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Using the webcam to develop pronunciation - EnglishUp. Developing students’ pronunciation is vitally important to help them achieve a good communicative speaking level.

Using the webcam to develop pronunciation - EnglishUp

The best time to work on pronunciation is when we first introduce new language items such as grammatical structures, vocabulary or expressions. This should ensure that they learn them from good clear models and are able to include references to pronunciation features in their notes. The webcam can be a vital tool in helping to support our students’ pronunciation habits and helping them to ‘see’ how words and expressions are pronounced and what particular pronunciation features they need to be aware of. So here are a few tips and examples to help you use your webcam to help with your students’ pronunciation. Find out about Aptis for Teachers Syllables on fingers When learning new words and especially longer words, students often have problems identifying how many syllables the word contains and which syllables are stressed or emphasised.

Pronunciation - TH - through, weather, lethal, breath, breathe. How to learn English pronunciation with Saundz - Tour. Phonetics Focus - A Sound Choice.


Pronunciation of individual sounds. Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English. ► Level 1 For elementary and pre-intermediate students ► Level 2 For intermediate students ► Level 3 For upper intermediate students and above ► For teachers Lesson plans, teachers' information worksheets, how to find a podcast and much more!

► Pie plus Our monthly magazine with news, videos, information worksheets and our monthly competition. . ► Extras Extra worksheet activities to support the podcasts ► Freebies Free sample worksheets for each of the three levels ► Travelogues Follow the pie team on their travels and learn English along the way Podcasts in English are not just listening activities for efl and esl students to improve their conversation. Many thanks to partnersinrhyme for the jingle on our podcasts and Philip Halling for the banner photo.

Our partner sites: - update football schedule and watch live football. Check out this page - in case you need high-quality research papers. I often write my essay with assistance during Business English classes in college. Navitasdistancelearning.wikispaces. Free online Dictionary of English Pronunciation - How to Pronounce English words. Pronunciation of English names of countries. Phonics reading practice : learn to read and spell free online. Not - nut. Pronunciation of the -ed ending - 1. Pronunciation of the -ed ending - 2. EFL / ESL Pronunciation: Magic "e"

BBC Learning English. Phonetics: The sounds of American English. Ship or Sheep : minimal pair ESL pronunciation practice - free online. IPA transcription in Unicode. Look at this: [ə].

IPA transcription in Unicode

Do you see a phonetic symbol between the square brackets? (You should see a schwa.) Displaying IPA symbols For you to be able to display Unicode phonetic symbols correctly on your web browser, the browser must be Unicode-compliant (all current browsers are) you must be running Windows 95 or later, or, on a Macintosh, OSX; (otherwise, and for Unix or Linux, see advice from the Unicode site)you must have installed a Unicode font that includes the IPA symbols The list of such Windows TrueType/OpenType fonts currently available and that I recommend is as follows. The style sheet in the head of this document specifies the font Arial MS Unicode, or failing that Lucida Sans Unicode. Inserting IPA symbols in web documents There are several ways to insert Unicode IPA symbols into your HTML files: by using MS Word (97 and later), or by using a numeric code. Unicode decimal and hex numbers for IPA symbols The Unicode manual lists code numbers only in hexadecimal.

Alphabetic. The Best Websites For Learning English Pronunciation. Ways to Help ELLs Learn Pronunciation is the headline of one of my Education Week Teacher columns.

The Best Websites For Learning English Pronunciation

I had to make a lot of difficult choices to come up with this latest “The Best…” list. One decision I made was to focus this list more on Beginning and Early Intermediate English Language Learners, or for more advanced ELL’s who primarily would use these sites more to “brush-up” or review some basic pronunciation skills. I am developing another list that I’ll call The Best Sites For Developing English Conversational Skills. That one will probably be geared more towards Intermediate and Advanced English Language Learners, and will include more of the sites I received from readers in my call for recommendations. Several readers recommended sites using the phonetic alphabet. In addition, I had a very difficult time ranking this particular list. As with all my “The Best…” lists, links to these sites can also be found on my website. I recently blogged about Spoken Skills. That’s my list.

Pronunciation animations - Cambridge University Press English Language Teaching. Sounds. Phonetic Alphabet. EFL / ESL Prononciation exercises: Stress and Schwa. Syllable Stress: Words in -ion. The Tonic Accent: Words with Latin or Greek suffixes 1. Stressed Syllables and the Schwa Sound. The Tonic Accent: the General Rule 1. BBC Learning English. Pronounce the Names of People, Places, and Stuff in English.