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Teaching. Flipped classroom infos. Khanacademy. Topmarks Education: teaching resources, interactive resources, worksheets, homework, exam and revision help. Topmarks Education: teaching resources, interactive resources, worksheets, homework, exam and revision help. Secondary school teaching resources. Schools special reports. The Department for Education and Skills' portal for teaching resources for state schools, launching in 2003.

Schools special reports

A wide selection of online educational resources, paid for by learning credits from the government. Latest news BBC education chief falls on his swordJanuary 29: Senior BBC education executive Michael Stevenson has quit after being blamed in an internal inquiry over his handling of its controversial bid for the £150m digital curriculum. BBC to give away school syllabus onlineBBC education plans anger rivalsJowell approves BBC curriculum plan Comment The learning podTelford is leading the way with IT.

Learning to fight backIt was no surprise when the BBC's plans for a digital curriculum got the go-ahead last week. Keeping computers in their placeICT is certain to play an increasing role in the classroom, but there is a risk that it will give software developers too great an influence over the curriculum, writes Rodrigo Davies. Teachable: Top Quality Teaching Resources. Gliffy. The 23 Best Game-Based Education Resources for 2014.

Edudemic has covered game-based learning and gamification in the classroom on numerous occasions in the past.

The 23 Best Game-Based Education Resources for 2014

When learning becomes a game, it’s an enjoyable, effective experience for students and teachers alike. We’ve curated 23 of the best game-based education resources for 2014. If your class hasn’t gotten its game on yet, then now is the time. Understanding Game-Based Education Image via Flickr The concept of game-based education is one that’s easily dismissed as being frivolous or time-wasting. The Institute of Play explains how games nurture the higher-order thinking skills kids will need in their futures, including the ability to analyze and solve problems using media resources.

The-business-of-gamification-infographic-12.png (PNG Image, 800 × 5616 pixels) - Scaled (17%) 6 Steps To Get Started With Gamification. Getting started with gamification is easier than you think.

6 Steps To Get Started With Gamification

A playful attitude and curiosity prepare you for understanding the power of gamification. If you are interested in getting started with gamification check the following 6 steps! Gamification has seen a lot of buzz in the past year. But while many misunderstand it as “building games,” the truth is far from it. LinkedIn, Amazon, or Loyalty programs are all heavily gamified systems.

Because games reward players and level them up, games need to know how well the players are performing. Due to this inherent tracking of player data, gamification is here to stay and will fundamentally change the way business is done, employees evaluated and promoted, and what the role of managers and HR business partners is. Using Games for Learning: Practical Steps to Get Started. There's No Time to Differentiate: Myth-Busting DI, Part 2. The microwave oven is a great timesaver for getting any food on the table.

There's No Time to Differentiate: Myth-Busting DI, Part 2

Yet it's a taste killer. The more I use the grill and oven to cook meals for my family, the more I experience the diversity of tastes that come from grilled or baked salmon, chicken, and burgers, plus sautéed vegetables. A microwave oven dries everything out, and thus limits the tastes. There are days when I get home exhausted with work still to be completed, but I bypass the microwave most times. Differentiated Instruction. Introducing the tutor2u Revision App! Economics CPD Courses Coming up this Term!

Introducing the tutor2u Revision App!

Apps. What Is Inflation? - Video. International aspects. Cross elasticity of demand. Cross elasticity of demand (XED) is the responsiveness of demand for one product to a change in the price of another product.

Cross elasticity of demand

Many products are related, and XED indicates just how they are related. The following equation enables XED to be calculated. Price Elasticity: From Tires to Toothpicks. Price elasticity of demand measures changes in the quantity demanded when prices change.

Price Elasticity: From Tires to Toothpicks

Some goods are very elastic and others are very inelastic. NOTE: The example in the student version is about on person's decision regarding price changes and a price change might not affect a group in the same way. For example, if 3 people shared a pizza, a $3 increase would only be a $1 per person in crease and might not affect their decision. Quantity Demanded: This website provides an explanation of quantity Price Elasticity of Demand: The price elasticity of various goods has been measured by the Mackinac Center for Public

Elasticity of Demand. Education videos and resources for professional development. Super Teacher Tools. Cards: Year 10 Economics. AS, A2 & IB Economics Revision Quizzes - Master Listing. Forgot your password?

AS, A2 & IB Economics Revision Quizzes - Master Listing

| Not a member? Please register. Cave-o-nomics - Films - WE THE ECONOMY. Director's Note “When I first began my email exchange with business & financial historian John Steele Gordon about the markets and how I’d make a film encompassing what they represent, my idea was to make a straight documentary detailing its history and speaking to some key players and influencers.

Cave-o-nomics - Films - WE THE ECONOMY

He responded saying he’d always had this idea that markets first began when two cavemen, one who was better at making spears and the other who was a better hunter, exchanged goods with one another. I loved this, both visually and thematically. Khanacademy. Economics. A-level Economics Revision.

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