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A Challenge to Library Managers: Embed Creativity in Your library. Recently I read Sally Turbitt’s Glam Blog Club post where she reveals her frustration as a new Library Graduate at the slowness of the library profession to change, adapt or allow creative practice at all.

A Challenge to Library Managers: Embed Creativity in Your library

I have also spoken with creatives newly employed in the library industry, attracted by a Library Manager’s wish to broaden the library skill base, but finding the dogged unwillingness to change anything that Sally speaks about to be entrenched and that all their ideas are rejected. They also speak about the meanness of our profession as long term staff members, often now middle managers, allow their own feelings of not being nurtured as a professional to affect their management practice of their team members. So how do we as Library Managers address this issue within our libraries? It is obviously not enough to employ new staff with new ways of thinking and new skills if we do not nurture them and allow creative practice. 2. Métiers et orientation. Economie du numérique. Internet, espace public et vies privées. Tutoriels informatiques. Arts numériques. Les cultures numériques, c'est quoi ? Fabriquer, créer, inventer en numérique.

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