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7 Unexplored Places In Gujarat That Many Don't Know About! Gujarat is a deep tunnel of beautiful places, the more you will dig the more you will explore.

7 Unexplored Places In Gujarat That Many Don't Know About!

The place has a rich history and offers something new every time you visit it. In fact, the state offers so much that it’s almost impossible to explore all there is in Gujarat in one go. 6 Most Popular Shopping Places in Rishikesh In Hindi. Magnificent Trekking Places in India That Should be on Your Travel List. If you’re someone who likes to travel, especially trek during their travels then this is your one-stop destination for some of the best and most worth-it trekking places in India.

Magnificent Trekking Places in India That Should be on Your Travel List

They span across different difficulty levels and are sprawled across the country which means that you’ll be able to experience something new and unique with every one of these trekking places. But before moving ahead, do you know trekking is one of the most loved and beneficial ways of traveling. Beneficial because of the amount of physical assistance these trek trips require, which cannot be bought with any amount of money. Whether you’re a luxury traveler or a backpack one, in the world of trekking you all try to accomplish the same peaks and treks (though some might have the added advantage of comfortable accessories to support the whole task). List of 10 Best Scary Movies Ever. The best scary movies of all time don’t make it easy for you to sleep well.

List of 10 Best Scary Movies Ever

The best scary movies are a lot sneakier. They sneak into your thoughts while you are getting ready to settle down for the night and force you to think twice before turning off the light. The best scary movies implore us to explore our fears and develop a few new ones. Compiling decades of movies down to a list of 10 is not easy. गुजरात घूमने जा रहे हैं तो इन पर्यटक स्थलों के बारे में जरूर जान लें। How will the distance from Delhi to Dehradun will come down big time? There are those phrases that aren’t used much too often and perhaps for the simplest of reasons that they haven’t even been coined.

How will the distance from Delhi to Dehradun will come down big time?

But in a sense, they are used every single day. Funny as that may sound. And honestly speaking, perhaps one among the phrases is strategic corridor establishment. So how is that? Why has Virat Kohli taken a pay cut for the interest of the RCB side? “Virat Kohli has taken a pay cut for the larger interest of the team.

Why has Virat Kohli taken a pay cut for the interest of the RCB side?

We all know how good a player he is and how good a leader he is. So he has definitely done this so that RCB can have just that little extra in the auctions.” Gulab Jal Ke Fayde. 6 Best Weekend Getaways From Delhi. After working from home for the last 6 months, let’s face it, we are over our surroundings.

6 Best Weekend Getaways From Delhi

The 4 walls of our homes have finally reached the point where we can’t take it anymore and a change in scenery is simply a necessity now, more than a luxury. If you also think so and happen to be in Delhi or neighboring cities then this list of a short trip from Delhi places will be just the right thing for you. While we are cribbing about not being home-bound anymore, many have already sailed away and happily indulging in workcation. Workcation is the newest trend explored by the Internet where rather than working from home, people have moved to hills or other such places, and now are working from a staycation. Amazing, isn’t it? How To Make Sugar Wax. Waxing is not just limited to women.

How To Make Sugar Wax

It is a tedious task that both men and women have to undertake for them to look neat and clean. One cannot ignore that waxing our bodies is not just limited to looking good but it is for hygiene purposes also. When you wax your body the layer of dirt and the dead skin on the tropical part is removed resulting in your skin looking clean and smooth. Mostly we prefer to take salon services to get ourselves waxed. But aren’t salon expenses a bit too much to keep up with? 5 Best Home Remedies For Blackheads on Nose. Much like our day-to-day hygienic routine, our skin also needs a little extra to clean out all the dirt, sebum, and oil that gets accumulated in our pores, and then transform into blackheads on our nose and other places on the face.

5 Best Home Remedies For Blackheads on Nose

Let’s face it, no one likes blackheads and we try to do anything our hands to keep them at bay, yet, they’re just there somehow and now we need to book a parlour appointment to get them out. However, why spend thousands of bucks on something that you can easily do at home? Yes, there are tons of effective and easy-to-do home remedies for blackheads. 8 Best Places To Visit In Pushkar To Enjoy The City's Authenticity. Pushkar, also known as, one of the oldest cities in India, is situated bordering the Great Indian Desert, Thar Desert.

8 Best Places To Visit In Pushkar To Enjoy The City's Authenticity

It is known for its scenic beauty and unique temples that have a mass following among its devotees. Moreover, Pushkar is known as one of the most serene and culturally driven cities in all of Rajasthan that instantly takes you back in time. The city is also famous for its stunning hike routes and adventure sports, along with hot air balloon rides, that you need to experience once you’re here. 2021 has turned out to be the year of Axar Patel! Here's how? Honestly speaking, if someone would call Virat Kohli or any in the trinity comprising him, KL Rahul, who’s currently out injured or the new T20I captain, Rohit Sharma, as the face of the Indian cricket team then it would make perfect sense.

2021 has turned out to be the year of Axar Patel! Here's how?

Only one among this famous troika of Indian cricket is young and still growing in his craft for the other two, the other dangerous two have peaked big time already. And there’s little doubt about that. But then, in this mix when you get to hear about names such as Axar Patel and what he may have done to be called the face of Team India, at least, as far as 2021, then the face of Tests, then you may be a tad bit surprised. Can we be frank in accepting it? Well, course! How's India preparing itself for the new variant from south Africa? You know it’s any other news when most channels furnish reporting of a single case or two or three in a village or district that never really had COVID 19. That’s because sooner than later, every other place was going to be afflicted by the novel COVID 19 virus.

But you know there’s something tense when the chief minister of a state writes on Twitter addressing the PM toward a new variant, speaking genuinely and heartfully instead of lashing out meaninglessly. So when Shri Arvind Kejriwal took to Twitter to request PM Modi’s attention about the new variant from South Africa, you knew it was the case of the the latter, and that things were beginning to look a bit tense. But the key question is, what did the Delhi CM tell the honourable PM of the country and what did he have to say about the status of India at present where it comes to dealing with the COVID 19 situation? “I urge Hon’ble PM to stop flights from those countries which are affected by new variant. 6 Best Places To Visit In Kolkata For A Rich Cultural Experience. Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, was India’s capital at one time.

However, the base of capital shifted soon and transcended Delhi, but one thing that didn’t leave Kolkata was its rich history and culture. The city has had a strong influence on our nation’s art, music, cinema, literature and so much more. Every lane, café, and chai tapri have a story to narrate, and one would often find people engrossed in something intellectual and mind-boggling. 15 Tiny Tattoo Design Ideas You’ll Never Regret Getting. Anyone who wants to get tattoos, often start with a huge doubt in their mind, what if I eventually got bored of it?

In that case, you’ll be stuck with something really big on your body for forever, and frankly, there’s nothing more obnoxious than having a tattoo whose very existence, you despise. In such case, what you can do is, get a tiny tattoo of something that’s really close to you. Best Places to visit in Varanasi in 2021. Deemed as one of the oldest living city, Varanasi lies on the banks of the holy river Ganga. The city is also known as Banaras. It is world-famous for its spirituality and religious significance. For centuries, it has been a place attracting pilgrims from all over the world. Varanasi is a perfect destination that depicts the colours and diversity of India. 26/11 Mumbai Attacks Suspect Sufiyan Zafar Arrested In Pakistan. The remembrance of 26/11 Mumbai Attacks still wrenches our hearts out and on Thursday the news circulated that the key suspect of these terror attacks is finally behind the bars as he has been arrested by security agencies in Pakistan.

On Thursday, it was announced that the key suspect of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks Sufiyan Zafar has been arrested in Pakistan. Sufiyan, wanted in connection with the attacks and he had reportedly assisted the prime suspect of the attacks Hammad Amin Sadiq financially. Acting Career & Ed Sheeran in game of thrones. Know the tips to keep dengue in kids at bay. Read this list to know more! Early life, Career & Net worth of Martha Stewart. Lady Gaga Net Worth: Early life, Career And Achievements. The brave Abhinandan Varthaman decorated with Vir Chakra! How To Make Sugar Wax. Net worth of Jim Cramer. List of 10 Best videogames of all time. What Does Your Hairstyle Say About Your Personality? Know about Football Rules and Regulations. What Are Whole Grains?: 9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Whole Grains. How To Treat Hormonal Acne Naturally. How to style long hair for guys.

Top 10 Wealthiest Singers in the World. Colors that makes room look bigger. Find out how much is Taylor Swift's net worth. Bridal Look Of TV Serials Bahu In 2021. Manglik Hone Ke Fayde, Nuksan. Single Line Tattoos Ideas To Choose From Minimalist Tattoo Designs. What Style Earrings Are Popular? Katrina Kaif Red Lehenga Wedding Look 2021. Kartik Maheene Mein Janme Log: कार्तिक मास में जन्मे बच्चे कैसे होते हैं 5 Simple and Easy Tips For a Glowing Skin in Minutes. What Are The Benefits Of Eating Peanuts? Nisha Madhulika Biography in Hindi:निशा मधुलिका जीवन परिचय. Vicky Kaushal Adventure With Bear Grylls. 5 Easy steps to prepare Hibiscus oil. Chhath Puja Song 2021. Chhath Vrat Katha 2021. How To Choose The Best Winter Jacket. Diwali Sampurn Puja Vidhi. Top 5 Strongest character in marvel. Teal Green Color Matching Fashion Tips.

Potato Beauty Benefits for Skin, Hair, Curing Pimple & Sunburn. Marble Lipstick Is The New Fashion Trend On Instagram And We Love How Beautiful It Looks! Visa Temple in Hyderabad: जानें क्यों प्रसिद्ध है हैदराबाद का वीजा मंदिर. Fatty Liver Ke Lakshan Karan Aur Upay. 6 Best Places To Visit In Kolkata For A Rich Cultural Experience. How to stop anxiety thoughts. दुनियाभर के पर्यटक देखने आते है, गुजरात की ये 5 जगहें Chicken kofta Pulao Recipe In Hindi.

Benefits of Baking Soda: The Home Remedy That Can Do Everything. 5 Major Reasons Why Do Dogs Eat Grass. Kheel Batashe ka mahatva In Hindi. Diwali me Ghar Kaise Sajaye. Love Chocolates? These 5 Healthy Benefits Will Make You Love It More! Karwa Chauth Mehndi Design. 7 Places You Should Explore In India Before You Hit 30! Virat Kohli's wax statue unveiled in Dubai! Read more about it here. You Will In Love With This New Shine Line Hair Trend! Chittorgarh Fort In Hindi: चित्तौड़गढ़ किला राजस्थान के जौहर का बना गवाह. 3 Easy Hair Treatments To Get Salon Like Hair At Home! Best Wildlife Destinations यहाँ जानवरों को करीब से देखा जा सकता है। Best Fashion Tips To Look Slim And Attractive. करवा चौथ की पौराणिक व्रत कथा (Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha) Places To Visit In Paris. [Uttarakhand Tourist Places in Hindi] उत्तराखंड की सबसे खूबसूरत घूमने की जगह. Calcium Rich Foods Vegetarian. Into The Wild with Bear Grylls and Ajay Devgn.

Most expensive stones in the world. Greater Himalayan Range. 10 Unknown Scientific Facts About Kissing. जम्मू-कश्मीर के खूबसूरत पर्यटन स्थल. The Best Home Remedies For Wrinkles - It Really Helps. Dussehra 2021 Vijay Dashmi Pooja Shubh Muhurat Date And Time. 5 Best Home Remedies For Blackheads on Nose. Best Places To Visit Chail Himachal Pradesh In Hindi. 10 Trendy Ways To Style Your Faux Fur Coat This Winter. Apple Plans To Make iPhone Fold a foldable phone. Glenn Maxwell, the big show, is the real big deal for the RCB!

Best Chutney Recipes for Dosa In Hindi. Beautiful Travel Destinations In Switzerland. 9 Incredible Benefits Of Raw Mango You Need To Know. 7 Amazing Carrot Juice Benefits And How to Prepare It. 6 Best Places To Visit In Pondicherry For A Perfect Getaway. Best places to visit in Sikkim to enjoy true beauty of this beautiful state. Personal Grooming Kit For Women. 8 Best Vitamin A Rich Foods To Overcome Vitamin A Deficiency. बद्रीनाथ मंदिर का इतिहास (Badrinath Temple History in Hindi) Why Babies Cry At Night! - 5 Major Reasons. Bigg Boss 15 New Jungle Promo Out. Which Fruits Should be Eaten for Weight Loss?