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Learn English with Songs - Fluent LandFluent Land. 12 songs to practice the pronunciation of -ED endings - Luiz Otávio Barros. Hello, Hello: Be Ready for World Hello Day (November 21) with These ESL Activities. Adele - Hello Grammar Review. Fluent LandVocabulary: Gender of Animals. A2 Reading Lessons Home. Blog o nauczaniu języków obcych: 10 SECONDS GAME - A VOCABULARY GAME (PRINTABLE) Romeo and Juliet.

No Fear Shakespeare puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English—the kind of English people actually speak today.

Romeo and Juliet

Table of Contents Characters Prologue Prologue Act 1 Act 1, Scene 1. Cambridge Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Ideas for songs to teach English grammar - ESL and EFL teachers looking for inspiration for lesson planning will find this list of songs to teach English grammar we’ve compiled a useful resource.

Ideas for songs to teach English grammar -

Highlighted are songs available as complete ESL song lesson plans here on Schools Parents - Subjects taught in schools in England. 25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students. Philip Haines is the Senior Consultant for Oxford University Press, Mexico.

25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students

As well as being a teacher and teacher trainer, he is also the co-author of several series, many of which are published by OUP. Today he joins us to provide 25 engaging and useful classroom activities for language learners using WhatsApp. There are three main obstacles to the use of technology in ELT. First is the availability of technology and internet connection in the classroom. Angielski dla architektów i projektantów wnętrz. Pobierz artykuł w pliku PDF Kilka lat temu podjęłam się poprowadzenia kursu „szytego na miarę”: dla grupy projektantów wnętrz i mebli.

Angielski dla architektów i projektantów wnętrz

Kolejno, drogą poleceń, zyskiwałam nowych uczniów, przedstawicieli zawodów artystycznych: grafika, fotografa, projektantkę ubrań, a także całą grupę ze szkoły mody i stylizacji. W niniejszym artykule chcę opowiedzieć, czym charakteryzuje się grupa takich uczniów i jak mogą wyglądać zajęcia, które – w przypadku grupy architektów wnętrz, przy częstotliwości dwa razy w tygodniu po godzinie, po dwóch latach podwyższyły o jeden poziom sprawność językową uczestników, a przede wszystkim zbudowały pokaźny aktywny słownik i komunikacyjną pewność siebie w języku ogólnym i zawodowym.

Niejednorodność grupy Lektorzy na kursach dla dorosłych mają do czynienia z bardzo różniącymi się od siebie ludźmi, prezentującymi szerokie spektrum osobowości, a także często różnic w zakresie poszczególnych kompetencji językowych. Angielski dla architektów i projektantów wnętrz. Five fun activities to teach prepositions. How do you make learning prepositions easier for your students?

Five fun activities to teach prepositions

TeachingEnglish blog award winner Aoife McLoughlin of ELT-Connect has some tips. Prepositions are one of the trickiest aspects of the English language for students to get their heads around. This is mainly down to the multiple meanings of each one, the difficulty of recognising them in speech because they have so few syllables (or are monosyllabic in many cases), and the vastly different meanings they carry, compared to the learners’ own languages.

The English language has about 60 to 70 different prepositions. 10 Songs to Teach Past Simple and Past Continuous Tense. 30 Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Class. One day, in front 36 riotous sophomores, I clutched my chest and dropped to my knees like Sergeant Elias at the end of Platoon.

30 Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Class

Instantly, dead silence and open mouths replaced classroom Armageddon. Standing up like nothing had happened, I said, "Thanks for your attention -- let's talk about love poems. " I never used that stunt again. After all, should a real emergency occur, it would be better if students call 911 rather than post my motionless body on YouTube.

Mali odkrywcy - edukacja wczesnoszkolna. Projekt dla klas 1-3. 5 Ways of Managing Problematic Behaviour. Following on from our earlier article on positive reinforcement, this week I look at how teachers can manage problematic behavior.

5 Ways of Managing Problematic Behaviour

If you’ve ever had the experience of a difficult student, you are not alone! It’s part and parcel of being a teacher. The only way you could avoid problematic behavior with students would be to only teach one student ever! When teaching young learners, and sometimes adults, you may often come across situations where the learner’s behavior becomes a problem for the class. Some examples of problem behavior include: Ten Videos to Teach English. Here are ten videos which can help students learn English writing skills.

Ten Videos to Teach English

This is a process writing project. Students will need to draft and rewrite at least two versions before a satisfactory piece of writing can be completed. These videos are appropriate for high intermediate to advanced levels students. Writing interesting and reflective pieces that summarize the content and the students’ impressions will require some ability to conceptualize abstract concepts. Most videos are about 4 minutes in length. What's the difference between accuracy and precision? - Matt Anticole. Scientists (and engineers) are used to taking measurements and working with numerical data.

What's the difference between accuracy and precision? - Matt Anticole

With numerical data, we can try to identify patterns hidden in nature. With those patterns, we can begin to understand, predict, and perhaps ultimately control the world that surrounds us. Because data is so important to scientists and engineers, sometimes they need to worry about more than just whether they are right or wrong. They have developed what seems like a secret language to help them describe their measurements in more detail. What is the difference between a Number and a Measurement? Dokument - Szkoła z Klasą 2012. Kontynuacja zajęć – przypomnienie kodeksu 2.0 – tablica w holu szkoły.Luty 2013, klasa IIIAOdwrócona lekcjaCele:szanowanie praw autorskich,dbanie o bezpieczeństwo,krytyczna selekcja treści zamieszczonych w sieci,

Dokument - Szkoła z Klasą 2012

School Hangs Risky Poster To Call Out Parents, Their Controversial Message Is Spreading Like Wildfire. - InspireMore.