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The workshops at the Meadows Rio Retreat Center are designed to guide participants on their own unique journey of healing, discovery, and emotional growth. The Rio Retreat Center one-of-a-kind workshops offers healing and empowerment to individuals in various stages of their recovery.The workshops provided by the Rio Retreat Center take participants on a positive journey of self-reflection and self-discovery.

Denied Grief: When the Heart Hurts in Silence. By Tian Dayton Psychologist, Senior Fellow at The Meadows, Author, Specialist in Addictions and Relational Trauma, Psychodramatist “There is a sacredness in tears.

Denied Grief: When the Heart Hurts in Silence

They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.” - Washington Irving Twenty or so years ago when I published Heartwounds, grief was little spoken of. Sometimes children of addicts were transporting old, childhood pain into new relationships recreating the intimacy dynamics they thought they’d left behind. This denied grief got carried into the next partnership, the next family and it manifested somewhere. Experience life-changing workshops at Rio Retreat Center - Wickenburg, AZ - free classifieds in USA.

Functional Adulthood as a Spiritual Practice. By Nancy Minister, Workshop Facilitator, Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows In this Mindful Monday series, we have presented many different ways of being mindful and many different benefits of having a mindfulness practice.

Functional Adulthood as a Spiritual Practice

We know that mindfulness is a deliberate practice and a deliberate experience of being present in the moment. Today, I’m excited to talk about a passion of mine, which is working with the core issues and the ego states within mindfulness meditation. Meditation helps us to move away from our wounded child ego state and toward our functional adult ego state. The Wounded Child Ego State. How God Shows Up in Recovery. By Nancy Minister, Workshop Facilitator, Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows I recently listened to a friend talk about her practice of catching herself when she was “off” — in other words, being short or rude to someone when experiencing some sort of conflict.

How God Shows Up in Recovery

She explained in her sincere, soft voice, that she had learned to say to herself, “Where’s God in this? There’s no God in this. Where’s God in this?” Why We Grieve: The Importance of Mourning Loss. By Tian Dayton, Ph.D.

Why We Grieve: The Importance of Mourning Loss

Senior Fellow at The Meadows. Tied Up In Knots: The Anxiety of Living with Unresolved Grief. By Tian Dayton, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author, Psychodramatist, Senior Fellow at The Meadows Grief that is out in the open, that is part of the natural cycle of life or part of one of life’s tragic circumstances has a dignity to it.

Tied Up In Knots: The Anxiety of Living with Unresolved Grief

The person experiencing a loss feels that they have a right to grieve and to accept caring and attention from those they love. However, the kinds of losses that accompany issues such as addiction do not necessarily command the respect of others nor does the person experiencing the loss necessarily feel a right to the support they long for. Couples Bootcamp: Working It Out In The Desert. Equine Therapy for Therapists and Counselors. Brenna Gonzales, MS, LPC, Therapist, Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows I have been through the desert on a horse with no name, and it was a profound experience.

Equine Therapy for Therapists and Counselors

The experience I’m talking about is the Horses Helping Clinicians workshop offered through the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows. It takes place on a beautiful ranch, tucked behind some mountains, just outside of Wickenburg, Arizona. The first morning of the workshop, after introductions, workshop facilitator Colleen DeRango said, “Pick a horse or let a horse pick you.” As I made my way from horse to horse, I waited for a sign, not really knowing what a sign would even look like.

It’s hard for me to describe this experience with words. The most ironic part of this experience was that the horse that picked me was the least trained, most rebellious, and most anxious; yet, I’ve never felt safer. Love Addiction: Myth vs. Reality. Mutual Respect and The Power of Intimacy. By Dan Griffin, MA, Senior Fellow at The Meadows Power is a very interesting phenomenon.

Mutual Respect and The Power of Intimacy

I remember having numerous conversations about the complex intersection of power and relationships in graduate school. There was a lot of confusion as to what exactly power even is. One of the most common misunderstandings about power is that it is a linear phenomenon. In fact, power comes at us from numerous sources all of the time. Feeling Compassion Fatigue? Reaffirm Your Purpose. Those who work as helpers and healers (e.g. therapists, social workers, doctors, nurses, police officers, first responders, teachers, and caregivers) often describe feeling a spiritual calling to do the demanding and meaningful work that they do.

Feeling Compassion Fatigue? Reaffirm Your Purpose

Unfortunately, this initial sense of purpose can get lost to the day-to-day physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress involved in these careers. On April 28, join renowned psychiatrist Dr. Terry Eagan for a workshop that helps you explore the issues that are preventing you from fully experiencing joy in serving others. You'll' find new and effective ways to support yourself and your colleagues as you find your way back to your passion.

Find Your Pot of Gold. Achieving change and self-actualization does not have to be as elusive as finding a pot of gold.

Find Your Pot of Gold

Whether you're struggling with the impact of an emotional childhood trauma, grieving a loss, wanting to repair family dynamics, or simply want to develop a greater sense of self, the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows has a workshop that will fit your needs. All of the Rio Retreat Center's workshops are facilitated by licensed and certified professionals. Our experts have experience helping individuals identify the root causes for their negative behaviors and provides them with the tools necessary to transform their lives and begin making productive decisions.

Rio Retreat Workshop Discount Through March 31. Spring is a beautiful time of year to spend time with us in the heart of Sonoran desert.

Rio Retreat Workshop Discount Through March 31

Arizona’s beautiful wildflowers are sprouting to life, and the tops of our saguaro cacti are cover with white blooms. If you’ve been struggling with your past, with relationships, with addiction, or with your recovery, you may feel like you’ve been trapped in a long, punishing winter. With a little help from one of our 5-day intensive workshops, you may find that you are finally ready to grow and bloom. Book any workshop for 2017 during the month of March and you’ll receive $500 off the cost of registration. (Some exclusions apply.) Signs that You Need Help for Sex Addiction. Dr. Georgia Fourlas, LCSW, LISAC, CSAT Clinical Director of Rio Retreat Center Workshops at The Meadows “Are my sexual behaviors really a problem?” Some people clearly know the answer to that question, even if they refuse to admit it. Other people are not so sure.

Sometimes, sexual behaviors that fall within the range of what is acceptable in our society might not be seen as problematic, even if they are leading to severe internal and external consequences for the person engaging in them. Also, problematic sexual behaviors sometimes only occur when a person is engaging in another addictive or maladaptive activity. Grief & Bereavement. The Complex Trauma Survivor Faces a Lifetime’s Worth of Bullying. Complex trauma survivors face a dilemma that very few can fathom: they are forced to confront present-day stressors while attempting to resolve triggers from the past.

These layers upon layers of trauma take courage, support and time to unravel. The healing journey of a complex trauma survivor who has several sources of toxic stress is multifaceted. Their day to day reality is filled with tiny terrors embedded within larger cracks in the psychological war zone that is their psyche. Survivors of bullying and other traumas face a double bind: not only are they oppressed by their peers, they are often oppressed by family members, authority figures and other life circumstances.

When bullying is also supplemented with other microaggressions or tumultuous life events, the trauma is undeniably more forceful in its impact. Complex Trauma and Complex PTSD. Mental Health. All of the Feels: Accepting the Gifts of Emotion. Yoga on One Leg: Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts. By Nancy Greenlee, MAPC, LCPC “I am hurt and I’m devastated. Being married to my husband is like doing yoga on one leg,” said a recent workshop participant. “I’m trying to hold things together, but I keep crashing down.” She made an excellent analogy of what sexual betrayal, relapse, and lack of recovery can be like for the partner of a sex addict.

She is holding the pose (the relationship) as best as she can in her codependent state, but in yoga, two functioning legs, i.e., two healthy partners, are needed to balance, steady and solidify the pose. The partner who has an active sex addiction cannot be that supportive leg. Don’t Carry Shame into The New Year. By Caileigh Smith, MC, LAC Have you ever sent the wrong text message to the exact wrong person? I have. In fact, I did it recently. Shoulda Set Some Boundaries. A Meditation on Grief. Trauma. Helping Therapists Healing from Their Own Trauma. The Meadows has been facilitating its signature workshop, Survivors, for more than 30 years. Many people’s lives have been changed by the opportunity to confront the deep emotional impact of their childhood trauma. Therapists, clinicians, and treatment providers often refer patients to our intensive workshops when they need to do some deeper work in an emotional nurturing and safe place.

6 Ways to Improve Mental Health Treatment for Men. By Dan Griffin, MA, Senior Fellow at The Meadows In our culture—and in many cultures throughout the world—maleness is often assumed to be the default. How to (Finally) Find Love in the New Year. Spirit Quest: Self-Discovery Through Horses. Combining The Meadows Model, Somatic Experiencing® (SE), mindfulness, and natural horsemanship this unique, cutting edge workshop allows for a distinct healing experience. "The Spirit Equine program of Colleen DeRango and Buddy Uldrickson is at the forefront of therapies for trauma and the healing of emotional wounds. Relationship Therapy Workshop - Relationship Counselling Arizona - Relationship Retreat Center. Strong relationships are important to a happy and fulfilling life. Mind & Heart: A Mindful Path To Wholehearted Living. Eating Disorders. Workshops for Eating Disorder - Eating Disorder Treatment - Arizona. Food is the first mood-altering chemical that we humans encounter.

As we learn to accept nourishment and then to feed ourselves, we also absorb the behaviors and eating patterns of our caregivers and adapt to the emotions and circumstances of our environment. Personal Growth and Self Improvement Workshops - Personal Growth Retreat Arizona. Personal Growth Workshops at the Rio Retreat Center at The Meadows are designed to help you understand your own needs, desires, emotions, habits, and everything else that makes you who you are. The more you know about yourself, the better equipped you are to engage in healthy relationships and have an improved sense of self. How Do You Manage Emotional Pain? Take the Pain-Body Quiz to Find Out. In Eckhart Tolle’s opinion, emotion is the body’s reaction to a certain idea, to the mental interpretation of a specific or imaginary situation. Mental Health. Autumn Is a Time for Letting Go. Go with Your Gut: How Bacteria May Affect Mental Health.

Mental Health Retreat Center - Retreat for Mental Health. Workshops for Eating Disorder - Eating Disorder Treatment - Arizona. What A Horse Taught Me About Fear and Self-Doubt. Don’t Miss The Meadows Alumni Retreat. Mind & Heart: A Mindful Path To Wholehearted Living. Relationship Therapy Workshop - Relationship Counselling Arizona - Relationship Retreat Center. Female Sex Addiction. Arizona Grief Counseling, Healing Trauma Workshops. Help For Emotional Trauma.

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Theresa - Survivors. Female Sex Addiction. Behavioral Health Workshops. Arizona Sex Addiction Therapist, Sex Addiction Treatment Center. Personal Growth and Self Improvement Workshops - Rio Retreat Center Arizona. Patient Focused Recovery Programs. No men. Trauma. Arizona Addiction Workshops - Love Addiction / Love Avoidance. Trauma Therapy Arizona - Rio Retreat Center. No Man is an Island: Dan Griffin on Facebook Live. Self improvement workshops - Arizona. Rio Retreat Center. Rioretreatcenter.