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Sight word games

Tinker Storytime. Funny face rock puzzle. This week we pulled out some white rocks that were stashed away in the back of the craft cupboard for no particular purpose.

Funny face rock puzzle

Sometimes I buy things, feeling sure that I will “make something one day”, but once they are put away they are completely forgotten about. Until the kids pull them out, of course, and decide to do some craft. Now to be completely honest, the kids did not make these rock puzzle pieces at all. I made them, and while I made them the kids did their own crafting beside me. For miss R it was painting a bunch of the white rocks in different colours to turn them into “precious gems”, and for miss K it was painting a stash of cardboard tubes to be turned into a robot at a later date (yet to be completed). Story telling wheel for The Snail and the Whale. Storytimes on Pinterest.

Scissor skills

"Des feuilles très, très chouettes" Delightfully Noted: Easter Craft: Bunny Tail Treat Cups. If these bunny tail treat cups don't tell ya how much of a tush gal I am then I don't know what does.

Delightfully Noted: Easter Craft: Bunny Tail Treat Cups

Bunny tushes, baby tushes, puppy tushes.....heck, I'll even take one for the team, restraining order & all, & give Ryan Gosling a pinch to his bum just to prove to you all how much I like a good, cute tush. Yep, that's right I'd do that JUST for you. So last we chatted I told you I was spending some time this weekend putting together some Easter treats for my nieces & nephew. Nice transition in conversation there, ay? We go from booty talk to Easter. Hands-On Math Craft. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service").

Hands-On Math Craft

Paper bag purse. A few weeks ago, we heard of the Creative Challenge given by Tinkerlab.

Paper bag purse

The material for this challenge was to be paper bags. I had a few paper grocery bags stashed away for who-knows-what and they were perfect for the challenge.

Fathers Day

Loons and Quines @ Librarytime: Flannel Friday - Preparing for a Pirate Party! Greetings from Pirate Pete!

Loons and Quines @ Librarytime: Flannel Friday - Preparing for a Pirate Party!

I've made this new flannel to use at upcoming Pirate Parties to be held for our visiting Nursery (Kindergarten) classes. It is a combination of song and game which came from the site Making Learning Fun. The pattern pieces came from their downloadable templates. Story Time Secrets: Reflections on Library Service to Toddlers. I have been working with toddlers almost my entire adult life, but never in such great numbers or in such an unstructured environment as in the public library.

Story Time Secrets: Reflections on Library Service to Toddlers

For the purposes of this post, I am defining toddlers as children who walk but who have not yet passed their third birthday, because this is how I separated toddlers from babies and preschoolers when I asked folks to register for toddler story time. Below are some general lessons I have learned from interacting with toddlers both in and out of the story time room.Toddler Tip #1: Communicate behavior expectations to parents and caregivers. Toddlers are just beginning to learn about boundaries, and their grown-ups are often just learning how to enforce them.

While the rules of the library might seem like second nature to those of us who are in the library all day, that might not be the case for parents of toddlers.

Mothers Day

Paper Tree Tutorial – Christmas Party Games for Preschoolers. We had our annual Christmas party today and it was a whirlwind of activity, wrapping paper, pajamas, pancakes and a few simple games that I thought I would pass along to you – just in case you are in need of a couple of last minute ideas… Ornament Toss I made an ornament toss game out of a big box (found at the local recycle center).

Christmas Party Games for Preschoolers

I painted a Christmas tree on the box with liquid tempera paint and cut a few holes in the box large enough for our unbreakable ornaments to fall through… The back of the box was left open so the children could lift the box to take the ornaments back out and play again. I put a soft sheet of foam on the ground to keep the ornaments from making a loud crashing sound every time one dropped through the box and landed on the hard tile. DIY play envelopes & stamps. When my boys were younger they used to love making little letters.

DIY play envelopes & stamps

I’ve put together an all-in-one envelope template and play stamps in the hope that it might inspire a little one that you know to create some snail mail too! You can make a little postbox if you want. There are some great examples on pinterest. By the way, I’ve been making a few changes around here in order to make my website mobile friendly so it may look a bit different to usual.

Sensory play

Gardening Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations. Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations created this fantastic interdisciplinary, multi-skill printable gardening unit that would be perfect for spring and learning about the Earth.

Gardening Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations

Featuring twelve colorful activities, here are a few of the highlights {as always, you'll have to visit Jolanthe's site for the full scoop}! Scissor Skills. In this exercise, students help 'water the flowers' by cutting on the line in order to connect the watering can to the colorful blooms. Jolanthe provides two scissor skill worksheets that can be printed onto different weights of paper to provide exercise variations.

Motor skills

Simple Name Activities for Preschoolers. NAUGHTY OR NICE? GAME TO ENCOURAGE APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR - The Inspired Treehouse. How many of you use the Elf on the Shelf or the impending Santa visit as bait for good behavior??


It works like a charm for my 4 year old. It’s to the point now that he will walk a little taller and speak a little quieter when we pass Santa at the mall. This is an activity we do to enforce the kind of behavior that warrants a visit from the big guy and which behavior deserves of a lump of coal! :) You searched for label/Scissor Skills - Munchkins and Moms. 30+ Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids. Flannel Friday: Monkey Face by Frank Asch. I am always late to the party, so it should come as no surprise that the first time I make a Flannel Friday post, I’ve got a story that Cate did at Storytiming back in 2011, Sharon did at Rain Makes Applesauce in 2012, and Bridget did just this past January.

What can I say? It’s a good story! Monkey Face, by Frank Asch, was published in 1977 and is way out of print. OceanPhotoBooth.pdf. Father's Day Craft: Tie-Shaped Bookmark Using Tear Art. Make a Reading Star Book Counting Chain. Get kids excited about reading with this DIY Reading Star Countdown Chain. Hang your child's star in a visible place, add a title of a book to the chain each day and celebrate reading. My kids love to read, but every so often, they need an extra boost to get and stay excited about reading. When that happens, we make a reading star book counting chain. My 5 year old and 8 year ask for this activity every summer, so much, that it has now become a family tradition.

Affiliate links are included in this article. Chalk Shapes Jumping Game - Craftulate. This jumping game is made by drawing chalk shapes outside. Join us for some gross motor fun! All you need for this activity need is some sidewalk chalk. Well, and a surface to draw the shapes onto! Draw shapes in a grid formation – a different shape for each child playing is a good starting point. You could also use different colour chalk for each shape type (it doesn’t show in the photos but this is what I did!).


Birthday Party Theme: Stripes - Real Simple. Best Grandma Ever Medal Tutorial and Mother's Day Printables. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our mailing list. Thanks for visiting! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, my tween and I are finishing up our homemade presents for her grandmas. I wanted to make something personal and make sure the sentiment came from Maggie’s words. So today’s post is a two part tutorial. 3 Eco-Friendly Tea Cup Cards by She's Batty by shesbattydesigns. Make-color-by-number-coloring-9.jpg (JPEG Image, 1050 × 800 pixels) - Scaled (97%) Culture Briefs: Q&A with Kristen Bach of Treehouse Kid and Craft. Treehouse Kid and Craft recently won Flagpole's Athens Favorites Award for Best Creative Kid and Adult Classes. Owner Kristen Bach and her team of crafty teachers make every day creative with a schedule of monthly craft classes geared to specific age groups.

The summer camp schedule is now up and includes week-long themed camps that promise to induce adult jealousy. Space Camp, Where the Wild Things Are and Woodland Fairy are just a few of them. Flagpole spoke with Bach about the evolution of Treehouse's classes and camps. DIY Paper Cup Basket DIY Projects. Hanging Bat Craft for Kids. BlogHer. Fire breathing dragon craft ... breathing technique for anger. Paper Ocean - My Kid Craft. Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: B is for Bugs.

Making Boys Men: Simple Spiders Web Game. Rocking Round Robin Paper Craft. Make and Takes for Kids – 50 Crafts Throughout the Year. Animal silhouette Necklace.

Ideas for individual books

Handmade Mother's Day Card and Belleza Mia Giveaway Winner. Sesame Street: Family Song. Toolbelt printable. Fun Family Certificates to Print. Sun Suncatcher Craft - Craftulate. Dr. Jean - Music for Young Children. Pikadilly Charm: Paper Bag Fall Tree. Styrofoam Cup Spring Bonnets. Gross Motor Activity: Tape Jumping Game. HAND STRENGTH: 35 FUN ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS - The Inspired Treehouse. Water Beads and Glow Sticks. Hattifant`s hungry Turtle Family - Hattifant. Art Storytime. Storytime songs and rhymes. Love and cuddles.