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Solar Intermittency and Grid Stability. Solar Materials and Human Rights. Solar Power--Environmental Issues. Large-Scale Solar Installations. Solar Power Footprints. Roof-Top Solar. Solar Panel Heating. Solar Roads. Weather Resistance of Solar Installations. 100% Solar. £2.5M Wasted On Solar Powered Railway. By Paul Homewood.

£2.5M Wasted On Solar Powered Railway

Solar desert deep-sixed in rural Virginia. For the second time in 15 months, residents of rural Culpeper County, Virginia have risen up against a proposed massive solar array project, forcing the would-be developers to withdraw their application to put the renewable energy facility in the county’s picturesque rolling farmlands.

Solar desert deep-sixed in rural Virginia

A cold snap in Queensland cut the state’s solar power to just 5% of its average daily output. As Paul McArdle of WattClarity says: “the NEM* is becoming increasingly dependent on the weather“ Saturday week ago in Queensland was cold enough to break records.

A cold snap in Queensland cut the state’s solar power to just 5% of its average daily output

Brisbane “only” made it up to 17.9C (64F). It hasn’t been that cold there in May for 40 years. From Peanuts to Power: The Jimmy Carter Solar Farm. Guest “anatomy of green propaganda” by David Middleton An old high school friend of mine posted this article on his Facebook page over the weekend: Former U.S President Jimmy Carter Builds A Solar Farm To Power Half His Hometown.Posted on: September 25, 2019A true leader at heart, forever giving power to the people.

From Peanuts to Power: The Jimmy Carter Solar Farm

Literally.The 39th President of the United States (1977-1981), Jimmy Earl Carter, supported the solar energy industry when he installed 32 panels in the White House for water heating 1979. “A generation from now, this solar heater can either be a curiosity, a museum piece, an example of a road not taken, or it can be just a small part of one of the greatest and most exciting adventures ever undertaken by the American people,” he had said [1]. The Green New Deal's solar absurdity. Those who support the Green New Deal (GND) want what they claim to be the only real solution to the global warming problem which is solar power, and other so-called renewables to save our planet from the ravages of fossil fuel.

The Green New Deal's solar absurdity

They insist our dependance on fossil fuels can be ended by having the world become fully dependent on green energy they wrongly claim to be environmentally friendly, producing no pollution. None of which is true or possible. But their real motivation for the climate change delusion is to shift control of all energy from oil and gas companies to the government. It is a move toward the socialist goal of the Green New Deal. Virtue Signaling and Tax (subsidy) Equity Investors.

Solar Power Firms Target End Users In Post-Subsidy World. Experiments show dramatic increase in solar cell output. Method for collecting two electrons from each photon could break through theoretical solar-cell efficiency limit Massachusetts Institute of Technology CAMBRIDGE, MA — In any conventional silicon-based solar cell, there is an absolute limit on overall efficiency, based partly on the fact that each photon of light can only knock loose a single electron, even if that photon carried twice the energy needed to do so.

Experiments show dramatic increase in solar cell output

But now, researchers have demonstrated a method for getting high-energy photons striking silicon to kick out two electrons instead of one, opening the door for a new kind of solar cell with greater efficiency than was thought possible. While conventional silicon cells have an absolute theoretical maximum efficiency of about 29.1 percent conversion of solar energy, the new approach, developed over the last several years by researchers at MIT and elsewhere, could bust through that limit, potentially adding several percentage points to that maximum output. Solar Power (Technology and Economics) - Fusion 4 Freedom. By Barrie Lawson, UK The earth receives more energy from the Sun in just one hour than the world’s population uses in a whole year.

Solar Power (Technology and Economics) - Fusion 4 Freedom

The total solar energy flux intercepted by the earth on any particular day is 4.2 X 1018 Watt-hours or 1.5 X 1022 Joules (or 6.26 X 1020 Joules per hour). This is equivalent to burning 360 billion tons of oil ( toe ) per day or 15 Billion toe per hour. In fact the world’s total energy consumption of all forms in the year 2000 was only 4.24 X 1020 Joules. In year 2005 it was 10,537 Mtoe.

Solar's Bright Future Is Further Away Than It Seems. There is now a doctrine of what I call “solar triumphalism”: the price of panels has been falling exponentially, the technology makes good practical sense, and only a few further nudges are needed for solar to become a major energy source.

Solar's Bright Future Is Further Away Than It Seems

Unfortunately, this view seems to be wrong. Solar energy could be a boon to mankind and the environment, but it’s going to need a lot more support and entrepreneurial and policy dynamism. The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) Solar Energy - Principia Scientific International. Published on Written by Oliver K.

Solar Energy - Principia Scientific International

Manuel Abstract: The source of energy in the core of the Sun is neutron repulsion, the same source of energy in cores of the uranium and plutonium atoms that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945, respectively. The Sun is an ordinary star that produces and discards hydrogen generated by neutron-emission followed, in succession, by neutron-decay. This conclusion is based on precise measurements of meteorites, planets, the Moon and the Sun during the space age and on precise atomic rest mass data. 1.

ANOTHER TAXPAYER-FUNDED SOLAR-ENERGY COMPANY FAILS - Principia Scientific International. Published on Written by JEROME R.


CORSI NEW YORK – The collapse of a Spanish-based multinational renewable energies company could cause election-year embarrassment not only to President Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the Democratic Party, but also to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi, through their ties to Goldman Sachs. Announced Tuesday, Seville-headquartered renewables multinational firm Abengoa plans to sell off four solar photovoltaic power plants in Spain for a collective value of $65.13 million, $57.26 million and a net cash flow of $13.9 million, helping the company meet its debt-restructuring targets set out in its feasibility plan. Solar Panels Now Make More Electricity Than They Use.

Solar panels make energy, but they take energy to make, too. And, until about 2010 or so, the solar panel industry used more electricity than it produced, according to a new analysis. Now, the industry is set to "pay back" the energy it used by 2020. The study looked at what went into building and installing solar panels all over the world, including everything from home installations to solar farms, says Michael Dale, a climate and energy researcher at Stanford University, in a Stanford-produced video. He and a senior scientist, Sally Benson, thought that because the solar panel industry was growing so quickly, it might actually be using more electricity than it produced. Instead, they found an industry at a crux. "I think that this paper shows that actually the industry is making positive strides and it's even in spite of its fantastically fast growth rates, it's still producing, or it's just about to start producing, a net energy benefit to society," Dale said.