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Buffer culture. The 6 Exercises We’re Doing to Help With Artificial Harmony. The New Science of Team Chemistry. Executive Summary First used by the U.S.

The New Science of Team Chemistry

Army during World War I to try to predict which soldiers would suffer from “shell shock,” personality testing today is a roughly $500 million industry, with an annual growth rate estimated at 10% to 15%. Dialog nach David Bohm. Dialog nach David Bohm.

Dialog nach David Bohm

The Secret Active Listening Technique Used By Kate Middleton – Psychology Hacker. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have two precious little children who you’ve probably spent a bit of time ‘ooing’ and ‘awwing’ at.

The Secret Active Listening Technique Used By Kate Middleton – Psychology Hacker

Design Leadership: Insights from Source Summit 2017 - Designer Fund. Design leaders are increasingly influential in today’s technology companies.

Design Leadership: Insights from Source Summit 2017 - Designer Fund

More designers than ever hold executive positions and co-founder titles, and have the ability to build products that make a positive impact on society. This is why it’s so important to come together, share stories from the field, and build community and resources at the intersection of design, leadership, and technology. This February, Designer Fund hosted Source, a summit for nearly 200 guests to explore what it takes to be a better design leader.

The event, set at Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California, featured talks and workshops from more than twenty design executives and entrepreneurs. Here are a few top insights from the day’s discussions. Respect the maker Margaret Stewart, VP of Product Design at Facebook, shared a story about her “inner maker gone mad.” Self-Management & Human Growth: Two Sides of a Coin (Part 3) This article is the third part in a five-part series titled "Self-Management & Human Growth: Two Sides of a Coin.

Self-Management & Human Growth: Two Sides of a Coin (Part 3)

" Part 1 — Beyond The Structured Holacracy ProcessPart 2 — Change is Hard. It’s Not a Cliché, Just a Basic Law of NaturePart 3 — Cracking the Code of Holacracy (this post)Part 4 — Re-conceiving the Challenge of Change (coming soon)Part 5 — Upgrading Your Personal OS & Unleashing the Organizational Soul (coming later) “It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” — Mark Twain. How It Works – Holacracy. Dynamic Roles Replace Static Job Descriptions In most companies each person has exactly one job description.

How It Works – Holacracy

That description is often imprecise, outdated, and irrelevant to their day-to-day work. In Holacracy, people have multiple roles, often on different teams, and those role descriptions are constantly updated by the team actually doing the work. ExploringSecondandThirdTier: A Spectrum of Online Community Interactions. A Spectrum of Online Community Interactions by Rev.

ExploringSecondandThirdTier: A Spectrum of Online Community Interactions

Alia Zara Aurami-Sou, Ph.D. This is a sketchy but possibly useful model which is neither complete nor accurate, and maybe not even internally consistent. Summary of  Spiral Dynamics  by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan by Steve Dinan. Summary of Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan by Steve Dinan, Esalen Institute This is really a terrific book once the reader gets past the capital letters and color-coding scheme.

Summary of  Spiral Dynamics  by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan by Steve Dinan

It presents, in fascinating detail, a spiral developmental model of worldviews. Beck and Cowan call these patterns of thinking vMemes (short for values-attracting meta-memes). vMemes can be thought of as broad orienting paradigms, a schema through which we interpret the world. These vMemes fall into a series of eight levels, with the potential for higher ones emerging as we speak.

Welcome to Fearshop – Steps – Medium. Last week I hosted my first ever Fearshop.

Welcome to Fearshop – Steps – Medium

Fearshop is a place to openly share and discuss social anxieties. Social anxieties are the biggest reason for not achieving the things we want in life! The fear of speaking in public, talking to strangers or just speaking our mind is something that affects us all.Just thinking two years back I would not have been able to publish a blog post or host a workshop. But I decided to overcome it, simply by doing it. This method is also known as exposure therapy and it simply means you expose yourself to whatever you might be afraid of.And that’s great!

Zipcar Doesn’t Just Ask Employees to Innovate — It Shows Them How. Innovative companies have innovative cultures.

Zipcar Doesn’t Just Ask Employees to Innovate — It Shows Them How

Always. Think of Google, or of how GE has sustained an innovation culture that goes back to its founding father, Thomas Edison. Today GE has once again reinvented itself, as “the digital industrial company” — not bad for an organization founded in 1892. As mysterious as it can sound, creating a culture of innovation isn’t rocket science. The dynamics are simple: Employees have experiences that come from leaders’ conscious and unconscious decisions and behaviors. Ben Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz) @ Startup Grind Global. Daniel H Pink: employees are faster and more creative when solving other people's problems. Fewer than half of the participants in the first group figured out the problem. But in the second group, 66pc came up with the solution.

In other words, people were faster and more creative when they tackled the problem on behalf of others rather than for themselves. How to Build Culture That Lasts – art/work —behind the scenes at patreon. Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. The 3 Types of Activities & 1 Gameshow That Helped Our Remote Team Bond on our 8th Retreat - Open. How to Get Company Culture Right – Cory Katuna. A little over 2 years ago I left SportsLabs— a startup company that builds apps and websites for college sports teams.

I was a UI Designer. While I was there I and a few others started the Culture Squad, a team dedicated to transforming the culture at our workplace. The 15 Rules of OUR Global Revolution: Are You In or Are You Out? How to Attract Growth-Oriented Friends - Steve Pavlina. A survey I did a while back revealed that about 40% of my readers have zero friends they’d consider growth-oriented, and another 20% only have one such friend. Many people who are attracted to my blog don’t have much social support for their personal growth pursuits. They often feel isolated as they explore different ways to wake up, grow faster, and live more fulfilling lives. 22 Tips To Better Care for Introverts and Extroverts. Love and spirituality in business and management. T. CoLiberation - DeepFUN. I joined Google Plus for one reason. The Benefits of Play for Adults: How Play Benefits Your Relationships, Job, Bonding, and Mood. 10 Habits of Remarkably Giving People. Think about people you truly respect.

If you think women in tech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention – Tech Diversity Files – Medium. Why Diversity Programs Fail. Businesses started caring a lot more about diversity after a series of high-profile lawsuits rocked the financial industry. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Morgan Stanley shelled out $54 million—and Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch more than $100 million each—to settle sex discrimination claims. In 2007, Morgan was back at the table, facing a new class action, which cost the company $46 million. In 2013, Bank of America Merrill Lynch settled a race discrimination suit for $160 million. Cases like these brought Merrill’s total 15-year payout to nearly half a billion dollars. Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace. Amazon may be singular but perhaps not quite as peculiar as it claims. Your Guide To Interacting With An Introvert. 20 Little Facts About Social Intelligence That Well-Liked People Know.

What is Circling? - The Circling Institute. Principles of Means-Goals. Peter Bostelmann: How to Bring Mindfulness to a Global Organization. Jeremy Hunter: Overcoming the Skepticism to Mindfulness at Work. Making Life’s Deepest Connection. NFs On A Team. Jung Typology for Team Building. Self-Awareness Tips and Bringing Out the Best in Types 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8. Indicators of Stress for Top Professions Among INTJs, ENFPs, ESTJs, ISFJs, ISTJs.