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In Stock! - Compatible Brother TN2420 – 2410 toner cartridges. Sadly, it’s not coming home but here’s a little cheer for you. Mobile phones in the office - The do's and don'ts. How To Increase Office Productivity. What is Duplex printing? One Cup One Bottle – Less plastic waste and a healthier lifestyle. Put a stop to our seas becoming clogged with plastic cups and bottles. Keep yourself nice and toasty with a heated desk. In Stock! - Compatible Brother TN2420 – 2410 toner cartridges. Don’t bin them, recycle! Your empty ink cartridges can help the BHF. Put a stop to our seas becoming clogged with plastic cups and bottles. One Cup One Bottle – Less plastic waste and a healthier lifestyle.

Print Web Pages Without The Clutter. Save More On Compatible Toners for Brother, HP and Samsung. Let us quote you for all your print consumables. 22nd December 2017 11:49 Are your print supplies costs spiralling out of control?

Let us quote you for all your print consumables

Rent a water cooler for only £5.40/week! The Benefits of Shopping Online For Your Office Supplies. Having Printer problems? Let off steam with our easy-to-follow guides. 29th January 2018 15:59 We will help you resolve any printer consumables questions you may have From printer ink and toner cartridges to image drum units, transfer belt units, fuser kits and maintenance kits inkjet and laser printers have a myriad of mechanical, electrical and digital components.

Having Printer problems? Let off steam with our easy-to-follow guides

A lot of things that can go wrong! No matter how much money you spend on each of these components it is inevitable that one day one or more of them will fail. But all is not lost, 9 times out of 10 it is usually just a case of resetting your printer or cleaning a component. HP 17A Toner Cartridge – Compatible Black HP CF217A Laser Cartridge. Brother LC3211 and LC3213 inkjet printer cartridges. Brother Laser Printers designed to suit every business. Save More On Compatible Toners for Brother, HP and Samsung. Life before Google – A Search Engine History. Take a break from your screen. 17th May 2017 08:19 Workloads, deadlines and long hours sat at a desk can affect your mental and physical health.

Take a break from your screen

Try these simple tips to prevent this happening. Most office workers are sat in front of a PC screen for eight or more hours per day. Looking at a computer or laptop for too long can be mentally and visually tiring. It can also cause eyestrain, headaches or even blurred vision. Studies have shown that just two hours in front of a computer screen can begin to put strain on your health.

If you are sat in the same position for long periods of time the muscles in your back, neck, shoulders and arms become tense. It’s recommended that those working in front of a screen should periodically rest their eyes. Screen glare is extremely unpleasant; it causes eye strain and headaches. How to clear horizontal lines when printing. Like a bit of office gossip? We all do!

31st March 2017 09:15 It appears we all do!

Like a bit of office gossip? We all do!

Gossip around the office has been a subject of research by now defunct American energy company Enron, and Mars Drinks. From the weather, food, celebrity gossip, relationships to money and health issues it seems we all like to talk about something other than work. Image - ©Ian Wilson Face to face chatting is the preferred communication method for over half of the office staff surveyed, with 25% preferring emails, one in seven emails sent by the average office worker has been defined as gossip, and one in eight opting for the phone for their daily gossip. According to research from hundreds of thousands of emails from bankrupted American energy company Enron, the typical office worker was sending around 112 emails per day and 17 of those were about other people. A Short History of Paper. 10th March 2017 15:56 The human race is always looking at ways to improve communication.

A Short History of Paper

The invention of paper, in around 4,000 B.C. by the Ancient Egyptians meant that information could be recorded and passed around. This paper was made out of a woven matt of reeds called Papyrus (The word "paper" actually comes from the word "papyrus"). But, it wasn’t until A.D. 105 paper as we know it was invented. The Sprint-Ink Blog - An interesting mix of Printer News and Technology. A Short History of Paper. Printer Ink and Inkjet Cartridges with Free Delivery. 5th March 2017 17:43 When looking for inkjet cartridges you want a supplier that has a wide range of printer ink offers product satisfaction, is reliable with good service.

Printer Ink and Inkjet Cartridges with Free Delivery

We work with our suppliers to provide high quality, great value ink cartridges for business and home users. 100% guaranteed for quality and compatibility with your inkjet printer, the prices you see on our website are fully inclusive with no hidden extras and we offer Free Next Day Delivery to any address in mainland UK on all printer ink cartridges.

Toner Cartridges – Laser printer cartridge guide. Genuine and Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges - A guide. 5th March 2017 15:44 Sprint-Ink has been supplying ink cartridges since 2005, alongside a whole range of accessories for inkjet printers, fax machines and copiers. 99% of our compatible ink cartridges are manufactured from recycled components in controlled ‘clean room’ environments and are put through rigorous print tests to ensure a quality performance.

Genuine and Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges - A guide

Our printer ink cartridges are premium quality, which means they have brand new parts ensuring high quality print results. Our HP Toner Cartridges – HP Laser printer cartridges. Brother Toner Cartridges for Business, Home and School. 24th February 2017 08:06 Whether it’s a genuine Brother toner or a lower cost compatible toner cartridge you can be certain of finding the right cartridge for your Brother laser printer.

Brother Toner Cartridges for Business, Home and School

We have a full range of toner cartridges for Brother laser printers available for next day delivery. Every Brother toner we sell has been manufactured to the highest of standards and has been rigorously tested. Sprint-Ink are the UK’s leading supplier of the ever popular Brother HL cartridges including the Brother DCP Series. Keep fit at your desk with these simple exercises. 5th November 2016 08:58 My working day consists of sitting behind a desk or in a car.

Keep fit at your desk with these simple exercises

Other than walking from a car park to door or from office to kitchen for a coffee, there’s not a great deal of exercise in between. So, I’ve decided to do something about it! 10 Office Jargon Phrases We Don’t Want To Hear. 17th January 2017 14:57 Ok, ‘Get all your ducks in a row’, ‘Touch base’ and lets ‘Look under the bonnet’ of the age old cringeworthy, scream inducing, subject of office jargon.

10 Office Jargon Phrases We Don’t Want To Hear

I’m not going to beat about the bush here, business people; you can be very irritating sometimes! Canon and the Room To Read charity supply books for schoolchildren in South Africa. 24th January 2017 13:53 Canon has joined forces with Room to Read, create and supply 3,300 books to 176 schools across South Africa. In a bid to eliminate waste from print samples produced at trade shows the company used its printers to create books to promote stronger reading and learning skills to boost literacy levels and education.

Well known for its commitment to sustainability, Canon began its work with the Room to Read program after it became clear that there was a substantial amount of unused leftover paper from it’s trade shows. Canon, the worldwide supplier of printer ink and toner cartridges, believes that the Room to Read program ties in perfectly with its company ethos ‘Kyosei’, which encourages living and working together for the common good. Stuart Poore, Canon Europe’s Director of Sustainability, said "We believe that programmes such as Room to Read have the power to make a positive impact on an individual’s life and we are proud to be involved.”

10 Office Jargon Phrases We Don’t Want To Hear. We’re getting a fresh new look! 10th January 2017 10:29 | Tags: News, New Website | comments(0) Look out for our new brighter, cleaner and smoother looking website due to be launched on Monday 16th January! With more products than ever you can be sure of finding great savings for business, school and home users on low cost office supplies, Don't think buying a new printer is cost effective? Read on! 14th October 2016 19:33 | Tags: Printing, Printers, Help, How To | comments(0) You may still be bashing out print after print on your old HP LaserJet 4, many people still do, and the print quality maybe perfect. This is good news, you don't have to pay out for a new printer, or do you? Back in the day, around the mid nineties, the LaserJet 4 was a good solid printer, they simply never let you down. But today, with the reduction in price, a laser printer is well within the print budget of any home or small business user with some laser printers being cheaper than inkjet printers.

Laser printers are available today from as little as £40 and unlike inkjet printers, which use print heads that travel across the page to lay down ink drop by drop, laser printers use a much simpler technology, relatively speaking. Free Spooky Halloween Mask Printables. Teach the time – Printable clock for kids. 24th October 2016 13:51 | Tags: How to, Kids Stuff, Learning, | comments(0) It’s never too early for kids to start learning the time. They’ll be eager to learn by printing out this clock to make and colour. Isn’t it time you checked your business print security? 7th August 2016 18:39 | Tags: Security, Business, Print Security, Printing, Safeguarding data, | comments(0)

The HP M452dn just prints, but it does it extremely well. Fast, flexible and economical, the HL-L6300DWT. 10th August 2016 11:40 | Tags: Review, Featured, Laser Printer, Brother, HL-L6300DWT, | comments(0) The Kyocera Ecosys P6030cdn has a combination of speed and quality. 12th August 2016 08:01 | Tags: Review, Laser Printers, Kyocera, Ecosys, P6030cdn, Toner Cartridges | comments(0) We haven’t written a Kyocera laser printer review for some time now, but we just have to highlight the Ecosys P6030cdn. Goodbye VHS players: The last VCRs will be made this month. 22nd July 2016 13:55 | Tags: News, VHS, VCR, Video Cassette Recorder | comments(0) Back in November last year Sony announced they will no longer be making Betamax video cassettes but did you know Videocassette recorders or VCR’s are still being manufactured and sold today.

Hard to believe we know. Go greener and lower your office print costs. Windows Vista Print Spooler security issues fixed. If, for some reason, you are still using Windows Vista you’ll need this update 21st July 2016 08:54 | Tags: Windows, Vista, Security, Print | comments(0) Unless you’re the great ‘physicist’, Sheldon Cooper, who said “My new computer came with Windows 7. Duplex printing, what does it mean? 21st July 2016 08:00 | Tags: Duplex, Printer, Printing, | comments(0) Do cheap printers really save you money? What The Font Is A Wingding? Laser printers - A cheaper alternative for the home consumer? Less Printer Downtime With HP 124A Q600 Toner Cartridges. Get significant savings with compatible toner cartridges. Choosing the right printer for your new business. A guide to buying a printer. Appointments, Piles and Disinfectant - The Way To A Tidy Desk. Create Photo Laboratory Photography With 79XL Ink. The Tiniest Inkjet Image Printed With Quantum Dots.

Get Long-Lasting Prints With The HP 201A Toner Cartridge Multipack. Print Crisp Images With The HP 131X - 131A Toner Cartridge Multipack. Range Rover drives over a bridge made out of paper. Free to download & print! Colouring pages for adults. What is LiFi? And how is it faster than Wi-Fi? How to make your office more efficient. The History Of The Holiday Snapshot. Technology and the work/life balance - Know when to ‘switch-off’ Small on the outside, big on the inside - The Samsung Xpress M2022W.

3D Printing

Xativa Wide Format Media - Inspired By Papermaking History. Millers Dale Bridge 80ft Abseil Challenge Update. Epson Launches World’s Smallest A4 Inkjet Printer. Be more creative with edible printer ink. Cheap Samsung MLT-D101S Toner Cartridges. HP CB436A Toner Cartridges - HP 36A Toner Cartridges. Buy Printer Ink from Sprint-Ink and we'll donate to When You Wish Upon A Star. DIY Garden Seed Packets - Seed Packet Printable.

Printing Quality Photos With An Inkjet Printer. Business Printer Ink And Toner Cartridges Suppliers. Top Ten Home Printers. Photography. Recycling. Help Files. The Top Ten Office Printers.