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Material Design Text Fields Are Badly Designed. About The Author Adam Silver is an interaction designer focused on design systems and inclusive design.

Material Design Text Fields Are Badly Designed

He loves to help organizations deliver products and services so that … More about Adam ↬ Where to put the label in a web form? In the early days, we talked about left-aligned labels versus top-aligned labels. These days we talk about floating labels. I’ve been designing forms for over 20 years now, and I’ve tested many of them for large organizations like Boots, Just Eat and These days the focus is more about placeholders that replace labels and float labels.

Some people assume float labels are best because Google’s Material Design uses them. Instead, I recommend using conventional text fields which have: Choosing the best trendline for your data - Access. When you want to add a trendline to a chart in Microsoft Graph, you can choose any of the six different trend/regression types.

Choosing the best trendline for your data - Access

The type of data you have determines the type of trendline you should use. Trendline reliability A trendline is most reliable when its R-squared value is at or near 1. When you fit a trendline to your data, Graph automatically calculates its R-squared value. 5 UX KPIs You Need To Track. Share Share Tweet Share Pin It.

5 UX KPIs You Need To Track

Beautiful UI Design for API Developer Portals. When we think of Application Programming Interfaces — APIs — we may not immediately pair them with User Interface design.

Beautiful UI Design for API Developer Portals

Implemented as a background tool, APIs are largely in the hands of developers, and technical documentation has a natural reputation of being elusive for laymen. However, this mindset is not sustainable. The Content Chicken and the Design Egg Problem - 20px - Twenty Pixels. Notifications design pattern example at Analytics at Google - 5 of 4. Mobile - Why the 360x640px resolution is currently the most used one? - User Experience Stack Exchange. iPhone 12 vs Designers. How fragmentation will affect the way… Above you can see an example design of an app we’re currently building at HYPE4.

iPhone 12 vs Designers. How fragmentation will affect the way…

As you can see it’s not ideal, as especially the top and bottom spacing require adjustments between the phones to look right. On some phones the main button requires scrolling, so we’ll have to adjust the entire card and font-sizes for these devices to still manage and fit it. (That happens in development) Of course Swift UI and all the other advancements in coding make it a little bit simpler, but at the design phase, we still want to see how it’s going to look like on a larger device.


Tools. Courses : Web Design & Development. Interactive Media Design and Usability. The Interactive Media Design and Usability course introduces students to the tools and concepts of user-interface (UI) design combined with a method of project development that utilizes an industry-proven production process.

Interactive Media Design and Usability

The course explores both behavioral and structural patterns of UI design along with information architecture (IA) for interactive deployment, user navigation techniques, and page layout for the interactive medium. Web Design and Usability. How To Improve Advanced Search UX? There are different ways to display the values against a parameter.

How To Improve Advanced Search UX?

You can select an approach that best fits with your current context and requirements. 1. Input box. Best Practices For Mobile Form Design. About The Author Nick Babich is a developer, tech enthusiast, and UX lover. He has spent the last 10 years working in the software industry with a specialized focus on … More about Nick Babich … Users can be hesitant to fill out forms. That is why it is our goal as designers to make the process of filling out a form as easy as possible. Nick shares some techniques that can help you design effective forms. The Ultimate List of UX Topics All Beginners Should Know. When entering a new field, there’s usually a standard curriculum to learn.

The Ultimate List of UX Topics All Beginners Should Know

Front-end developers learn HTML & CSS. Content producers learn the basics of copywriting. How to Ask About Gender in Forms Respectfully. In tech, there are “edge cases”.

How to Ask About Gender in Forms Respectfully

But there are no such thing as edge case people. For some people, something as simple as filling in a form can be a frustrating, demeaning experience. Sometimes something as small as a poorly-designed form field can remind someone of their experience of feeling different, unwelcome or even invalid. It’s often necessary to get information about people through forms.

So it’s important that we take a few moments to make sure we are asking these questions in an inclusive, respectful way. Over the last couple of years, it’s been part of my job to decide how to build a number of forms where we’ve needed to think really carefully about the questions we ask and how we ask them. The Golden Rule. API design is UI design — a way to collaborative handoff. Product Management Definition and Examples. Product management is vital to delivering innovations and driving business growth.

Product Management Definition and Examples

It is an important organizational role that is growing in popularity. For example, 15 percent of MBA students at MIT's Sloan business school go on to take jobs in product management — making it the second-largest job category for graduates. Atomic Design. Hey there! I wrote a book called Atomic Design that dives into this topic in more detail, which you can buy as an ebook. We’re not designing pages, we’re designing systems of components. Input fields - Placement of More Information/Help Icon button for Radio Buttons - User Experience Stack Exchange. 8 Best Practices for Designing a Helpful Contact Page.

The recipe for a website in 1995: Take one gray page, add a visitor counter, sprinkle with rainbow horizontal lines, insert poorly animated construction worker, add a “contact us” page and link the completed page to your web ring. Confused? Imagine a digital funhouse where bright colors, flashing lights and Comic Sans all compete for your attention at once. In 2016, our design is flat, we hide our visitor counters and save animation for the gifs we share in Slack chat. Yet the “contact us” page is still an essential part of every website’s architecture. 27 Eye-Opening Website Statistics [Updated for 2019] It takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eyes to land on the area of a website that most influences their first impression What it means: As we learned from our first statistic, it takes much less than a second for a user to form their opinion on the quality of a website.

We also discussed the fact that once your website passes the snap judgement test, it will have to keep it up in order to retain the user’s positive impression. The next hoop your website needs to jump through is the user’s first conscious impression, which is typically an area on the landing page that will influence their perception of the website’s quality. Users take an average of 2.6 seconds to find this spot, so it’s important to be engaging right away. 44 Types of Graphs and How to Choose the Best One for Your Data. Popular graph types include line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, scatter plots and histograms. Graphs are a great way to visualize data and display statistics.

For example, a bar graph or chart is used to display numerical data that is independent of one another. Incorporating data visualization into your projects is essential when working with numbers statistics. Regardless of what you’re creating, having visuals to represent your data can greatly help your audience understand your point. But how do you know which types of graphs and charts will be the best options for your industry and your information? Why Doctors Hate Their Computers. On a sunny afternoon in May, 2015, I joined a dozen other surgeons at a downtown Boston office building to begin sixteen hours of mandatory computer training.

We sat in three rows, each of us parked behind a desktop computer. In one month, our daily routines would come to depend upon mastery of Epic, the new medical software system on the screens in front of us. The upgrade from our home-built software would cost the hospital system where we worked, Partners HealthCare, a staggering $1.6 billion, but it aimed to keep us technologically up to date. More than ninety per cent of American hospitals have been computerized during the past decade, and more than half of Americans have their health information in the Epic system. Seventy thousand employees of Partners HealthCare—spread across twelve hospitals and hundreds of clinics in New England—were going to have to adopt the new software. I did fine with the initial exercises, like looking up patients’ names and emergency contacts. “Sure. Are Computers Getting Between You and Your Doctor? A Collection of Design System Resources. The Role of Design in Electronic Health Records: Past, Present, & Future — Gregory Schmidt.

User Journey Vs User Flow – Differences & Similarities. How to approach your UX Portfolio as a Mid or Senior level designer. Brain,heart,balance,emotion,intelligence - free photo from

Training and Tutorials

7 loading pages that make waiting (almost) fun. Whoever said good things come to those who wait probably never had to sit through rush hour traffic, get their license renewed, or wait for their Instagram feed to load. There’s no way around it. Waiting sucks. User experience and web design considerations for hospitals and health systems. Scenarios, User Stories and Use Cases…Oh My! UX is not UI. Best Practices for Homepage Links on websites. A direct, one-click link to the homepage is a must-have on websites. There are several reasons why: Going back to the homepage is a common task. People often go to the homepage when they’re disoriented, they have gone too deep into a site, or they’re ready to start a new task. Because of their dependency on search engines, most users enter websites through an interior page and bypass the homepage entirely.

We've Got the Wrong Idea About UX. Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design. Dimensions Vs Metrics: What's The Difference? Icon Usability. In addition to conveying brand personality through color and style, icons must first and foremost communicate meaning in a graphical user interface. Icons are, by definition, a visual representation of an object, action, or idea. If that object, action, or idea is not immediately clear to users, the icon is reduced to mere eye candy — confusing, frustrating, eye candy — and to visual noise that hinders people from completing a task.

The benefits of icons in a graphical user interface (GUI) include: 6 Ecommerce Checkout Page Optimizations for Higher Conversion [2018] Checkout page optimization is a frequently overlooked area for retailers looking for routes to increase online revenue. Instead, many online business owners and managers focus on optimizing for the front end of the website –– creating beautiful designs, site experiences and merchandising product to push customers down a purchase funnel. That makes sense. After all, this is your customer’s first impression of your business, and your first opportunity to convince them to stay, browse and buy. But when it comes to buying, an online store’s checkout far surpasses any other element of the website in terms of importance — including CTA buttons, product page specifications, and other more commonly thought-of factors.

Usability Testing Accordion-Style Checkouts: 2 UX Pitfalls that 75% of Sites Neglect - Articles. The Definitive Guide to Shopping Cart Abandonment. Usability Testing Accordion-Style Checkouts: 2 UX Pitfalls that 75% of Sites Neglect - Articles. When You Shouldn’t Take That UX Position. Treatise on User Experience Design: Part 1. Search Patterns: Design for Discovery. Best Practices for Search.

Treatise on User Experience Design: Part 1. Understanding User Behavior with Google Analytics - Analytics Help. Search interface: 20 things to consider. Design Debt. How to tackle design debt. UX Debt in the Enterprise: A Practical Approach User Experience Magazine. Strategic, Operational, Analytical or Tactical Dashboards? Why Use BPMN over Flowcharts - MCFTech. UX Debt in the Enterprise: A Practical Approach User Experience Magazine.

Faceted Search Definition, Examples & Best Practices — Dynamic Yield. Poor Management and Mediocre UX Design Go Together. Integrating UX Design methodologies into software development. UX Deliverables. Poor Management and Mediocre UX Design Go Together. UX for Product Managers - Daniel Elizalde. Top 10 articles about UX & Psychology in 2018. Material Design for Enterprise apps – Enterprise UX. Are UX Developers a Thing? Why Hybrid Designers Are So In-Demand Right Now. Top 20 UX Design Blogs And Resources You Should Follow in 2018. When does good User Experience become evil? – UX Collective. Lonely Planet Travel Guides and Travel Information. 10 Great Sites for UI Design Patterns. Top 20 UX Design Blogs And Resources You Should Follow in 2018.

Best Practices for Search. 10 Usability Heuristics with Examples – prototypr. Filtering UI: A Horizontal Toolbar Can Outperform the Traditional Sidebar - Articles - Baymard Institute. How To Improve Your Search Experience – Daniel Tunkelang – Medium. Query Assistants: Auto-Complete, Auto-Suggest, Auto-Search, and Beyond. Site-Search with Autocomplete: Benefits and Pitfalls. Design Better Data Tables – Why filter bars are better than left-hand filters - UXM. An Introduction To Heuristic Evaluation. Purchase Confirmation.

5 Essential UX Questions to Ask at a Project Kick-off Meeting. Stakeholder Interview Template : UX Apprentice. Chapter02. How to Create a Customer Journey Map -UX Mastery. Mapping the customer experience: innovate using customer experience j… What is UX Design? 15 User Experience Experts Weigh In. The choreography of the user experience « Amsterdam Ad Blog. How to Advocate and Evangelize User Experience. What I Learned from Teaching UX, Part 1. Product Manager and UX Designer — What’s The Difference? Which tools do product managers use? GoodUI. User Experience, User Interface Design Coaching, Speaking and Workshops. How Important is UX to Your Product's Growth? The business value of User Experience (UX) Design – UX Passion. How important is user experience? 9 things you need to know about UX. Product Manager and UX Designer - What's the Difference?

Just What is a UX Manager?