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Aperçu sur le développement des applications Web et des Widgets accessibles - Accessibilité. Le Web est en pérpetuelle évolution.

Aperçu sur le développement des applications Web et des Widgets accessibles - Accessibilité

En effet, les sites à contenu statique sont de plus en plus remplacés par des sites dynamiques à l'utilisation assez proche des applications de bureaux. Les sites Web dynamiques utilisent abondement JavaScript et AJAX. Les designers créent des widgets et des éléments d'interface grâce aux languages du Web notemment HTML, CSS et Javascript. Ce tournant dans l'histoire du Web permet d'améliorer grandement l'expérience utilisateur. ARIA - Accessibility. Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) defines ways to make Web content and Web applications (especially those developed with Ajax and JavaScript) more accessible to people with disabilities.

ARIA - Accessibility

For example, ARIA enables accessible navigation landmarks, JavaScript widgets, form hints and error messages, live content updates, and more. ARIA is a set of special accessibility attributes which can be added to any markup, but is especially suited to HTML. The role attribute defines what the general type of object is (such as an article, alert, or slider). Additional ARIA attributes provide other useful properties, such as a description for a form or the current value of a progressbar. ARIA is implemented in most popular browsers and screen readers.

Software, Training, and Consulting. ARIA in HTML. Accessibility on Smashing Magazine. We use ad-blockers as well, you know.

Accessibility on Smashing Magazine

We gotta keep those servers running though. Did you know that we publish useful books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? E.g. upcoming SmashingConf Barcelona, dedicated to smart front-end techniques and design patterns. Posts Tagged ‘Accessibility’. We are pleased to present below all posts tagged with ‘Accessibility’. Accessibility Lipstick on a Usability Pig. Applying accessibility techniques to an unusable site is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Accessibility Lipstick on a Usability Pig

No matter how much you apply, it will always be a pig. There are many ways in which a web site might be made inaccessible. Believe me, we’ve seen them all. Occasionally we are asked to conduct an accessibility evaluation on a site that is almost entirely unusable. Such efforts are usually pointless. ChromeVox Interactive TutorialStep 1 of 9 :Lesson 1: About ChromeVox and the Keyboard. With the help of ChromeVox spoken feedback, you can use your keyboard to explore the Web.

ChromeVox Interactive TutorialStep 1 of 9 :Lesson 1: About ChromeVox and the Keyboard

After these 10 6 lessons, you’ll learn enough basic keyboard shortcuts to explore pages, find links and buttons, and have more than one page open at a time. You’ll also learn where to get more information. AccessiWeb 2.2 - Liste Générale. Pourquoi AccessiWeb ?

AccessiWeb 2.2 - Liste Générale

Accessible jQuery-ui Components Demo. Accessible jQuery-ui Components Demonstration Instructions for Screen Reader Users: This page contains some interactive controls that you would normally only find in desktop applications.

Accessible jQuery-ui Components Demo

Examples of such controls are tab lists, menu bars, sliders, and tree views. These controls are often operated using the arrow keys, which means your screen reader must temporarily switch off virtual navigation mode in order to interact with them. Some screen readers will automatically switch between modes depending on the control's type, while others require you to manually turn virtual mode off. JAWS KEY + Z, use twice to make switch permanent. How to toggle aria-expanded and other WAI-ARIA values with JavaScript - David MacDonald Web Accessibility Blog, testing, teaching, and discussion. How Not To Misuse ARIA States, Properties and Roles - SSB BART Group. Many content authors will put ARIA properties on content in an attempt to meet accessibility standards and make their content work with assistive technology (AT).

How Not To Misuse ARIA States, Properties and Roles - SSB BART Group

WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1. At this point you should have a basic understanding of how WAI-ARIA is used to support interoperability with assistive technologies.

WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1

ARIA in HTML. Abstract This specification defines the web developer rules (author conformance requirements) for the use of [wai-aria-1.1] attributes on [HTML51] elements.


It also defines requirements for Conformance Checking tools. Status of This Document. ARIA - AnySurfer. ARIA, il serait temps de s’y mettre ! Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.0. This section is normative. The terms "states" and "properties" refer to similar features. Both provide specific information about an object, and both form part of the definition of the nature of roles. OpenAjax Accessibility: OpenAjax Examples. Introduction à WAI ARIA (traduction) · Les intégristes. DHTML Style Guide Working Group – AOL Access. The DHTML Style Guide Working Group (DSGWG) has come together to create a recommendation for keyboard shortcuts to be used in website widgets.

We realize that many keystrokes are already in use by various operating systems, user interfaces, and assistive technology. Therefore our task is to recommend the best, most intuitive, most international friendly shortcut keys possible without regard to their current use. It is hoped that developers, AT vendors, and Browser manufactures will use these as guidelines, but understand it may not be practical or possible given their individual constraints.

For more information about Key-navigable custom JavaScript widgets see the Codetalks Wiki [ no longer exists. Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessibility. You are here: Home > Articles > Using NVDA to Evaluate Web Accessibility Introduction This article is designed to help users who are new to NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) learn the basic controls for testing web content, and to serve as a reference for the occasional NVDA user. NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a free and open source screen reader for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It supports over 20 languages and can run on any computer entirely from a USB drive with no installation. Accessibilité numérique : bonne ou mauvaise nouvelle ? Dans cet article, j’aimerais aborder un sujet qui est encore aujourd’hui largement ignoré et trop souvent entouré d’idées préconçues : l’accessibilité du web.

Bien que reconnue comme un noble concept, l'accessibilité est bien souvent perçue comme une perte de temps et d’argent. En cause, l’idée d’une mise en place complexe et contraignante qui ne servirait qu’à une minorité. La plupart des éditeurs de site web ne s’y intéressent alors que sous la contrainte, notamment lors de développements de sites d’administrations publiques.En me penchant sur le sujet, il m’a paru au fur et à mesure évident, que cette pratique épineuse, recèle une véritable richesse autant humaine que stratégique.Aujourd’hui, notre société s’approprie les outils numériques qui l’entourent, afin de l’adapter à ses besoins. Cependant, cette appropriation reste encore inaccessible à une grande partie de la population : plus d’un milliard de personnes dans le monde vivant avec un handicap, dont 20,8 millions en France.

Notes on ARIA by Taylor Hunt on CodePen.