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Facebook Twitter Simon Penny is an artist, theorist and teacher with a longstanding focus on emerging technologies and on embodied and situated aspects of artistic practice.

He has built interactive installations and robotic art since the mid 1980s. He explores - in artistic and scholarly work and technical research - problems encountered when computational technologies interface with cultural practices. His longstanding concern for embodied and situated aspects of aesthetic experience, along with a critical analysis of computer culture are the the focus of his book Making Sense: Cognition, Computing, Art and Embodiment (MIT press 2017). ArtFutura - el festival de Cultura y Creatividad Digital. Todays art. Prix Ars Electronica – Der traditionsreichste Medienkunstwettbewerb der Welt. Converge to Inspire. Sónar Barcelona - Music, Creativity & Technology - 18.19.20 Julio 2019. Mutek Festival.

LEV. Elektramontreal. MUESTRA DE ARTE DIGITAL AUDIOVISUAL Y TECNOLOGÍAS ACONTEMPORÁNEAS - INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ACONTEMPORARY AUDIO-VISUAL & NEW MEDIA ART. WOS Festival 2018. Information is Beautiful Awards. LAPSUS FESTIVAL. Untitled. Untitled. Maintenant festival 2018: From October 5th to 14th in Rennes (France) Untitled. Signal Festival. MIRA Digital Arts Festival - Barcelona 8,9,10 Noviembre 2018. Media Art History. Media Art Index. Sitemap Overview of Media Art Editorial Forerunners MassMedia Audio Performance Perception Society Narration Immersion Communication Museum Milestones Cyborg Bodies Editorial Mythical Bodies I Mythical Bodies II Monstrous Bodies Unruly Bodies Doll-Bodies Postsexual Bodies Transgenic Bodies Collective Bodies Extensive Bodies Art and Cinematography Editorial Auteurs Immersion/Participation Deserts of the Political Akerman Baldessari Broodthaers Debord Douglas Graham Marker Mulvey/Wollen Wieland Aesthetics of the Digital Editorial Art/Science Cybernetic Aesthetics Aesthetics/Communication Aesthetic Paradigms Endo-Aesthetics Photo/Byte Editorial Photographic/Post-Photographic Artistic Concept Instant Images Archive—post/photographic Lecture series Document and Abstraction Time in the Image Still Picture, Moving Picture Mimic Animation in the Internet Presentation Mapping and Text Editorial Archive/Map The Carthographic View Beyond the Archive Internetmapping Image Search Community.

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Viemo Awards Experimental. Canal 180. CreativeApplications.Net. Noticias y recursos de cine experimental. LUX Artists' Moving Image - What We Do. LUX is an international arts agency that supports and promotes artists’ moving image practices and the ideas that surround them.

LUX Artists' Moving Image - What We Do

Founded in 2002 as a charity and not-for-profit limited company, the organisation builds on a long lineage of predecessors (The London Film-Makers’ Co-operative, London Video Arts and The Lux Centre) which stretch back to the 1960s. The only organisation of its kind in the UK, LUX represents the country’s only significant collection of artists’ film and video, and is the largest distributor of such work in Europe. LUX works with a large number of major institutions including museums, galleries, festivals and educational establishments, as well as directly with the public and artists. STARTS PRIZE. Petites Planètes. RealTime — Australia. REWIND. REWIND is a research project (2004 - ongoing) , that provides a research resource to address the gap in historical knowledge of the evolution of electronic media arts in the UK, by investigating specifically the first two decades of artists’ works in video.


There was a danger that many of these works might disappear because of their ephemeral nature and poor technical condition. The project conserves and preserves them, to enable further scholarly activity. Rewind has remastered and archived over 450 works (single screen and installation) on Digital Betacam and as high quality files on Hard Disc. These new masters have been deposited at the University of Dundee and the Scottish Screen Archive (National Libraries of Scotland). This website includes a database with detailed information, technical information, ephemera, reviews and critical texts on the artists & works, paper archive, interviews, oral testimony, clips and still images from all the works with searchable index. Videographe's collection. British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection – UAL. Untitled. The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University is a laboratory for atypical, anti-disciplinary, and inter-institutional research at the intersections of arts, science, technology and culture.


Founded in 1989 within the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the STUDIO serves as a locus for hybrid enterprises on the CMU campus, the Pittsburgh region, and internationally. Our current emphasis on new-media arts builds on more than three decades of experience hosting interdisciplinary artists in an environment enriched by world-class science and engineering departments. The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry is a flexible laboratory for new modes of arts research, production and presentation.

The STUDIO supports emerging artists who create and adapt emerging media. Institutionally, the STUDIO resists easy definition. Support for Arts Research The FRFAF Grant Program Educational Programs. ISM Home - Institute for Sound & Music. Vjspain Comunidad Audiovisual, Mapping, Vj, Diseño Interactivo. About the Mediated Matter Group. The Mediated Matter group focuses on Nature-inspired Design and Design-inspired Nature.

About the Mediated Matter Group

We conduct research at the intersection of computational design, digital fabrication, materials science and synthetic biology and apply that knowledge to design across scales from the micro scale to the building scale. We create biologically inspired and engineered design fabrication tools and technologies and structures aiming to enhance the relation between natural and man-made environments. Our research area, entitled Material Ecology, integrates computational form-finding strategies with biologically inspired fabrication. Ars Electronica.

New media art inspirations. Interactive Cinema research. Pixelache. Refractivo. Art of the Glance.