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The Ruth Stout No-Work Gardening Method - Ask a Prepper. How to Sprout Potatoes. Growing Garlic: How to Plant, Grow, Harvest, and Store. The Fastest Surefire Way to Start Sweet Potato Slips For Planting. My Joan Crawford-Approved Tomato Trellis – Kevin Lee Jacobs. WHEN IT COMES TO STAKING TOMATOES, I rely on the wisdom of the late, great Joan Crawford, who famously shrieked “No wire cages — EVER!”

My Joan Crawford-Approved Tomato Trellis – Kevin Lee Jacobs

Okay, she was talking about wire hangers. Still, I loathe tomato cages. Support For Tomatoes. Trellising and Training Tomatoes Shepherd Ogden This is probably the most extensive and valuable discussion of staking tomatoes ever written.

Support For Tomatoes

It has been written by our good friend Shep Ogden and fellow garden writer and advocate for an organic life. In my travels to gardens and farms around the world, I've seen a variety of inventive ways to trellis tomato plants. Some of the trellises are particularly attractive, others are surprisingly strong, and still others are rather elaborate. Guide to Growing Codonopsis. Growing Guide GROWING NOTES Codonopsis is a climbing vine, sometimes reaching as high as 6', displaying unique "bonnet bellflowers" in the summer months.

Guide to Growing Codonopsis

Codonopis prefers light, sandy soild but can grow in richer, loamy blends as well. Companion Planting. Check out this chart on Companion Planting.

Companion Planting

Click the image for the full version. Here’s when I started believing in companion planting: in 2005, I planted an oregano plant. Gardening By The Moon: How To Align Your Garden With Lunar Phases - Home for the Harvest. Have you tried gardening by the moon?

Gardening By The Moon: How To Align Your Garden With Lunar Phases - Home for the Harvest

Borage Seed Propagation: Tips On Growing Borage From Seeds. Borage is a fascinating and underrated plant.

Borage Seed Propagation: Tips On Growing Borage From Seeds

While it’s completely edible, some people are turned off by its bristly leaves. While the older leaves do develop a texture that not everyone finds pleasant, the younger leaves and flowers provide a splash of color and a crisp, cucumber flavor that can’t be beaten. 5 Tips for Growing Shiso (& How to Care for it) Shiso can be tricky to get going in your garden, but once it's growing, it is likely to self-seed and come back year after year.

5 Tips for Growing Shiso (& How to Care for it)

The plant does best in full sun and in well drained soil, but it is really not that picky and is a generally low maintenance plant. >> Check out Shiso on Amazon << The one thing you'll want to be diligent about is removing its flowerheads as they appear, or else you are like to end up with many baby shiso plants the next year. Although shiso can grow almost anywhere in the US, it's considered invasive in the southeast and mid-atlantic areas.

Planting Shiso You can start shiso, also known as perilla or beefsteak plant, from seed. Companion Planting Table. Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2020. How to Save Tomato Seeds: A Photo Tutorial. Mr. McGregor's (Peter Rabbit's) Seed Packets ~ Free Printable. Truth be known, Mrs.

Mr. McGregor's (Peter Rabbit's) Seed Packets ~ Free Printable

Rabbit's garden was planted with seeds harvested by Peter Rabbit, which he procured on one of his mysterious outings in the woods. If only she knew! Yet, the woods were a place of foraging and foraging it was to a little rabbit of Peter's mind. Mint - Chocolate Mint Plants For Sale. Moss and Stone Gardens. Creeping Thyme Ground Cover Types, Care, and Propagation. If you are looking to add some color and depth to your garden or lawn, you can achieve that with a ground cover plant.

Creeping Thyme Ground Cover Types, Care, and Propagation

Ground covers are low-growing, low-maintenance, and sometimes tolerate being walked on. There are quite a few varieties to choose from, but one of the best options is creeping thyme, also called “mother of thyme,” a low-growing relative of the herb. It is characterized by tiny oval shaped leaves and flowers. Depending on the variety, the flowers can range from purple to red to white.

Creeping Thyme Planting, Care, and Propagation Tips Creeping thyme is available at many garden stores during the planting season. Although it can do okay in shaded areas, it will offer the most “bang for its buck” if planted in a sunny spot. Maintenance. Eu.thespectrum. Question: I have a young fruiting mulberry and realized too late that it's planted too close to a wall.


When would you recommend is the best time to dig it up and transplant? Answer: This Fall. You can usually replant trees fairly easily up until it's third or fourth year in the ground. Pioneering The Simple Life. Tall Trees, Photo © Liesl Clark We live out in the sticks — literally. Recycled Newspaper Pots. I save seeds each year from my cutting garden for the next year. These are some of my favorites... Peppermint Zinnias Assorted Zinnias I've started some flower seeds today. Got Rain? Season 2. 6 Fantastic Reasons for Growing and Using Comfrey. 20 Perennial Vegetables to Plant Once and Enjoy Forever! Difference Between Organic Gardening and Permaculture - Permaculture Visions Online Institute. The Permaculture garden is a lot more than an organic garden. Intelligent design uses free, sustainable energies and resources. 6 Ways to Make Natural Rooting Hormone. Moss and Stone Gardens. Mosses can be collected by scooping, scraping, or raking. The technique for collection depends on the type of moss–acrocarp or pleurocarp Acrocarps are best collected by scooping after a rainfall.

First, clean any loose debris and weed the moss as much as possible before collecting. The Ultimate Rhubarb Guide: Grow, Harvest, Cook & Preserve. How to Grow a Medjool Date Palm From Seed. Sun Clocks: Interesting TIME In Your Garden! - Dave's Garden. Interesting TIME The following web site information may help you understand some basic sundial terminology before getting started on your project.

If you are already familiar with the information, skip to the FUN part. Helpful sundial web sites: North American Sundial Society (NASS) - Excellent page of term definitions, pictures, and links.British Sundial Society - Great info and photos! Sundial on WikipediaCompass Declination from Compass Dude; good explanation and graphics.Analemmatic chapter from the book Sundials: Their Theory & Construction, by Albert E Waugh. In Your Garden.

Grow Flax For Linen In Your Garden - Organic Gardening. The 5 Best Ways to Stake Your Tomatoes. Tomatoes are the #1 vegetable planted in my garden (or is it a fruit?). Ruth Stouts System - Organic Gardening. How to Grow Horseradish - How to Make Homemade Horseradish Sauce. Starting Seeds Indoors Without A Grow Light. Starting Seeds Indoors Without A Grow Light. The Many Benefits of Hugelkultur. DIY // How to make a Garden Fence - Oh Everything Handmade, LLC. 6 Tips on Successfully Starting Seeds. Starting seeds indoors can be frustrating, exhilarating, or sometimes a little of both. The Pallet Garden: Using Recycled Materials to Construct Garden Features. I am so inspired by Pallet Shed, the website of a Canadian shipping pallet enthusiast who has recycled pallets and built some nice structures for short money.

He has lots of ideas for using recycled materials – specifically shipping pallets – to construct all sorts of garden buildings. Afristar Permaculture Posters. “Afristar Foundation utilises Permaculture design systems as the primary methodology of our community development strategy. Permaculture is an optimistic, action-oriented approach to the environmental, energy, food, water and climate crisis the world is currently facing.

Convert Lawns to Edible Forest Gardens - SCARCE.

Hobbit Garden

DiaryJournalBook on Instagram: “Throwback Thursday to this awesome gardening layout by @alirichartz1012. □ We're swimming in mangoes here! What's blooming in your…” Free Gardening Printables - Gingham Gardens. Welcome to Gingham Gardens – Gardening Resources Library where I offer all my Free Gardening Printables: gardening charts, graphs and lists, etc. Gardening by the moon & suitcase planting. Vegetable Garden Planner. Shungite Beehives. Anastasia Beehive.

How to Start Seeds for a Beautiful Garden - Flower Patch Farmhouse. Planting by the Moon and by the Signs - Mast General Store.