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Bootstrap carousel. City Break - Hotel UI Kit Demo. Grade UI Kit. UnderConsideration LLC. Visual Hierarchy Shop. DB Freebies Design Resources from Behance and Dribbble. Android Version. Free PSD Templates. Awesome UI. Travelo - Mega PSD Pack - PSD Templates. Behance. Snow Flakes - Winter UI Kit Demo. Visual Management Software. Best user interface designers on Earth - GoldtreeGoldtree. User Interface designers are that rare breed of individuals that build those beautiful layouts that we spend 50 to 65% of our lives staring at.

Best user interface designers on Earth - GoldtreeGoldtree

Some of them are like rock stars in the design communities and some of them are obscured behind corporate non-disclosure agreements that will make seasoned attorneys cringe in fear. Their work may probably never be seen in the public domain. You probably missed: Best User Interface Designs of Android L / Material Design These one in a 100 million digital artists listed in this list of the best user interface designers will be updated weekly as we continue our search for the true top 10 user interface designers and data visualisation experts in the world. 9 Balraj Chana This rising User Interface design super-star has designed some simply eye-watering works. He has been designing for only 4 years and has gained experience working alongside visionaries ranging from startup founders to Googlers (the team at Google, Palo Alto). 8 Fred Nerby 2 Mike Matas. Create Online Store, Ecommerce Website Builder, Online store builder India.

Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Stories, News, Resources, Research, Business Ideas, Product and App Reviews, Small Business. Nutritious snacks at doorsteps. Portal Software. Live Chat Reinvented. Bloom Demo. GoodUI. The 200 Best App & Web Design Tools & Resources (Categorized) This post is #21 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category.

The 200 Best App & Web Design Tools & Resources (Categorized)

Total items listed: 198. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week! Well we’re back at it again making another one of our infamous Top 100 Tech lists (many of which have been shared hundreds of thousands of times), except this time we’re aiming our sights at the world of graphic, app and web design (and we’ve doubled the scope to 200 amazing items). Technology and design are inseparable these days. What can you expect to find here? This post will probably be most useful to design newbies and students who are just getting to know the ins and outs of the online design community and the full ecosystem that is available to them. Before you get any further, let me explain that yes, this is a curated list meaning it is based purely on my own opinions. The Big 4 Online Design Networks/Empires. Lovely ui. Ui Parade – User Interface Design Inspiration.

Fribly - Inspiration & Resources From All Around The Web. IM Creator - Load. Providing Free PSD Templates for Designer - OmahPSD. Popup. Vex is a modern dialog library which is highly configurable, easily stylable, and gets out of the way.


You’ll love vex because it’s tiny (6kb minified, 2kb minifed + gzipped), has a clear and simple API, works on mobile devices, and can be customized to match your style in seconds. It supports built in CSS spinner for asynchronous dialogs. You can open multiple dialogs at once and close them individually or all at once. It has been tested on IE8+, Firefox 4+, Current WebKit (Chrome, Safari), Opera. Requirements: jQuery Framework Demo: License: MIT License. 100+ Latest Free Web Page PSD Templates. Content Boxes. A showcase of flat UI design. Andy Myers / Graphic Designer. User Interface Design Search Engine, UI Inspiration, UI Elements, GUI Design, Freebies. Tech & ALL – Web Magazine for Web Designers and Developers. I’m not really big on UI, and it seem like all has been made already, especially Flat Color UI’s, but I gave this a shot, I’m still using some flat colors with gradient effect, you can check out the full size preview below along with the .PSD download link.

Tech & ALL – Web Magazine for Web Designers and Developers

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Best Free Photoshop PSD UI Kits. In today's assortment, we have put together fresh and high quality free psd ui kits.

Best Free Photoshop PSD UI Kits

You Might Also Like: UPDATING: 17 February 2015 Web designers spent lots of time in making mock ups of web pages, in which they have to use Web UI elements again and again. Looking to make your web design process faster? These sets of PSD and vectors of UI elements should help you. Santa’s Sleigh Free UI Kit Santa’s previous Sleigh System was in need of serious upgrades. Black & Turquoise Free PSD UI Kit Freebie Ui with Black & Turquoise color theme. Free Dashboard PSD UI Kit The Animation is Hand Crafted by our other Team Member Iren Xhaferi who you can check his work on VIMEO Iren has some crazy skills, make sure to check him out too.

20+ Pro Quality Free PSD Website Templates.