workshop aims to promote excellence in the ICT sector and strengthen the ICT Profession through the creation of relevant supporting standards that can be applied through Europe and around the world. The CEN ICT Skills Workshop has been operational since early 2003. From its inception the Workshop has contributed to the long-term e-Skills agenda of the European Commission (EC).

Information on the EC’s e-Skills policy initiatives is available from the e-Skills web page of the European Commission/ DG Enterprise and Industry.


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